New Events at Floyd Yoga Jam

THU, AUG 30 AT 10 AM THAI & FLY!!! Early Bird Tickets $75 Thai & Fly - The Art of Giving and Receiving Thai Massage is a living tradition in which the practitioner uses thumbs, hands, elbows, knees and feet to release musculoskeletal tension, provide gentle traction,...

Ticket Prices Increase July 14th

Share with your community, ticket prices increase July 14th. Join the festival that lights up peoples hearts!! Illuminate is year 7's theme and that's what we'll do with our hearts at Yoga Jam 2018. Deep within you and me is a longing for connection. Each individual...

The Dancin’ Dakinis are always planning the next yogic & music adventure that allows us to share our beautiful hometown of Floyd, VA. Sign up for our newsletter to receive notice of upcoming classes, immersions, music and more!




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