Workshop & Speaker Descriptions 2022!

Yoga Classes, Movement Classes, Presentations & more.  Just for you, a schedule of over 100 classes taught by over 70 renowned yoga instructors. You can enjoy as many classes as you wish, ranging from yin and thai massage to sweaty vinyasa. Also the festival features meditation workshops, hooping workshops, art classes, breath workshops, weed walks, runs and hikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains, or you may hang out with some of the most mindful beings for some awesome conversations & sharing of ideas in Tea & Jam Cafe located over in Chill-Land.

 Classes by Teachers & Speakers

(Art Teacher Classes may befound under Art Village)

Amanda Giacomini
Nourish: Yin Yoga and Story Time with Amanda Giacomini
90 min yin yoga
Nourish your body, mind and spirit in this deeply relaxing practice.
Listen to mythic stories from the Yoga and Buddhist traditions that will inspire your mind and open your heart while being guided to gently stretch and bring ease to your body with slow, deep floor stretches. All levels
Anne-Marie Phillips

Balls & Yoga (60-90mins)

This class is ½ yoga and ½ balls. We’re ROLLING IT OUT. 

Tension in your neck or shoulders, Tight hips, Sciatica, Plantar Fasciitis? This class is a great way to help us relax, feel and sense into our bodies, and loosen the tightness. The balls effectively target various parts of the body to relieve pain, to help us relax. You will receive 1-2 balls to take home. Stoked to Roll it out at Floyd 🙂 


Thai Massage Workshop (2hrs)

This dynamic bodywork focuses on balancing the physical and energetic bodies of the receiver. Techniques include gently moving or rocking of the body while using thumbs, palms, forearms, feet, or full body weight to apply pressure. You will be learning the art of giving and receiving Thai with a partner. Keep your clothes on, grab a friend and join me. 


Bodhi Vasilopoulos

Wild Edible Plant Walk

Nature is abundant with food, medicine & more yet we have forgotten our ancient ways of identifying and working with plants. Learning about wild edible plants takes time and focus but in the process we are rewarded with greater health, resilience and connection
to the natural world. In this walk we will cover topics such as:
-Plant identification & botany
-Getting to know plants & fungi and ruling out look-a-likes
-How to harvest sustainably and prepare different wild edible foods throughout the
-Guerilla planting & propagation techniques
-Forest ecology and more

Brian Bayliss

Kundalini Workshop

Erin Sonn

Saturday 4:45

Love the Skin You’re Yin: A self-compassionate yin yoga experience.

Join Erin for this luxurious Yin Yoga practice, and speak to the deepest layers of tissues in you.




Transformational Breathwork & The Yoga of the Voice

A deep dive into transformational Breathwork and healing Mantra  with beloved yogi-musician & author, GIRISH. The PRANA RISING IMMERSION invites us to experience a radically expanded sense of our potential, our vitality, our wellness and wisdom through the transformational power of these ancient practices: 





The PRANA RISING IMMERSION workshop offers us the opportunity to experience a radically expanded sense of our potential, our vitality, our wellness and wisdom. 

From this place of radically expanded vitality, we’ll attune ourselves to the voice of our soul with The Yoga of the Voice. Science is proving what ancient cultures and our inner wisdom already knows: your voice can become one of the most powerful agents of transformation in every facet of your life. Sharing his own experience as a sound healer, musician, yogi, and former Hindu monk, Girish offers tools and practices to find and express your true voice in this interactive and inspiring workshop.

Discover and express your true voice and reclaim the healing potential that resides there. Girish will share several enjoyable and practical techniques, based on his decades of sound healing experience, that you can incorporate into your daily life. You will discover what 21st Century neuroscience reveals about these practices, many based on ancient yogic teachings, and learn new and inspiring ways to support and open your voice. You will discover unique, liberating methods to clear old patterns that block your natural expression and fulfillment. You will feel how opening your voice leads to powerful transformation in every dimension of your life.


Hannah Levin

Friday 7am-8am

Autumn Awakening Morning Yoga: 1 Hour

Focus on waking up your joints, muscles, and breath in this joyful morning practice for all levels, incorporating seasonal awareness of returning energy to the root for Autumn and preparing you for a wonderful day ahead.

Saturday- 10am

What’s Your Dosha?    

Intro to Ayurveda Workshop

What is your constitution? How do you live in rhythm with the seasons? Explore Yoga’s Sister Science, Ayurveda, in this fun and informative workshop with an Ayurveda Health Counselor. Leave feeling empowered to live a healthier, more inspired life!
J Miles


Morning Buzz- Meditation and Pranayama


Wake Yo Azz Up!!!  Saturday Brahma Nirvana 8-9:30                                            This is not your morning restorative class. This is an energizing flow with music to match with one goal: to wake yo ass up!! The Bed can be a recharging station and used as a springboard to life, or it can be a very shallow grave. If we harness our own vast supply of energy by controlling our diet, our emotions, and our overall health and wellness the body will “rest” only as much as needed.  This class will begin with a Dharma talk on why not only physically should we “wake up”, but why we need to wake up mentally and spiritually and use this practice of yoga to become more socially conscious and better stewards of our world. The asana will be curated with breath work and a heart opening dynamic flow to have us running “heartfirst” into our day. We can either roll out of bed dreading the start of the day, or we can spring out of bed with joy and gratitude!! So put our feet on the ground, greet the morning, and Wake Yo Azz up!!


Panel Discussion-TBA



A Mindful Movement tribute to Bob Marley

Get up, Stand Up!! Breath and flow with Yogi J Miles as we celebrate the life, music and message of Robert Nesta Marley. In the world of music, Bob Marley’s music continues to stand the test of time. With songs like One Love and Positive Vibration, we feel called to create peace and happiness wherever we are. But songs like Get Up, Stand UP and Rebel Music remind us that in order for peace to happen, we have to rise up Together.


