2021 LineUp is Unfolding
Anton Mackey

Anton Mackey is a soulful, passionate, and experienced Vinyasa Yoga teacher based out of Phoenix, Arizona. With a background in anatomy & physiology and a passion for seeking the truth, Anton skillfully bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual, giving students the freedom to experience the beauty of the ever changing divine feminine grace and the grounded inner masculine strength.

He travels around the globe teaching workshops and teacher trainings, presenting at festivals and leading yoga and meditation retreats.

Marissa & John Thompson

We are, John & Marissa of Intertwined Yoga & Acro. We are 200 hour Yoga, Acro Revolution and YogaSlackers certified teachers.  We enjoy body movement in the form of yoga, slacklining, handstands & acrobatic yoga (Acro). We integrate each practice with mindful progressions & a focus on technique while maintaining a safe space to practice.

Johnny Stowe

Johnny Stowe got into yoga about 8 years ago as a path toward inner peace. Under Bren Schell, his first yoga mentor, he began recognizing and embracing profound parallels between yoga and his life as an ecosopher, author, lecturer and lover of wildlands. Johnny holds a Director postion on the Board of IAWF, is a Certified Wildlife Biologist, SC Registered Forester and Wildland Firelighter specializing in human ecology and restoration of endangered species in longleaf pine savannas and other imperiled ecosystems using human’s oldest tool — prescribed fire. Amsa has been his “home” studio for many years. Many of the pan-disciplinary ideas he shares in his yoga and meditation classes — here in the Southland, in the Canadian Rockies and on the West Coast — sprang into his mind while lying on his mat at Amsa, under the soothing influence of Kimberley Puryear. His sahyinidra yoga involves guided imagery centered on deep-time eco-cycling through sacred landscapes.

Sarah McCarthy
Sarah was given the Bodhisattva Precepts in 2012 from Teijo Munnich at Great Tree Zen Temple near Asheville, NC where she is a sangha member and attends retreats. She is currently completing a Radiant Warrior 200 Hour YTT with Yoga Farm Ithaca. Sarah is fascinated with the intersection of Buddhism and yoga. She has been part of a transforming weekly Tonglen practice group from the start of the pandemic. Tonglen is a Tibetan Buddhist compassion meditation practice of taking in and sending out. Sarah is also a children’s yoga teacher and loves sitting down with a cup of tea 🙂
Tara Eschenroeder

Teaching was Tara’s dharma long before she realized it. She grew up with a bow and arrow in her hands, learning to pull back with just enough aim and control to send her arrow into the abyss, knowing and trusting it would hit its intended mark. And so she enters each class, each workshop, each lesson.. Having prepared her body and mind to become that bow – that vessel – that let’s her lesson…letting that arrow fly… Weaving its way into the provided space and landing wherever it is intended.

When you practice with Tara, you get more than a teacher on the mat; you gain guidance for your daily life. Inside the studio, no two classes or workshops are ever the same. Students are not told what to do, they are empowered to listen to their own bodies. Tara recently moved to Asheville from Richmond, VA, and is ERYT200, ERYT500, RCYT, YACEP, self-published author, and a Certified Coach and Mentor.


Narayani (Noelle Whittington): ERYT500, YACEP, is a Spiritual Life Coach, Yoga teacher trainer, Bhakti Yogi, and musician offering service-based Kunga Yoga Lifestyle Teacher Trainings, and mentoring for Yoga studios since 2006. Narayani is the creator of Soul Alchemy Course: an online Group coaching course and community helping people find their Soul’s true expression. Narayani’s offerings are a deeply meaningful and creative combination of breath, dynamic movement,Yogic philosophy, Mantra, Meditation, and Devotion. A former ambassador for Lululemon and Manduka, Narayani’s mission is to help others find freedom in their bodies and voices through creative expression in order to serve in their own way. 

Allè K (they, he)

Allé K (they/ he) is a queer, fat, trans masc activist, educator and certified Yoga Instructor. He provides LGBTQIA+ inclusive, trauma-informed, fat positive yoga classes online. Allé is a spaceholder, a connector and a disruptor. 

Allé’s classes center people who are usually left out of the traditional yoga spaces like queer, trans, fat and neurodivergent folks. They’ve been teaching yoga for nearly four years and a weekly Queer/ Trans/ Gender Expansive Yoga class for almost 2 years. 

Allé has also educated over 300 cis-het yoga teachers on Teaching Trans Affirming Yoga through about 16 virtual trainings thus far. Allé is proud to be queer, trans, fat and visible. They advocate for self love, self-acceptance and self-care daily for our lgbtqia+ community through their Instagram @transyogateacher. 

