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Alongside the yoga classes, the festival features meditation workshops, hooping workshops, art classes, biking, weed walks, runs and hikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains, or you may hang out with some of the most mindful beings for some awesome conversations ans sharing of ideas over at the Tea Shanti Speakeasy with a cup of tea from Tea & Jam.
An Integrated Approach - Jules Febre

Aug. 30 Friday 3:30-5:30

A whole being is one that is fully integrated with life. An integrated yogic approach is one that uses varied practices to find where we have resisted that experience of wholeness. A vigorous asana class that will incorporate elements of Bhakti Yoga, Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga and Jñana Yoga.

Open to all levels

Jules Febre

Anchor into the Heart, Expand into Life- Kate Waitzkin

Shiva Love T August 31st Saturday 3-4:15

Tap into the guidance of your spirit as we soften and unwind the space around your heart through twisting and backbends. With purposeful moments of pause and reflection woven throughout this vinyasa practice, you’ll reconnect to the whispers of your heart and create the intention to bring this revealed wisdom to life. Includes: asana, pranayama and meditation.


Kriya Vinyasa Flow-Jill Loftis

August 30th, Ganesha Tent

Step into the flow with a class that starts with devotional chanting and then eases into a deep vinyasa practice with fun music and loads of hands-on adjusts and assists.


Infinite Possibilities of Movement with Leslie Davis

Friday Ganesha Tent at 1:30

Let Leslie Davis help lead you through the infinite possibilities of movement. This will be a 60 minute all levels class designed to give a better insight vinyasa.

13Hands aka Dalien Thursday Workshops



Heart and Solar Plexus Chakra Workshop:

“How Love and Compassion Can Fuel Your Ego 100% Full Time!” TM

Dalien, aka 13HANDS brings 30 years of yoga, shamanism and sound healing practitioner experience with 26 years of teaching, 5 near death experiences and an inspiring “humpty dumpty” tale of rebuilding his health!  This workshop incorporates a unique set of asana sequencing/alignment that encompasses Hatha, Vini muscular energy principles associated with Qigong, Iyengar, Anusara, Kundalini, Yin, specific pranayama, restorative and some technical, slow motion vinyasa aspects in order to provide a powerfully engaging and integrated asana experience that will improve circulation to the endocrine system while  improving simultaneous mastery of the para-sympathetic nervous system response.  AND there’s an extra long 30 minute, Yoga Nidra/Sound Savasana supported by Native Flutes, Gongs, Crystal Bowls, Steel and Hang drums, ambient strings and sacred, channelled, primordial vocal ambience. 

Would you like to feel more loving, forgiving, happy, empowered and open emotionally while improving one’s absorption, digestive fire and elimination processes? Well, that’s the territory we are exploring together and this workshop will create the improved circulation and regulation that can allow one’s EGO to operate from love, peace and in compassion.



“Para-sympathetic Mastery and Digestion Part 1”

DALIEN provides a pre-dinner, digestive system focused, yoga asana workshop where you NEVER leave the ground the entire time!  Deep breathing with slow, long and gentle holds while the body is rooted comfortably in seated and floor based postures will synchronize your body, nervous, endocrine and digestive system. 

Effective digestive function is rooted in a steady and trusting para-sympathetic nervous system response…. this calm, safety and security within allows for the body to work at its highest potential and absorb properly. Come experience another aspect of body, mind, theta brain wave journey  as this workshop as well will end with a 30 minute sound savasana with all his beautiful instruments (see 1pm workshop for more info on the sound savasana)… then yes!!!  We all go eat!



10:30 PMMidnight – ish

13HANDS will guide you through a shamanic journey and nada yoga sound workshop experience!! It begins with a brief overview of sound theory as it relates to balanced immunity and theta brain wave state. Then we GET COMFORTABLE in either a seated meditation or lying down position… so bring a pillow, blanket whatever you need as we set intentions in this big sonic sleepover party where you receive approximately 1 hour of live sound vibrations in order to access the body’s innate/natural healing response, various dream states and travel, DMT release, and the most blissful relaxation from a sacred soundtrack of Native Flutes, Gongs, Crystal Bowls, Steel and Hang drums, ambient strings in 432 Hz and 528 Hz tuning along with primordial chanting and voice to support your dream state. There will be some etheric ambient chanting toward the end as to guide us back… and you have the option to sit up, ground yourself back and offer your voice in community during those chants.

This is a powerful journey and meditation experience for everyone and anyone with any sort of sleep or stress related challenges.

Asana, Chanting, Meditation - Jules Febre
Aug. 31 Saturday 10-12
Hip Opening
Description: Hip Opening: Tight hips and pelvic region is the curse of the modern person. The way we sit and move in our modern culture reflects a disconnection with the earth. When we learn how to release these ingrained patterns, our full range of movement becomes apparent. Vigorous and open to all levels.
Jules Febre
Rise and Shine from the Inside Out-Kate Waitzkin

Buddha Moon Tent Sept.1 at 3:30-4:45

Kick off your morning with a warming flow to spark your energy and call on your vibrancy from within.  Expect pranayama and gentle, targeted movement to coax your mind and body open followed by an all-levels flow focused on awakening your power center and cultivating luminous, healing energy from the inside out. Includes: asana, pranayama and meditation. 

Astrology 101- Jill Loftis

Learn more about this ancient technique of understanding yourself and your karma through astrology. Lecture and discussion about the planets, signs and
houses as well as basic terms like retrograde and transits. Includes a discussion about the world-changing astrology of 2019 and 2020.

Ten Thousand Blessings: Yin Yoga meets Storytime with 10,000 BUDDHAS

Saturday Buddha Moon 10:30a

Soften tension and let go of stress in this slow, deep and transformative yin yoga experience. Join artist, storyteller and yoga teacher 10,000 BUDDHAS as she guides you into a deep state of bliss, awakening and relaxation. Open your body with deep yin stretches while listening to wisdom stories from the Buddhist traditions. These ancient tales are designed to spark deep wisdom, compassion, healing, kindness and love within us all.

Assists- Jules Febre

Sept. 1 Sunday 10:30-12:30

Learn the principles of giving powerful, safe, and transformational yoga asana assists. Developing sensitivity to directing prana (life force energy) in asana can  transform your practice as a teacher and student. Instead of focusing on learning the so-called “correct assist” for each pose, learn the principles that will empower you to create, improvise, and customize assists safely and effectively.

Yoga teachers and longtime students will benefit from these workshops.

Jules Febre

Infinite Possibilities of Movement- Leslie Davis

Ganesha Tent Friday 8/30 1:30-2:30

Let Leslie Davis help lead you through the infinite possibilities of movement. This will be a 60 minute all levels class designed to give a better insight vinyasa.

Super Yogi Blast Off with MC YOGI

Saturday in Brahma  Nirvana 2:30

Be inspired, uplifted and fully activated in this fun, joy-filled yoga and music experience with renowned artist, teacher and Spiritual Graffiti author MC YOGI. Set to an awesome soundtrack of hip-hop, electronic and dance music, this is the one you’ve been waiting for! Be ready to move, breathe, fly and leap into this super-powered awesome yoga activation!

Easy Chill Vibes with MC YOGI

Sunday Brahma Nirvana 9am

In this laidback vinyasa yoga class we’ll slow things down so we can really drop in and enjoy the moment. If you’re looking for a way to recharge, reconnect, refresh and reset, this class is the perfect remedy. Set to original tracks of super chill songs, MC YOGI will guide you into a deep state of ease and grace, stillness and peace. 

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