 “Everybody’s an Activist: Finding your work in the world “
Panel discussion with Laney Sullivan, J Miles and more tba
3:30pm on Sunday
Join in a discussion with activists from different realms as we look at what motivates us to serve. Some change can take generations.  How do we find the work that will fulfill us spiritually so we can endure in our efforts?  We all have unique life experience, passions, and talents, which inform us as to our most meaningful personal work.  It’s in that natural motivation we can find our calling. 






Jean-Jacques Gabriel


friday 8:30 -10am

New Heights of Asana with AcroYoga

Come leverage gravity, connection and fun to find new qualities of stability, comfort and freedom. We’ll start exploring partner yoga and asana assists that help connect to a little more strength, a little more flexibility. We’ll then use the sensitivity gained from partnered yoga to explore basic acrobatics built on stability, intelligent sequencing and spotting, then find flying asana poses that feel more free. No partner necessary.

saturday 3:30-5pm

Thrilling Thrones : AcroYoga Transitions 

Step into and then through a stable seat upon the feet of a partner, as we play with transitions in, out, and back into throne. We’ll use intelligent progressions through a series of acrobatic postures to find graceful transitions that balance strength and sensitivity. Come to this all levels workshop with anything from no experience, to an refined intermediate skill set, all will be challenged and supported.

sunday 8:30-10am

Support to Soften : AcroYoga Therapeutics

Rooted in a foundation of yoga and sensitivity, this all levels workshop will explore Thai massage and therapeutic flying (suspended bodywork) will give participants the opportunity to find freedom in backbends. We’ll warm up with asana, and build stability with partnered calibrations. We’ll build sensitivity giving and receiving Thai Massage, and weave it all into delicious flying flows. All levels welcome, No Partner Necessary


Jennifer Hopper

9/2 Yoga Flow – A vinyasa style class with lot of movement, some challenges and ending with a yummy shavasana!
9/4 Just Be –
This class will lead students through a slow vinyasa style class where the pause between breaths and movement
become the focus and allowing the body to just be. A slowed down class to end the weekend!


Jill Loftis

Kriya Vinyasa Flow:

 Astrology 101:

 Astrology for those of you who know just enough to be dangerous and want ! Join Jill Loftis of Nuit Astrology to learn more about the importance of knowing not only your Sun sign, but your Moon and Rising sign. Will include a discussion on the astrology of 2022 and beyond.

Jon Handelman

Class descriptions:

The Language of Emotions

Your emotions—especially the dark and dishonored ones—hold a tremendous amount of energy and potential to direct your life and relationships, but they can be confusing grounds to navigate. Through experiential exercises covering a full spectrum of feelings from anger, fear, and shame to jealousy, grief, joy, and more, we will have some fun in discovering how to work with our own and others’ emotions with fluency and expertise. 
Finding your voice

Singing is one of our most joyous expressions as humans, but we have stepped away from this for fear of being judged, and many of us believe we cannot sing. In truth, singing is your birthright, and the depth of your voice presents an amazing opportunity to connect with others, and explore your own courage and vulnerability as well. We will have personal group shares mixed in with creative and engaging songs and activities, as we intimately share the music inside of us.

Katie Wells

Ecstatic Dance with Katie Wells and DJ Beatfarm3rThis Ecstatic Dance sprinkles movement guidance and playful group interactions to free the expression of our body and spirit. Music selections includeWorld Beats, House, Trap, and Indie Rock. Come release into your sacred wildness.Goddess Dance with Katie WellsThis Goddess Dance class attunes to the sacral chakra and to the West African Goddess Oshunenhancing our watery sensuality. Beginning on the mat we deeply drop into the bodywith visualization, sensation and gentle movement. The second half of the class builds into connecting group interactions and ecstatic dance.Experience the pleasure of your energy flowing. Men welcome.


Kim Henry

“Gently Does It”

This self loving flow focuses on tuning deeply into exactly what our body needs in the given moment. As we flow through this breathe and movement meditation, we nourish ourselves on every level, evolving our ability to allow ourselves to have the support, love and wellness that we need.Becoming our own best friends again and again and again.Ecstatic Dance Jam! – Healing through the joy of movement! Tuning into our inherent desire to move our bodies, this hour long journey will channel your emotions, blocks, celebrations and fears into an experience of freedom and love. Drawing on music from around theworld to lead us through the age-old ritual of healing through dance, we heal and liberate. No experience necessary. Safe space for all ages and self expression.

Leah DeLuzio ( Her Sacred Circle)

Saturday Circle

Women’s Circle: Reawakening the Medicine of Sisterhood 

Facilitated by Leah DeLuzio of Her Sacred Circle 

Women have been gathering in circle for thousands of years as a way to be seen, heard, supported and connected. Join circle facilitator & ceremonialist, Leah DeLuzio, in a powerful circle focused on reawakening and reclaiming this medicine of sacred sisterhood.

Sunday Circle

Women’s Circle: Life As Ceremony 

Facilitated by Leah DeLuzio of Her Sacred Circle 

What if you lived your life as a ceremony? How would it feel to find magic in the mundane? What would it be like to experience each moment as sacred? Join circle facilitator & ceremonialist, Leah DeLuzio, in a powerful women’s circle exploring how to bring loving attention to all aspects of life. 

Lee Schardein

Baba Hanuman: A Hero’s Journey

Hanuman is the personification of devotion and dedication.  His story is one of love, friendship, courage, and remembering the greatness inside each of us.  

Join Lee for a Bhakti Flow class with storytelling, movement, breathwork and mantra as we physically focus on the hip flexors side body lengthening, exploring their connection to deeper spinal extensions and heart opening.  Connect to the hero within you! 