Lastly, Allé believe in wealth redistribution; they offer free spots in every class, with priority given to QTBIPOC and many of his events are sliding scale.

Allé completed their 200-Hour Yoga Teacher in 2017 and his 500-Hour YTT in 2019 with Sri Dharma Mittra at the Dharma Yoga Center of New York City. He’s since completed trainings on Race & Equity in Yoga with Kelley Palmer, on cultural appropriation with Jesal Parikh and Tejal Patel of the Yoga is Dead Podcast and is currently enrolled in a 75-hour Training with Michelle Cassandra Johnson on Dismantling Racism in yoga.

Debra Marks

Licensed clinical psychologist since 1999
Hatha yoga teacher since 2014
Practicing human across a lifetime…

Grace & The Zen Within


Daina Fawn Cockrell

Our birthright is bliss and pure love.  I have a passion for holistic wellness, in helping others become the highest version of themselves and creating a deep-seated balance within the body, mind, and spirit.  May all our thoughts, words, and actions come from a place of love and compassion.

Adrianne Burke

Adrianne loves being in nature, and finds it to be a powerful place for healing and growth. She also loves being at home, and finding nature even in those not so typical environments. She grew up in rural Virginia and has spent most of her life since then in Washington, DC where she experienced urban life. Through both of these experiences, Adrianne found a love for understanding how our environmental plays into our ability to heal. She currently facilitates workshops that link yoga, self care, leadership development, and social justice together in one place. Adrianne’s background is in communications studies, with a minor in both Philosophy and Religious Studies as well as Leadership Studies. She began her yoga practice in 2006 while in college, starting through academic study, and later focusing on practical practices such as pranayama, asana, and meditation. She received her 200HR certification in 2015 in Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga from Faith Hunter at Embrace Yoga in DC and her advanced 300HR (500 RYT) in 2019 from Beryl Bender Birch at Studio Bamboo Yoga in Chesapeake, VA. Adrianne is also a certified Reiki Master Teacher through Intuitive Counselor Jamila White and offers Reiki trainings and attunements at all levels. She is an social justice advocate and is passionate individuals adapt to climate change and heal from environmental injustices or natural disasters. She spent over 10 years working with nonprofits on animal rights issues, environmental issues, women’s health, racial justice, voting rights, and health communication; and uses these experiences to give a real world view of how ancient practices can help us live sustainably in our new and changing world.

She currently leads daily meditations online via Clubhouse app to her over 1500 member club Abundance Activators, and is a core trainer for the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training program at Love Yoga Studio in Hyattsville, MD. 

Jack Howard

Jack is the proprietor of Tea & Jam in Blacksburg, Va, a tea-inspired healthy adventure of a restaurant where food is medicine and good vibes fill the air.    The tea house serves a plant-based food menu, smoothies, fresh cold-pressed juices, and of course high quality tea.   

He is an avid ambassador of cacao and facilitates Cacao Ceremonies at Tea & Jam and it’s neighbor In Balance Yoga Studio.  He is also a practitioner of Shamanic Energy Medicine and incorporates reflexology, breathwork, sound and movement into his sessions.  He will be presenting a program on the speaker stage on the benefits of cacao and how it is used in Ceremony.

Stop by and see Jack “Chill Land,” embark on a sacred cacao ceremonial journey, and bask in the sweet bliss of plant-based vegan treats. Jack is also available for Shamanic healing sessions.

Enjoy BEing …

Lindsay Jamison

Jamison is a visual artist, yoga and meditation educator, holistic wellness coach and energy practitioner. She began her yoga education at Yoga on Main in Philadelphia in 2007 and began teaching yoga in 2013. She graduated from University of the Arts in 2009 with a BFA in Sculpture. In 2017, Lindsay experienced a spiritual awakening that led her to seek more metaphysical tools which lead her to shamanic practices and magic. She has studied core shamanism with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and is currently apprenticing with Salicrow, a Psychic Medium and Volva. Lindsay offers education that integrates creative self inquiry practices, metaphysical education and holistic lifestyle coaching with visual arts.  For more information please visit her website at www.lindsayjamisonart.com

Aaron Wayne Richards
Monica & Kendall (The Elements

Kendall and Monica opened The Elements Hot Yoga & Wellness in Charlottesville, VA. in 2016 and together they have accumulated over 10,000 hours of multi-level classes, workshops, and teacher trainings. They have extensive training and experience in physical yoga, meditation, and Reiki.

Their classes are sprinkled with wisdom teachings, raw life expression, and humor that reflect their life journey and passion for teaching.

Nick Romantini
For the last forty years Nick Romantini has been involved with a group of people dedicated to an inner search that is based on the Ideas of G.I.Gurdjieff and The Fourth Way. We are affiliated with The Gurdjieff Foundation of New York and our local group is base in Blacksburg, Va.
David Newman

David Newman’s greatest gift is his willingness to listen to his inner voice and open his heart to be of service to others. David guides and inspires fellow travelers on their paths, through his uplifting music and the valuable insights that he shares through his writings and teachings.

David’s life took a dramatic change in direction when after graduating law school in 1992, he decided to open a yoga center in his hometown of Philadelphia. The center, Yoga on Main, was one of the first of its kind, and created a new awareness of Yoga in his community. Shortly thereafter, David, a lifelong musician, discovered an ancient form of healing chant music known as kirtan and began to apply his musical gifts to this powerful practice and to share it with others.

Marni Sclaroff

Marni Sclaroff is an author, life coach, inspired storyteller, and yoga and meditation teacher, with over twenty five years of experience in the healing arts. She leads workshops, retreats, online courses, mentoring programs, and teacher trainings in support of radiant health and vibrantly creative living.  She is a devotee of earth based spirituality, and a forever student of the mystery.

Alana Leia Jones

 Leia is an artist, dancer and yoga teacher. She has her 200 hr in Hatha Yoga from the Breathing Space and a 300hr certification in Therapeutic yoga from the Wilmington Yoga Center; as well as a degree in Dance and Choreography from Hollins University. Her movement practice is inspired by observing our deep connection to all things on a fundamental level. Her unique soulful teaching approach combines an emphasis on breath, heart alignment and intention. Leia hopes to inspire more joy, freedom and peace through the healing practices of yoga, dance, song and meditation.  

Grace Wood

Grace Wood walked with Thich Nhat Hanh at Plum Village during 3 workshops  over a 20 year timeframe.  Personal practice is recommended for highest benefits.  Have used mindful walking in workshops many years.  Offer guidance in walking monthly at Unity of Roanoke Valley.  Enhance your inner journey—and a feeder for the outer journey.  Practice is only requirement for maximum benefit.


Jagadisha  had the good fortune of spending time with the great meditation master, Swami Muktananda who started him on the path of yoga and meditation. From meeting him he was led to the great master  of North Indian Classical Music  Swami  Nadabrahmananda  ,whom he studied  extensively  with in the U.S and India.

Jagadisha has been carrying on his master’s tradition of Nada Yoga , the yoga of sound  for more than 35 years: practicing, giving concerts, and teaching.  Swamiji  taught from a lineage in the oral tradition that goes back  thousands of years.  The songs Swamiji passed  down have many influences. Many  are from traditional Sanskrit texts, Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, and old Hindi (influenced by Islamic music).

Nada Yoga uses Raga (melody form) and Tal (rhythmic cycle) to help the mind be steady and the senses quiet.  It is listening to the inner sounds that brings us back to the source.

Yogaslackers- Rob Lenfestey
Studied Meditation, Breathwork, Slackline withYogaslackers and Breathwork at Innerfire Wim Hof MethodeEducator and content developer at Convergence Lifestyle, Owner and Founder at Mandala Chocolate and Recording Artist/Producer/Song Writer at Amorphös
Jon Handelman

Jon is a life coach who genuinely loves to deeply connect with groups of people. He is the co creator of Awakening Harmony and teaches classes and workshops on empowerment, goal setting, forgiveness, emotional mastery, intimacy and trauma at various festivals, gatherings and institutions around the world. He has trained school teachers on how to build more meaningful connections with their students and facilitates a weekly men’s groups called “Men’s Lives”. He also runs an all gender all ages weekly free frisbee league to promote healthy living and community building. He loves singing, yoga, permaculture, and revolutionary actions to help change our world.

Katherine Chantal

Katherine Chantal is walking into her elder years with wonder and curiosity.  Some of her time has been spent as an herbalist, spiritual guide, priestess and life ceremonialist; offering ways and means to experience life’s sacred passages.

As a passionate writer, a philosopher after a fashion, she spends her time playing with all the above, as well as, exploring and navigating the days yet remaining.