Maha Shakti:  The flow of Kali-Ma

Kali is the embodiment of Maha Shakti, and the feminine counterpart of Lord Shiva.  To combat the evil in the world, Kali sprang forth in a rage to destroy the ego and bring total liberation to all.  

Join Lee for a Bhakti Flow class with storytelling, movement, breathwork and mantra, as we begin to tap into the fierce, transformative energy of Kali Ma!

Medicine Sound

World Sacred Song– Mellow and high energy/Uplifting

Beats, Rhymes and Breath with MC YOGI and DJ Cristanto
90min Vinyasa Yoga
Get ready to move your body, raise your Spirits, and fuel up on the good energy when lyricist, and Spiritual Graffiti author MC YOGI and beat master DJ Cristanto join forces to take you on a journey of yoga and music. All levels.
Here Comes the Sun
90 Min Vinyasa Yoga with MC YOGI
Reconnect to joy in this fun and upbeat yoga class filled with great music, inspiring poetry, philosophy, that often turns into a celebratory dance party! You will be encouraged to move mindfully, in a way that brings a feeling of ease, grace, connection and concentration. The class will culminate with a seated meditation followed by a deeply restful guided relaxation. All levels.


Marissa Freeman

Introverts Unite- Vinyasa Yoga

A chance for introverts (& everyone else!) to pull back, recharge and regain control of their energy. Class focuses on the introvert’s natural introspective and contemplative nature while moving through a vinyasa yoga class with intention and love.

Nicole LaFon

Energy Medicine Yoga

The Essential Practice of Energy Medicine Yoga to remove Fear, Anger, Anxiety, Grief and More Inner Nurturing

A practice to Balance the Chinese Five Elements

Energy Medicine Yoga was developed by Donna Eden with her Eden Energy Medicine and Lauren Walker to create yoga sequences for each of the Chinese Five Elements to help release and move stuck energy in the body.  The Essential Practice helps to move Fear, Sadness/Grief, Anger, Anxiety out and more selfcare and inner nurturing.  A practice to balance the Chinese Five Elements.  The practice combines 9 different holistic energetic modalities including yoga plus chakras, auras, Celtic Weaving, Chinese Five Elements, Triple Warmer, Meridians to name a few.  We will practice pranayama, acupressure, meridian work and the energy medicine yoga variation of the poses.  This practice is for optimal health and wellness, balance and to move the energy.



Nina B

Mind Centering Yoga

Yin 7 Journaling to resource Trauma with the ’10Promises’ of You

Phoebe Leona


A movement and stillness experience to guide you to become more embodied and empowered in who you are now, the stories that created you, and who you are becoming.

This movement ceremony and practice, created by Phoebe Leona, Mvt109TM is an experience which takes the body through a journey of exploring the patterns we hold, the stagnant energies we have not visited or given awareness to and gives it a safe place to explore them by way of the release of the old and the grounding of oneself to manifest something new.

Mvt109 Ceemony- Embody Your Divine Energy 

This movement ceremony is an experience which takes the body through a journey of exploring the patterns we hold, the stagnant energies we have not visited or given awareness to and gives it a safe place to explore them by way of the release of the old and the grounding of oneself to manifest something new.

Come prepared to feel grounded and safe in the body and your space so you can have the freedom to fully express and experience yourself and your world. This ceremony begins with a groundwork practice and is guided into a dance journey of liberation and celebration of living.

Embody Your Shadow

This movement practice is an experience which takes the body through a journey of exploring the emotional patterns we hold, including the shadows we have not allowed ourselves to dance with or given awareness to. This workshop offers a safe place to explore them by way grounding oneself to feel free to experience, express, and dance in the radiance of your full being

This workshop will offer a movement, somatic, and expanded awareness practices to help dance with the shadows of Grief, Fear, and/or Shame/Guilt*


Kundalini-inspired Yoga and meditation sessions focus on therapeutic movements and various breathing techniques aimed toward collective wellness. We will meditate, channt, and together ease stress, manifesr positivity, and improve our awareness and focus.

Sunshine Ray

Love your Brother (Men’s Circle)

Saturday & Sunday

Class Description: In this workshop we will be connecting with one another in an introduction to “Men’s Work.” Looking at ways we can hold space and support each other emotionally. Opening up and discussing what it means to be the Embodied Masculine. I invite you to take part in this powerful and healing experience with your fellow man. As we partake in exercises to tackle limiting beliefs surrounding emotional vulnerability. We will talk and discuss ways to be emotionally available, capable of healthy expression within that, and to continue to build the support system for men in their healing journey. All male identifying individuals welcome! 

Terrie Thoma

Chair Yoga-

Participants must be able to sit and stand using a chair for balance. We’ll begin with a full-body warmup, then progress to standing strength and balance poses, and finish with a seated stretch, cool down, and savasana. Many options provided; suitable for all levels.

Will Nelson


“Discussion- Decriminalize Entheogenic Plants & Fungi”

Alana Leia Jones

Prana Dance -Inner Alchemy

Prana is the Sanskrit word for Life Force, the energy that connects the elements of the universe. Prana Dance is an exploration of flowing asana, mudra, pranayama, mindful movement and dance. This transformational practice aims to carry us on the synergy of breath and movement to connect us to our joyful inner nature.  Through an em-bodied movement practice we keep our awareness on the breath and sensation, opening radiant connection with mind body and spirit.  Through these practices we alchemize the challenges and trials into compassion, vitality and purpose. 

Length 2 hour class

Sacred Center Bellydance

Enliven Your Center of Power with Ancient Healing Movements. This workshop will celebrate the natural sensuality and radiance that resides within.  The Practice will weave the powerful elements of bellydance with gentle yoga and movement meditation. 

Length 1.5 hour

Fairy House Building Workshop

Come build Fairy houses with bits of nature. Bring sticks, leaves, acorns, small stones, any good building material you find lying around the forest, without disturbing it. We’ll create cozy abodes for the fairies and make a fairy village. A great family workshop, as its fun for all ages!

Family Yoga and Movement– Creating more time for Play

This workshop will explore creating more space for songs, yoga, stories and movement together as a family!

Length 45 minutes

Aida Atzintli

Friday & Sunday

Rsvp- Limit 15 attendees

$15 cacao fee Ticket Link/Rsvp

What is the Cacao  Cleansing Ceremony? 

The Cacao Cleansing Ceremony is a unique alchemical creation based on spiritual experience.

The Cacao Cleansing Ceremony is an 8th dimension multiverse where the union of cacao, breath and copal creates a full body-mind-spirit experience where people are guided by breath and Spirit to open and tune with the heart, mind and gut centers. As people drink cacao and breathe, the group receives a collective cleansing with the smoke of copal and sacred herbs.

The content of a group session:

  • A cup of 28 to 33 grams of ceremonial grade cacao per person 
  • Ritual of settling intention
  • Four stages of breathwork: the power of giving and receiving, the power of forgiveness, the power of self-love and the power of grounding
  • Collective cleanse with Popocomitl using sacred herbs and mexican copal
  • Ritual of rebirth and closure
Barri DeFrancisci

Ashtanga Yoga 101

Ashtanga is a vigorous, sweat-producing style of yoga that purifies your body from the inside out. Developed in Mysore, India, it has maintained its traditional format while also becoming more accessible and forming the basis for most Vinyasa and Power yoga classes. 

This 2-hour workshop will include brief theory and history about the practice, the traditional opening and closing mantras, and moving through most of the Half Primary series asanas. All levels are welcome! 

2 hours

Soulful Movement: a dance journey to your heart 

Discover the healing powers of dance as you move through this soulful, musical experience. Combining dance with elements of yoga, breathwork and meditation, you will raise your own and the collective vibration of the universe! 

1 hour

Carolyn Keller Sells


Laughter Yoga -9/2 Friday                  “Laugh for no reason….except your good health!!”

This class is for everyone, no previous yoga experience required! Many benefits of laughter, this class will offer the participants time to practice laughter exercises, increasing abdominal strength, clearing the gunk out of the bottom of the lungs, and giggling the rest of the week!  Some of the many benefits of LY are: reduces stress and strengthens immune system, a great social connector, we might not remember names, but we will remember laughing together! Learn to laugh for no reason, without using humor, jokes, or comedy! And maybe join in the Puppy Love Pile (if you wish)!

Information available on how to become a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL)

Yin Yoga

Saturday @ 8:30am

Gentle Yoga and A Nap!

Sunday 1pm

“I am happiest after a my Nap!”

Imagine something that you could easily take that would increase your alertness and creativity; reduce your stress; improve your perception, stamina, and motor skills; enhance your sex life; help you make better decisions; keep you looking younger; help you lose weight; reduce the risk of having a heart attack; elevate your mood; strengthen your memory; and help heal any post traumatic symptoms

Join me as we release any tightness in our bodies and exhale all stress and receive infinite peace and love. We will conclude this fun and easy practice with the famous 12-minute Healing Nap! The benefits of the 12-minute nap will be available as a handout for anyone that is interested. Please bring an extra towel or blanket so you can get really comfy!

Devin J.B. Dousing

Hot Haus Yoga

The hot yoga sequence was developed by Jimmy Barkan. A beginner-friendly series of postures practiced in heat to warm muscles and joints for a safer, deeper stretch while working the internal organs to release toxins. This healing tradition comes from Calcutta, India and builds strength, flexibility, and endurance.  

Gershone & Gina Minyard

Embodied BlissWith Gina Minyard & GershoneOur bodies are instruments of intelligence and bliss. Yoga not only heals body and mind, but also opens deeper currents of creative energy. Free up your pelvis and lower back through structural alignment and work into a sweet flow along with live music. Finish more deeply embodied in the nectar of your being. All levels welcome.

Into the HeartSatsang, Kirtan, and Meditationwith Gina Minyard & GershoneTantric yoga philosophy describes the householder path – where spirit and matter are woven into one, and liberation is possible while embodied and fully engaged in life. Come consider these high teachings on Consciousness, freedom, and grace, and what it means to walk this path. With kirtan and meditation.

Grace Wood

MINDFUL WALKING— enhancing the inner journeyIt’s not where we go when there is nowhere else to be; it is how wetravel. St. Augustine said: “It is solved by walking,”Walking meditation is an invaluable tool as a positive health and spiritual practice. Tips and practices offered in grounding, centering,breathing and stepping mindfully. Thich Nhat Hanh. zen master, said“You can make a step and touch the earth in such a way that you establishyourself in the present moment. Your foot touches the earth mindfuly and you arrive firmly in the here and now. And suddenly you are free—freefrom all projects, all worries, all expectations. You are fully present, fully alive, and you are touching the earth.” Join in an evolving practice in this session.

InStill Mindfulness SWVA (Meditation)

Classes in Tea & Jam Cafe

InStill Mindfulness will be leading meditations, workshops, and InSpire meetings in the Tea & Jam tent each day of the festival, as follows:

Friday 7am: Jamie Reygle leads a spacious awareness practice.

Friday 8:30am: Mindfulness 101

Jamie Reygle leads an interactive discussion introduces the key concepts of mindfulness and distinguishing between what mindfulness is and what it is not. The session includes the introduction of several mindfulness techniques that can serve both during the festival and IRL. Come with your questions, leave with fresh insights.

Saturday 7am: Joe Klein leads a body scan and loving kindness practice.