Rebecca Elsen

Yoga is for everyone and every class should be a safe place to practice without fear of judgement, believes Rebecca Elsen. This “Space Holder” owns pranapiloga in Culpeper, Virginia, a studio that offers a wide variety of classes. I focus on commUNITY and encourage students to create and hold space in their yoga journey. Rebecca has taught over 30 years and opened Pranapiloga in 2015. She was named the Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year; and Best Yoga Instructor and Best Yoga Studio for the Culpeper Times “Best of the Best.” Rebecca is tree hugger nature lover. ERYT500, YACEP

Jennifer Turman Bayliss

Jennifer Turman Bayliss, E-RYT 500, RCYT, RPYT, YACEP, has practiced yoga for over 25 years. She has presented at The Floyd Yoga Jam, the Radiant Child Teacher Training and for many health fairs. Jennifer has created space for wellness circles, Reiki shares, vision board parties and energy camps for children, and adults, of all levels, and abilities. 


Turman Bayliss is the director of the Sunshine Studio and the Winchester Montessori School’s Young Yogi program. She is part of the faculty at Vostrikovs Academy of Ballet and adjunct faculty for Shenandoah University. Her style of gentle yoga encourages students to remember the special light within.

Lucas Capietta

Lucas’ passion is to connect people with their breath and enjoy a more embodied way of life. As an event organizer, he loves bringing people together to share yoga, breathwork, dance, music, and meditation.

Martha Kastler

Martha believes your future is brighter than your past and in this luminous vibration there is breadth and depth of heart for true healing. She rediscovered the lost vehicle of innate breath as a way to return to wholeness in 2009. Through steady yoga sadhana, Restorative Breathwork® and training with master teachers she gradually let go of debilitating chronic pain, anxiety, and 18 years of overuse of prescription stimulants for the treatment of Narcolepsy. Through meditative breathwork and conscious inquiry she met the song of truth that flows in the river of self acceptance and love within. She now leads private and group breathwork experiences sharing a most gentle yet transformative approach to healing through conscious breathing.  In addition to passionately providing Insight breathwork sessions Martha is currently leading Rejuvenate You, a collective of practical visionaries focused on aligning to thrive through rhythmic living based in habit science, yoga, and Ayurveda. Learn more about her unique group coaching opportunity here: https://www.insightbreathwork.com/vision-rejuvination

Kennedy Oneself
Erin Sonn

Erin Sonn, M.Ed., ERYT, owns eat.YOGA.drink.®, offering yoga and mindfulness experiences in nontraditional spaces. She loves teaching yin yoga as a complement to a typical, frenetic yang lifestyle, and as a way to settle into the natural loving presence of your whole body. Love the skin you’re YIN!

Jessica Weinstock

Jessica has been teaching Buti Yoga for over four years and has a knack for getting people to come out of their shells. You won’t be holding poses or counting your breaths. Her dynamic movement instruction and creative music choices allow for crescendos and valleys in which you are able to release what you need to and also replenish.

J Miles

J Miles is yoga teacher who has been dancing to the rhythm of life since childhood. Yogi, martial artist, body worker, retired breakdancer, community activist, and the son of a Baptist minister, J Miles been learning and studying eastern arts and philosophy for nearly two decades. But movement, creativity and exploration of the self through movement has always been a constant source of curiosity and confidence. Over the years J has crafted a style tempered by real life and humor, and relies on the importance of breath as a guide and a source of strength. His classes aim to create for each person a fluid, sustainable and enjoyable practice, that hopefully will prove to be beneficial over a lifetime. And even as this ancient practice continues to evolve, the mantra continues to be “practice is effort toward steadiness of mind”.

Amah Devi

Amah Devi is a Bhakti yoga teacher from Asheville, NC known for her frank and
authentic approach to eastern philosophy. From teaching mantra-infused hatha-yoga classes, harmonium and mantra workshops, to leading spirited Kirtans in yoga studios & on festival stages, she has been all over the world sharing the power of mantra as medicine since 2011.

Katie Wells

Katie Wells guides movement experiences for authentic expression, embodied love, unknotting the psyche, and collective unity. Katie Wells MFA is a dance artist, embodiment facilitator, professor, and founder of Interweave Conscious Movement®. She offers seven unique courses, and seasonal Goddess Retreats to move more love through the people. www.Interweave.Love