Saturday 8:30am: Sex, Drugs, Facebook & Ice Cream: Seeking a mindful way with sensual pleasures.

Things that feel good and taste yummy often take us on a ride that can be delicious and also dangerous. Both of those possibilities excite the brain and make it easy to develop habits of consumption that we sometimes regret. This talk explains some of the brain/body pathways that lead to repetitive or compulsive habit patterns, and introduces mindfulness techniques to help you steer a middle way with sense pleasure. Presented by Joe Klein.

Sunday 7am: Lori Marsh leads a 4-facet meditation, designed to lead into love consciousness.

Sunday 8:30am: Walking Stick Yoga

The Yoga sutras by Patanjali begin by saying Now begins the practice of yoga. The purpose of yoga is to calm the fluctuations of the mind stuff so that the true self may be seen. Practicing yoga postures with walking sticks allows one to find stability and ease in poses. Through this ease, the mind can quiet and rest in the present moment, simply observing what is. Join us for a gentle practice using walking sticks.  This practice is especially helpful for anyone with joint or balance issues.  Walking sticks are also great for walking meditation or for practicing yoga outdoors without a mat. Presented by Lori Marsh.


Daily at 10am from the Tea & Jam Dome: Mindful Walk with Lori Marsh

Come take a mindful walk around the festival grounds. Using walking sticks we will experience the present moment with stability and ease. Walking sticks are great for everyone but are especially beneficial if you have any issues with balance. Or, as an exercise regime, walking sticks add an upper body workout to walking. Please come play.

Daily at 3pm in the Tea & Jam Dome: InSpire mindfulness community gathering with Jamie Reygle

InSpire mindfulness communities have been gathering across the region and online since 2019. These gatherings provide an opportunity to participate in mindful discussion and share mindfulness practices. Give yourself some respite from the festival and meet others who appreciate a still, quiet space from time-to-time. Numbers are limited, so register in the Tea & Jam tent beforehand if you can.

Jack Howard

Sound Bath included with GA Ticket

Cacao Ceremony/Sound Bath

Limit 15 attendees

$15 fee & Rsvp- Ticket Link



Jeffrey Tiebout
A Primary/first series class taught in the style of the early 1970s”. In this class, we’ll cover how Ashtanga was taught then and how it has evolved. We will go over how to safely do this amazing practice with an emphasis on having fun. Plenty of adaptations will be taught, so this will be a user-friendly class. The focus is on developing our ability, not just in achieving asana but also to cultivate a practice that lasts a lifetime.
2-An introduction to the second series of Ashtanga Yoga
If you have ever been curious about the second series this class will be a good introduction. If you are familiar with the second series this class will offer some alternatives on how to practice it. This class will be taught in the manner that Ashtanga was taught in the early 1970s, so it will be taught in a very user-friendly way. There will be plenty of adaptations to make more difficult asana accessible. We will also discuss the many ways that the second series can be integrated with the first series. The idea is to develop a practice that grows, adapts with us throughout the many changes that a lifetime can bring.  
The philosophy class. 
“ Ego, Attachments and Love, Yoga of the Heart”. 
What does Yoga have to say about our ego? Is it good, bad, neutral? Where does it, and our minds, fit into our practice of asana, and more broadly, into living. How is our ego related to our attachments? Not only our attachments to what we like but also to what we don’t like. What does Yoga have to say about our attachments and how does our Yoga practice affect them? The resolve for all the questions, attachments we may have, can be found. Yoga practice leads us, if we listen, to the experience of Love that has no end, where the dualities of living are resolved. We carry the “peace beyond all understanding” within our hearts. The practices of Yoga help us uncover the door, then open it and expeirence Love and grace that our minds simply can not grasp. 


Jennifer Turman Bayliss


Family YogaBring a family member, or friend, or just you…don’t forget your imagination. This Yogajam tradition honors the wise teacher within each of us. 


Gentle afternoon stretch 12-1Come enjoy a gentle afternoon stretch, and breathe in some fresh, mountain air.

Joe Klein

Passage Meditation

Katherine Chantal & Colleen Redman

“Soulful Aging Tour”

Poetry Readings in the Tea & Jam Cafe Saturday 1-2:30pm

Kaelyn Rogers

Class Descriptions:

The fluidity of breath and body

This slow flow class will explore how we can link our breath and movement to better connect to our bodies and find grace and fluidity in our practice. Open to all levels, though an understanding of basic yoga postures will be helpful.

Flipping your world

Begin to build the foundation for handstands and inversions. We will explore basics drills and conditionings to activate our core, open our shoulders, and build the body awareness needed to move upside down. Whether you are brand new to inverting or have a strong practice already, you will leave this class with new knowledge and drills for continued practice.

Defying Gravity: Acroyoga FUNdamental

Learn to lift others and fly high. This class will provide an introduction to acroyoga, focusing on the fundamentals that will allow you to flow with ease while connecting to others and remembering how to play! Open to all levels; no partner required.

Liz Bowden

Rewild Breathwork

Liz will guide you through a two-part breath experience that will quiet the mind, activate the body’s wisdom, and allow for a deep meditative state where subconscious holds can unearth. ReWild breathwork connects us to our primal bodies and the Earth, taking us on a reWilding journey of releasing and reconnecting us to our inner wisdom and spirit.



Laney Sullivan & J Miles ( panel discussion)
 “Everybody’s an Activist: Finding your work in the world “”
Panel discussion with Laney Sullivan, J Miles and more tba 
3:30pm on Sunday sounds perfect to me. 
Join in a discussion with activists from different realms as we look at what motivates us to serve. Some change can take generations.  How do we find the work that will fulfill us spiritually so we can endure in our efforts?  We all have unique life experience, passions, and talents, which inform us as to our most meaningful personal work.  It’s in that natural motivation we can find our calling. 


Marni Sclaroff

Wild Human– 90 minute Flow Yoga Class
A practice to bring you fully alive by connecting to your wild nature through the five elements.

Radiant Soul Practice– 90 minute storytelling, meditation and yoga practice
There are stories that have been told for ages that carry the wisdom of the soul. Through these stories you will connect to the radiance of your unique soul path, and embody it through asana.

Shapeshift: The art and science of navigating change. 60 minute talk. I will engage the participants in a conversation about the 4 stages of transformation that we all go through many times throughout our lives. When we learn how to recognize which stage we are in, we can move through it with more grace, ease, and joy. This will be a lively conversation, and I will offer practical tools that participants can use in their daily lives.

Monica McGee & Kendall Selfe

Journey into the Chakras– all Levels

Take a Vinyasa journey to explore the energy of the 7 chakras in a dynamic flow to realign,

Psychedelic Breathwork-Access Non-ordinary States through Psychedelic Breathwork. This is a simple method for creating physiological symptoms in

Meredith Young
Yoga for the Soul – Yoga to reconnect you back to your body, using conscious breath + movement. A focus on deep abdominal muscles in your center to rewire the brain to move the body in a way that more suits you. Your Soul will thank you!
Glow Yoga – A traditional yoga flow with a glow! A focus on deep abdominal muscles in your center to rewire the brain to move the body in a way that more suits you. You’ll leave with a glow on the inside and out! Glow sticks provided!

” Tribal Flow with Narayani, live drums with Girish”

Join Narayani- Noelle Whittington, ERYT500 + YACEP for Tribal Flow Yoga–an all-levels, strong, slow and sensual, full-body Vinyasa Yoga experience. You will be guided through movement suggestions to a slow tribal heartbeat, but you’ll be invited to move in any way that you feel inspired. Let the music and your breath be your teachers. The class will begin with Pranayama set to the rhythm of the drums, and as the music builds, so will our movement. The rhythm brings us all together as one heartbeat- ONE TRIBE. The class will conclude with a deep relaxation, followed by a short Kirtan with Noelle and her band. If desired, Assistant  will offer loving enhancement-oriented assists throughout the practice, intended to deepen our connection to Self. Some Yoga experience and a moderate level of fitness is helpful but not required. All are welcome to explore this movement experience. Let’s free our bodies and voices together!

View a sample of the type of movement and music in this class by clicking here:

Ryley Harris

Plant ID walk

Plant walk and Yoga Hike

Rob Lenfestey & Yogaslackers

Slackline Fundamentals-

Yogaslackers Conditioning-

Fundamentals of Wim Hof Method-

Sarah McCarthy

 The Power of Emptying- Interbeing & Zen Meditation

Nada Yoga & Sound Meditation- (accompanying Jagadisha)



Journey Through the Chakras

Balancing your energy centers and find your bliss.

Wryn Magdalen

Tantra & Ayurveda: The Art of Your Yoga

What did the ancients say about the art of living well? How is modern science backing up what the ancients have been saying for thousands of years? This transmission from Wryn Magdalyn, a Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Life Coach, will give you techniques to live in alignment with the practices and teachings of Ayurveda & Tantra Yoga.

Alexandra Clark
Yoga is Elemental! Presented by Alexandria Clark of Teall Method
The Teall Method is whole-self wellness through innovative movement, breathwork, and meditations uniquely designed to strengthen your body, release stuck emotion, and give you more energy. A practice that incorporates traditions yoga asana, but sequenced in a way to fully connect the practitioner to all the elements around, and within. Movements that unlock your freedom of self-expression.  TEALL –(Pronounced teal) stands for “What is worthy of your Time, Energy, Attention, Love, and Light?”, and my hope is that the practitioners leave my practice/presentation feeling alive, transformed and just happy! Their bodies feel fantastic. They are energetic, yet relaxed, and wish to do more and continue to share their light in the community.
Becky Nakashima

Healing Issues in Your Tissues

Throughout our day-to-day lives, we encounter experiences that can affect our mental health. Sometimes we may not address these experiences, and over time that can result in issues in our tissues – typically presenting itself as pain or discomfort in our bodies. Through breath, qigong, yin yoga poses, guided Reiki meditation, and a sound bath you will be able to explore and observe how these pains and discomforts can be released. Participants may experience an overall sense of harmony and find that they have more mobility after this workshop. They may also feel more connected to their energy field and physical body, which in turn may support their mental health. 

  • Students should dress in layers and bring a blanket for a prop as well as use it during savasana.
Darin Yogeshwar Somma

Saturday 9am

Saturday 9-1030am, Title: “Asana as Selfless Service”

Description: We will build the temple of the Supreme Goddess in the subtle through our asana practice, and offer healing vibrations to our planet and all of humanity. You’re invited to lend your service to manifesting the Feminine Divine in the hearts of humanity, expanding consciousness to save our world home.
Saturday 130-330p, Title: “Secrets of Indigenous Yoga”
Description: Yoga is a comprehensive science of liberation that covers every path one can take.  In this workshop, we’ll look at the full landscape of this vast science and acquire a holistic understanding of how yoga can be practiced in every part of our lives.  Practice and Lecture.




Danielle M Stern

LGBTQ+ Affinity Yoga

Join us for an LGBTQ+ inspired practice that, as always, aligns with our philosophy
of equity and inclusivity in yoga. Students do not need to identify as LGBTQ+ to
join, but please know that this is a queer affirming space, with class themes specific
to LGBTQ+ affinity communities.All students with an open mind and desire to
breathe and move in community are welcome.