Nicole Lafon
Nicole is a studio owner, yoga teacher, yoga teacher training (YTT) faculty leader for both 200 HR and 300 HR programs, and a retreat leader. Her studio, In Balance Yoga located in Blacksburg, Virginia is a service entrepreneurship business giving back to three non-profits each quarter: Homes of Hope Orphanage in India, Farm Sanctuary, and Yoga Village. Nicole has completed three 500hr Certifications with Sri Dharma Mittra in NYC, Jimmy Barkan in Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Barkan Method of Hot Yoga) and the Kunga Yoga School (Service Based / Accessible Yoga) in Wilmington, NC with Kristin Cooper-Gulak. Nicole has a love for Bhakti Yoga and is specialized in Ayurveda, Yoga for Seniors, Kids, Pre/Postnatal, Service Leadership, Trauma Sensitive Populations, Yoga for Cancer, Gentle & Meditation, Vinyasa, Power Flow, Hot Yoga Barkan Method, Detox, Business of Yoga, Restorative, Yin, and Aerial. She is certified in First, Second and Advanced Degree Reiki Master and Reiki for Animals as well as Thai Yoga Bodywork.  She is currently studying Energy Medicine with Donna Eden.
Lee Schardein
Lee (she/her) is a yogi, healer and dancer. She has been studying and practicing yoga for over 15 years, and it is one of her greatest passions to share the practice with others. Lee completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Yogaia in Louisville, KY. Lee went on to complete her 300 hour teacher training with Laughing Lotus in New York City, and was trained in their signature Lotus Flow. Lotus flow is a style of vinyasa yoga that leads students through a dancing, moving meditation. Lee travelled to Rishikesh, India with Laughing Lotus in 2018 and 2019. Lee is an experienced yoga teacher with over 1,000 hours of teaching experience. Lee co-lead a 200 hour teacher training with Maha Vira Yoga in 2019-2020. Lee inspires her students to take the lessons they learn on their mats into their daily lives. During Lee’s classes be prepared to smile, sweat, be empowered and leave feeling a little lighter. In her teachings she weaves movement, mudra, mantra, Hindu mythology and chakra work. Lee is also a mental health therapist and works with individuals and families at a holistic private practice in Louisville, KY. Lee believes that healing happens in the body, and she guides and inspires folx on their individual healing journeys.
Darin Yogeshwar Somma

Darin Somma (Yogeshwar) has been teaching meditation and yoga for two decades in the Nation’s Capitol of Washington D.C.  He was blessed in 2010 by HH Bhagavati Sri Karunamayi Amma to teach a unique and profound yoga asana practice for accelerating one’s spiritual evolution.  He is the author of Yoga is Union, a guide to viewing the full landscape of Yoga for the Western practitioner.  Darin is passionate about the power of the authentic knowledge of the rishis to bring transformation to our world. He believes the science of Self-Realization can bring healing to our lives and to our world home.  He has a special gift for crossing the East-West cultural divide, and seeks to make each class an offering of spirit that allows for a safe and intimate encounter with one’s own highest self.  www.sriyoga.com

Marcus Cammuse
Marcus is a father and 17 year veteran of the US Military. He began practicing yoga in 2014 to help find peace and break the real patterns of addiction. At the beginning of his yoga journey he suffered from anxiety, low back and neck pain. Marcus found healing, community and the desire to help others through his faith and yoga practice. After graduating yoga teacher training in 2016 Marcus has been helping others find healing and personal empowerment thru yoga. Marcus is a licensed massage therapist as well as a Certified Vedic Thai Bodywork Practitioner. Marcus’s classes are compassionate and focus on empowering students to embody self-love through graceful movement and breath. In his spare time Marcus enjoys skateboarding, being a musician, dancing, his Harley and spending time with his son.
Jill Loftis

I began practicing yoga as a way to make peace with my body after childbirth. My practice evolved and is still evolving into a daily way of living and being in the World. I strive for my spiritual life and my Earthly life to be one. I was trained as both a yoga teacher and an astrologer through The Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago, and I am humbly grateful for the teachings of Goswami Kriyananda, Shelly Trimmer, and other teachers in the lineage. My personal growth through astrology comes from study through the Temple, as well as work with Mary Whitney, George Tripodi and continued self-study.

I founded and was the owner of Uttara Yoga Studio in Roanoke, Virginia from 2008 to 2021. That thriving yoga community helped me to branch out from yoga into more esoteric studies and teachings including meditation and mindfulness; restorative breathwork; astrology; and herbalism. I am Adjunct Faculty at Roanoke College teaching yoga. I have been the area coordinator for Seven Springs Farm, a local organic cooperative farm, since 2002. I am a certified Barratt Breathwork Restorative Breathwork Facilitator in both individual and group work. I’m a graduate of Asia Suler’s Intuitive Plant Medicine Course. And I have a podcast with a friend, Moon Sister Sessions, a modern twist on astrology and the spiritual search. I am currently enrolled in the Seminary at the Temple of Kriya Yoga and am working to become an ordained yoga priest in the Kriya lineage.

John Kortmulder
Yoga, Breathing & Meditation Instructor 
I teach yoga for athletic training, personal improvement, injury and illness support (scoliosis, post traumatic stress, TBI, stroke, respiratory difficulties and back pain), stress relief and exploring spiritual experience. My studio, Mindful Mountain Yoga, works with local elementary schools and offers yoga classes for intellectually disabled adults. Teaching experience includes developing a yoga teacher training program (30 weeks) offering 200 hour certification. Prior to Virginia in 2010, I taught in Mt Kisco, NY since 2003, and taught at the VA Hospital in Montrose, NY.

My own 200 hour yoga teacher training at The Breathing Project, in NYC, in 2008, followed mentorship years with Nevine Michaan of Katonah Yoga in the 90’s, when I also practiced sitting meditation and week-long meditation retreats at Chung Yen Monastery, Carmel, NY.  In addition to working 4 years as rehab assistant for in-hospital and outpatient physical therapy, 4 years as ICU nursing assistant, I studied a 2 year Respiratory Therapy program and 1 year EMT certification.

As a teenager studying Buddhist philosophy, Sri Chinmoy, a living spiritual saint, taught me meditation. I continue to learn a better understanding of body and mind through movement and mindfulness.

Carolyn Keller Sells

Owner of Yoga Energy Therapy & Peaceful Powerful Living

Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher (CLYT), E-RYT 500

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP)

Holistic Health & Life Coach


Salicrow is a published author and presenter.  She is a Witch, Druid, and natural psychic medium who weaves the traditions of her Irish Traveler and Blackfoot heritage with modern magical techniques. With over 30 years of professional experience in the psychic arts as a spirit channel and seer, she offers readings for individual groups and teaches workshops throughout the United States and Internationally. She lives in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

Trinity Wave

I have been practicing yoga for nearly 2 decades, and have approximately 4 years cumulative teaching experience. I taught meditation and yoga at Asheville Community Yoga for about a year. I taught private clients while traveling in 2017.  I have been teaching at festivals for about 2 years, and have been doing Youtube Yoga Videos for almost a year now.  

I often teach a dynamic flow of yoga linking the breath and movement. I have taught Shakti Flow Yoga, as a fun fluid dance inspired type of yoga with lots of juicy circular movements.  I can also teach other types of yoga if there is a need for a substitute teacher. I also teach meditation and enjoy connecting breath with the body and the elements.  

Jameson Price

Jameson comes from a long line of pastors. Growing up as the preachers only son, he was presented with a responsibility of continuing the family tradition. Dropping out of bible college after just a year, his relationship with faith became a rollercoaster of choices.
Having found a “reconciled” pathway towards healing, the goal is to help others find peace within their process as well.

Amanda Myers

Amanda has been in the health and wellness industry for over eight years. As a Licensed Massage Therapist, 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Personal Trainer, and Certified Health Coach, she has a wide variety of skills to approach her students health holistically. 

Her yoga teaching is a unique combination of alignment, anatomy, and strength building. Amanda has served as the anatomy teacher for the Maha Vira Yoga Mindfulness and Leadership Training for Yogi’s for over three years, and is dedicated to educating and empowering students about their physical bodies, so they can go deeper into their spiritual bodies.”

Mary “Mare Bear” DiMeglio

I’m Mary “Mare Bear” DiMeglio — a lifelong dancer, yogini and global explorer, sharing yoga, dance, goal guidance, and reiki in Philadelphia.

During backpacking adventures in South America and Asia, I discovered the healing power of music and dance. After a month-long immersion at the historic Esalen Institute, I was inspired to become a certified teacher of Vibrance, a chakra-based movement meditation practice that uses dance, breath, sound, and song as a path to joy, healing, self-expression, and radiant health.

Following my other callings, I am a Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher (500 hours), Certified Life Coach, and Reiki Master, educated at Elka Yoga & Wellness in San Diego and Yandara Yoga Institute in Baja, Mexico.

I have also been certified to teach Yoga for Recovery with Transformation Yoga Project.

I’m thrilled to guide you to physical and metaphysical wellness through the world’s oldest spiritual practices, and to support you in discovering and living your purpose and your bliss.

I look forward to connecting with you soon. Let’s inspire each other!

Emily Gupta

Emily Gupta is an Ayurvedic chef and herbalist who infuses sacred intention, prayer, and ritual into all of her healing creations.  She lives in Washington, D.C. with her husband, daughter, and two cats. While she has studied with many great Ayurvedic luminaries, her most influential teachers have been: 1) her mother, and 2) the challenges of life itself. Emily is passionate about spices; herbs; smudging; Yoga; natural, home remedies; composting; and Divine Mother consciousness. 