Grace Milsaps
  1. Slow Flow + Sound Journey – Join us for a celebration of the body, mind, spirit connection with a 75-minute accessible yoga flow + sound bath with Grace & Zen Within. Experience the healing power of dynamic yoga asana, sound healing, & guided meditation to gently massage the physical, cellular, and energetic bodies back into harmony. This class will elevate your weekend, while clearing blockages and restoring vitality. Grace Millsap will intuitively guide you through yoga asana, as Katie & Josh Vogt of Zen Within weave together a tapestry of gongs, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, native drum and flute, didgeridoo, handpan, and mantra to usher you into a state of deep relaxation and restoration.


  1. Fun Flow + Live DJ – Join us for an upbeat, dynamic, and heartfelt yoga 75-minute asana flow coupled with the soulful sounds of conscious high vibrational music from DJ SoulSong, with support from Katie Sutton with live vocals and instruments. Grace Millsap will intuitively guide you through a dynamic, and accessible, yoga asana class that empowers students to sparkle and shine. 


  1. Planting Seeds of Joy ( solo)

The seeds we plant today aren’t typically harvested tomorrow.  AND there are scientific methods that can help seeds into their most beautiful fruits. The same is true for creating intentions, establishing new patterns, and building our brain muscles.



“Know Your Weeds” 

Plant & Herb I.D walk


“Empowered by Plants, Making Plant Medicine”

Demonstration on making plant medicine

Jacquie Lopez (narisong)

Sunrise meditation

Greet the brand new day with mindfulness and cultivate your less reactionary, more compassionate and wide open heart! Bring a mat, blanket, cushion, or chair and anything else that will support you in gentle movement and periods of stillness as we explore a few basic techniques of insight meditation and practice together.  1 hour.



9/4 @ 7-8:15am

Nada Yoga & Sound Meditation

Jessica Adams

9/1   Free Range Yoga

A unique mix of yoga asana, dance moves, breath work, and good vibes to leave you in a blisful state.

9/4  Surrender to the Flow

A free flowing Vinyasa & Yin style class that focuses on down regulation while letting go of self judgement to boost mental health. Perfect way to finish up the weekend!!


Johnny Stowe

 Sahyinidra Yin EcoJourney         Using guided imagery — deep-time journeys through sacred landscapes, where the person becomes an integral, cycling part of plants and animals, an energized molecule moving within Mama Earth’s biosphere — down streams and across oceans, over mountains, through forests and across deserts and savannas.  The journey is cyclical, with the traveler ending up where She started. Each class is along a different ecological pathway.


9/2 7am -8:15am
Greet The Day

9/2 2pm

Nature Walk, Plants, Food & Fire

 Nature Walk is a simple ramble through the woods, engaging all the senses to connect with local plants and animals.  We’ll learn the stories of plants to connect with for food and fire, medicine and aromatherapy, and simple enjoyment — and connect with a Sacred Spring that Seeps up from Mama Earth.

9/3  7am -7:45 am
Greet The Day- Meditation

9/3 6:30-7:30

Sahyinidra Git Down Flow

9/4 7-8am Sahyinidra Yin EcoJourney         Using guided imagery — deep-time journeys through sacred landscapes, where the person becomes an integral, cycling part of plants and animals, an energized molecule moving within Mama Earth’s biosphere — down streams and across oceans, over mountains, through forests and across deserts and savannas.  The journey is cyclical, with the traveler ending up where She started. Each class is along a different ecological pathway.

9/4 10am Nature Walk
Plants, Food & Fire

Nature Walk is a simple ramble through the woods, engaging all the senses to connect with local plants and animals.  We’ll learn the stories of plants to connect with for food and fire, medicine and aromatherapy, and simple enjoyment — and connect with a Sacred Spring that Seeps up from Mama Earth.



Julie Arrington
9/2✨Getting Bendy With IT!
30 minutes 
Using pipe cleaners people to re-create Asana-yoga poses and exploring the pose in our own body’s and how they make us feel.
9/3✨ Rainbow Breath🌈
30 minutes experience
Coloring a rainbow on paper, this activity uses all five (5) senses. While they’re breathing in and out, have them think and focus on the things they can see, touch, hear, smell, and taste. Following along with the prompts from each color In the rainbow, having the kids trace the colors with their fingers while breathing in and out.
9/4✨ Blow your worries away🌬
30 minutes experience
Writing our worries in bubbles on poster board, to bring Awareness to releasing tension.Then blowing our worries away thew blowing bubbles.
Joe Klein

9/2 @ 7am

Passage Meditation

Kevin May
Peace Sticks and Poetry
Description : Do you want to activate a Flow State? Please join Kevin May for a fun and interactive workshop playing the game of Peace Sticks, which activates Mind, Body, and Soul. We will also create some written poems and have the opportunity to practice Freestyle Poetry. Let’s get out the way and let the Universe Play! 


Lucas Ciapetta

Root down to rise Up

A grounding earth based meditation will lead to playful warm ups, cultivation of fire, and flow. Arm and leg balances mindfully sequence with deeper stretches and inversions before landing in joy, peace, and bliss.

Lori Marsh

Class Description: The Yoga Sutras tell us that the postures should have the qualities of stability and ease, effort and effortlessness, and be pain free. In this class we will explore how the use of walking sticks allows one to practice in nature while supporting a strong meditative component.

Mala Cunningham

Regulating Our Nervous System through Yoga 

We know that practicing yoga enhances resiliency, optimism, and health status.  Research has also shown that yoga can reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms. This workshop will focus on practices and information on healing and regulating our nervous system through yoga and meditation.  Come and understand the impact of breathing and postures on our neurobiology and learn to heal in a more deep and profound way.  

Marybeth Grinnan

Music, Movement, Magic

Soulful Sunday – 

Yes, we’ll move and groove, connect and play … AND … co-create some movement medicine.