Sundar Balasu-bramanian

Sundar Balasubramanian is an award winning Pranayama researcher, teacher,
author, and the Founder and Director of PranaScience Institute. His first
discovery of connecting Pranayama and salivary biomarkers, and utilizing
Pranayama for clinical conditions make him a true pioneer in the field. He
teaches the science of Pranayama by traveling around the world, through
webinars, teacher trainings, and workshops. His popular TEDx video has 720,000+ views! 

Hannah Levin

NAMA Certified Ayurveda Health Counselor

Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 200, RYT 500)

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP)

Certified in Assisted Thai Yoga (Basic and Advanced)

Graduate of Wise Woman Herbal Immersion

 Masters of Arts in Teaching in Studio Art

BA in Studio Art

Mary Brown

Mary Brown completed a 300 hour Jivamukti Yoga certification program in 2003 with Sharon Gannon and David Life, co-founders of the renowned Jivamukti Yoga School. She has had the good fortune to participate in workshops and classes with many other gifted teachers. Mary has been teaching weekly classes and seasonal workshops since 2005, mostly in Floyd, VA.

    Her yoga classes reflect the knowledge of 22 years of study in anatomy and physiology as a licensed massage therapist. She teaches a disciplined class with an emphasis on fluid  breathing and proper alignment. 

   Mary believes the magic and the power of the practice awakens us to the indivisible nature of body, mind and spirit and to the realization of our interconnectedness to all beings.


Ryley Harris

Ryley C. Harris is a biogeographer, botanist, and avid outdoorsman. Ryley regularly leads plant and tree identification workshops across the New River Valley, most notably at FloydFest and Radford’s Wildwood Park Summer Nature Series. This is Ryley’s fifth year teaching at Floyd Yoga Jam. Ryley received his undergraduate degree from Radford University in Environmental Biology and is currently a masters student at Virginia Tech, where he is studying landscape change in sensitive ecosystems.

Meredith Eilleen

In my current teachings of Yoga, I diverge quite a bit from the teachings of the ancient yogis. My own ancestral Celtic heritage is calling me back home with great urgency; my roots bleed from being ripped out of their sacred grounds. This emergence of ancestral knowledge begs us to restore our severed connection to Ourselves, The Land and All Beings who inhabit Her.

Glenda Wynne

Glenda is a Registered Nurse, ERYT 200/RYT 500, YACEP with the Yoga Alliance. Glenda and her husband Brett Keister, RYT200 own The Centre at VitaZen (RYS) a yoga studio Located at Smith Mountain Lake Virginia where she continues to teach classes, workshops, lead retreats and destination yoga vacations. Glenda leads a 200 hour yoga teacher training at her studio and is an affiliate of the Yoga Education Institute in California. She has been working with the aging population for over 35 years and is the founder of “Ageless Yogis” a practice that targets the process of ageing bodies. Glenda helps students and teachers learn how to work with their and their students bodies through all the stages of ageing. Ageless Yogis workshops and classes help teachers and students of all ages work with the inevitability of the ageing yogi and learn what happens to our bodies as we age and how to maintain, modify and grow in our practice at the same time.
“The population is aging, and so are the yogis. Ageless Yogis is about being strong and increasing flexibility and endurance through all of life’s stages. Ageless Yogis is about up leveling health, wellbeing and quality of life and becoming the best version of yourself at any age. This practice is for the baby boomers that want to keep their boom!”
Glenda lives in SW Virginia at beautiful Smith Mountain Lake if you want to know more about her and what she is doing at her studio visit the website www.TheCentreAtVitaZen.com
Keep an eye out for www.AgelessYogis.net!

Jeffrey Tiebout


Joseph Roberson

A lifelong meditator, yoga practitioner, and teacher, my specialty is Breath-centered Practices. Overall, I have taught more than 5,000 classes and workshops in yoga, breathwork, and meditation. I designed, wrote, managed, and led a 10-month Yoga Teacher Training program from 2002-2008 at the Yoga Center of Columbia (Maryland).

Shawn Nuthall

Father, husband, traveler, survivor, guitar player, and arm balance enthusiast. Shawn will challenge you to find the sweet spot in your practice as you engage your body, focus your breathing and calm your mind. He sees yoga as more than just a form of exercise, it’s moving meditation. Yoga is a wonderful healer, but it’s also a lot of fun.  So come as you are; be free, be light, be well and kick some butt. 

Shawn is the owner of Fair Winds Wellness in Cambridge Maryland.

Marisa Freeman

I moved across the country and started a new,challenging career at the same time.
Being a brandnew public school teacher in a town with no friendsand no support, I took the suggestion of someone whosaid I needed to “try yoga” as an outlet for my anxiety.As I spent time on my mat, I was entranced by themental transformation I experienced.
It was the onlytime in my day that my mind wasn’t on my studentsand the stressors inherent in public education.
I wasdrawn to share that benefit with others!
After completing YTT with Cyndi Lee, I began toincorporate Pranayama, Yoga and MindfulMeditation into my classroom and saw an immediatedifference in my fifth grade students.
This drove meto continue learning, growing and sharing thebenefits of yoga with others!
I’ve since found mycomfort zone in a strength-based practice with afocus on mobility and asana anatomy.
It’s my honor to lead others in their practice.

Jenn Hopper

“I absolutely love yoga. It helps to ground me when life gets crazy and works me when I need some strength. I have been teaching for 9 years and practicing for 11 year. I am a yoga lover, workout lover and running lover. I hope to help you feel grounded, calm and strong though the practice of yoga.”

Joe Klein

Joe Klein, LPC, is the creator and lead clinician of a mindfulness-based addiction treatment program in Radford, VA called Recovery Dojo. Joe also co-founded a national non-profit called Inward Bound Mindfulness Education (www.iBme.info) which teaches meditation retreats for teens, young adults and professionals. Joe also teaches a graduate course on mindfulness meditation at Radford University. Joe has been practicing meditation since 2000 and he brings playfulness, Earth connection and whole body engagement to his mindfulness teaching.


Meredith Young

I have always been a seeker. Growing up in a small town in Bassett, VA, I was always looking for meaning and more. I hit the road at age 20. 10 years and 45 states later, I have returned to VA to share my journey, which mainly consisted of yoga. Throughout all my travels, it was only ever yoga that could really make me feel whole and at peace with myself. My intention is to connect my students with this peace, bringing a unique sense of empowerment with influence from many different instructors, studios, and styles spread all over the country. I know that my calling is to share the many blessings of yoga and I intend to teach in a way that provokes thought and meaning, allowing each student to connect and experience these blessings in their own way. Everyone has a different path, but we could all use more yoga!

Sahaja Evans
Sahaja Evans, IYT500, is a long time devotee of Sri Swami Satchidananda having lived, taught and served at the ashram at Yogaville for many years after being certified in 1998.  His style of teach has evolved over the past 23 years to encourage non-attachment to expectations which allows for a more personal, in the moment experience. 
InStill Mindfulness SWVA

Our teachers at Yoga Jam:

Joe Klein, LPC, CSAC is the creator and lead clinician of a mindfulness-based Partial Hospitalization Program for addiction treatment in Radford, Virginia called Recovery Dojo. He began practicing meditation in 2001 and is a co-founder and a lead teacher of Inward Bound Mindfulness Education (iBme).

Lori Marsh, PhD is a math professor and former engineer who became interested in yoga and eastern philosophy after hiking the Appalachian Trail. She has completed a Yoga Alliance Certified yoga teacher training and taught yoga and mindfulness for several years. Her daughter was an ordained Buddhist nun in Myanmar, where they have spent months together in retreat.

Jamie Reygle is the executive director of InStill Mindfulness. He began studying meditation techniques in the late ’90s, and has been practicing mindfulness since 2003. Since then, his interest in mindfulness has led him to teach mindfulness in many settings, including public schools, businesses, independent workshops, and music festivals; and staff around a dozen iBme retreats. 

BLOOM in 2021!!!



Belly Dancers, Stilt Walkers, Fire Dancers, Awesome Clown Show, Puppet Show, The Color Project, Aerial Yoga, Cloggers, and more….

The Color Project TM

The Color Project TM presents a kinetic art experience of projective, refractive, reflective and absorptive light. We offer a fun approach to exploring color — printing colors (cyan, magenta and yellow) and TV colors (red, green and blue). Our public art installations allow participants to explore a surprising and compelling environment, and what they find may be unexpected and delightful.

Gypsy Geoff

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Full Circle Flow Arts

River and Julia McDowell

Embrace your child-like learning nature and come play! See how movement and flow can increase your mental and physical stamina as well as happiness and attitude towards life. The Flow Zone is an interactive free-form play ground where you can try out a flow-prop like a Hoop, Staff, or Poi without time restraints, pressure or obligation. We can also offer on-the-spot free-form beginner instruction that is fun, exciting, and informative because it’s customized to you. So let go of your hesitation and come enjoy how good it can feel to dance and play in the Flow Zone.