We’ll use Nia’s 52 moves, curiosity, and play to explore, express, and create.

World music, spoken word, poetry, drums, instrumentals, popular music…any of it can be the sonic landscape for our time together. You’ll have the chance to be seen and heard, to express and release.

If you are looking for something a little different, craving some uplifting influences for body, mind and spirit, then come share yourself with us on our Soulful Sunday mornings. 


Marcus Cammuse

Soul Flo Yoga with Yoga Nidra

This class teaches spiritual balance by bring attention to our potential to manifest our highest reality and overcome the hurdles in life. Gentle Class.

Meredith Eileen Fox Fire

Yoga to Nourish Your Inner Witch

This is not traditional yoga with specific poses and cookie-cutter alignment. It speaks deeply to the feminine powers of healing, intuition and regeneration. It draws on Celtic spirituality and Earth magic; and connects to our ancestral desire for community. Lastly, This Practice aims to dismantle the damaging cultural patterns that strive to suppress and deny: 🧚‍♂️ Our Truest Bodily Instincts & Inner Knowings

🧚🏼‍♀️ Our Deepest Connection to our Mother Earth & To All Beings Who Find Shelter upon Her

🧚‍♂️ Our Emotional & Spiritual Experiential States

Nourish and Soothe Your Soul with 


Nitya Griffith

Kids/Family Yoga– Niyya Living Kids yoga is a super fun yoga adventure with original songs.

Yin Yoga with Poetry– Yin yoga offers a deep release into the connective tissue while allowing a greater relationship with body and spirit. poestry is read throughout the class as well as some chanting/drumming.

Morning Mindfulness Meditation– Focus on breath

Preston Slaughter

Kids Yoga & Mindfulness

We accompany storytelling into breath awareness, a basic yoga flow, a series of balancing postures and a relaxation/meditation to wind down. we will also play fun games and exercises to turn on our mindfulness super powers.

Rebecca Elsen

Feel Good Flow-

Would love to be the first class on the schedule as this is a wonderful offering after driving & setting up. I love being the unofficial greeter and “tour guide” staying after class to answer all festival questions.

Water Yoga-

Sound: Laughter

Taught in water mid-afternoon

All-level water yoga designed to weave students in a sense of commUNITY with themselves, each other and Mother Nature.

Flowing In-

Discussion concerning ways to create a personal practice and take your existing practice beyond asana (postures). How to flow into the other layers of yoga to explore a deeper, meaningful connection with self.

Sloth Yoga-

By practicing SLOTH Yoga (Slow Loving Observation That Heals) we will gently, slowly, mindfully explore body, mind, spirit. Our interoceptive journey will nurture nervous system balance – focusing on our parasympathetic nervous system, optimize brain function, build resilience and facilitate deep healing. This class embodies the essence of the sacred ancient practice of yoga.


Shawn & Marie Nuthall

Howdy! Partner Yoga-

Partner yoga suitable for friends or significant others.

Shylah Ray Sunshine

Soul Voice Singing (workshop)

Tara Becky Eschenroeder

Primal Freedom Flow

Drumming was the earliest form of tribal communication and has been used to celebrate significant ceremonial gatherings in many primitive cultures. Our daily lives are infused with rhythm; elements of nature, change in seasons, and life cycles. We connect with the elements: earth, our roots… where we’re from sustains us. Water nourishes our souls while reminding us to go with the flow. Air feels wild, free and full of possibility. Fire ignites the passion within to bring those possibilities to life! Navigating through this life, we are one with the elements. Feel the vibrations of the drums as you connect breath, heartbeat, and mind with the animal of your body. Join Tara Eschenroeder of Great Abiding Yoga and percussionist Brad Ellsworth of Druminyasa as you tune into your primal nature while getting in touch with your creative spirit.

Poetry of Yoga with Live Music

Infused with poetry from her self published, “Collecting Feathers” and “Landing hOme,” Tara will take you on a journey hOMe. While drinking in the sacred sounds of heartbeat and breath, we will take the ability to listen and to feel even deeper within. We will tap into that intuitive sense of knowing; how and when to move and when to be still. Allow yourself to reconnect to that sacred animal within and the poetry that is your practice, ultimately reminding us how to simply be free both on and off of the yoga mat as we continue to author the most epic novel of all; our life. We are each born with this… the drum of our heartbeat and the ocean of our breath that are constantly calling us hOMe. The mountains of Floyd are among the oldest mountains on Earth; filled with timeless wisdom that goes beyond any spoken language. When treading upon these ancient mountains, we remember ourselves as the very nature we revere and return to ourselves.

Tara and fellow musicians will take you on a journey of the senses.  While drinking in the sacred sounds of the music, we take that the ability to listen and to feel even deeper within.  We tap into that intuitive sense of knowing; how and when to move and when to be still.  Allow yourself to reconnect to that sacred animal within, ultimately reminding us how to simply be both on and off of the yoga mat.

Yoga Hikes with Tara & Ryley Harris

The mountains of Floyd Virginia offer breathtaking, ineffable scenery. This did not come from a script or an instruction manual. Nature has a divine way of knowing how to create the most exquisite beauty. As we hike along the trails of the we will notice treasures ranging from pine cones to rocks to sticks to feathers to whatever else nature has to offer.  With poetry and horticulture woven throughout, this will be a celebration of the natural artistic ways of this planet and of the beauty of recognizing it.

Ryley brings his experience of  botany to the hikes!!


Zen Within

Your Voice As Medicine:

In this 1.5 hour interactive workshop Katie and Josh of Zen Within will share teachings and techniques to help you reclaim the power of our voice as medicine.  Leveraging the voice as an instrument of sound healing we will activate its power to help us move through trauma, clear energy blockages and activate healing in the body.