Alongside yoga classes, the festival features meditation workshops, hooping workshops, art classes, biking, weed walks, runs and hikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains, kayaking on the Little River, or you can learn from some of the most mindful thinkers at the Tea Shanti Speakeasy.

AWAKENING THROUGH LOVE Workshop with David Newman (Durga Das)

August 31st-10am-4pm-Ticket $65

AWAKENING THROUGH LOVE   Workshop with David Newman (Durga Das)

Do you feel the transformational sparks of Spiritual Awakening that is expanding rapidly on the planet today? There are many paths and practices available to support us in this ultimate quest, and one such path is the Way of Love. Sacred musician, best selling author, and inspirational teacher, David Newman (Durga Das), has made it a life’s passion to illuminate the practice of opening your heart, and loving unconditionally as a vehicle for spiritual awakening. Journey into the wisdom of your heart through kirtan (mantra chanting), sacred song, and the ageless teachings on the Path of Love, or Bhakti, as it is known in the yogic tradition. Come and experience how embracing love, fearlessly and wholeheartedly, can ignite your quest for awakening, and fulfill your search for deeper meaning, greater happiness and a higher truth!

All are welcome!



THE YOGA OF LOVE AND THE POWER OF CHANT Workshop with David Newman (Durga Das) 9/2

Using the power of sound and the healing aspects of devotion, David Newman (Durga Das) will guide us on a journey into the art and practice of Kirtan (mantra chanting) and the ancient yet timely path of Bhakti Yoga (the Yoga of Love.) As a chant artist, best selling author, and inspirational teacher, David helps to make this transformational and joyful practice accessible to all. Join us as we uplift the mind and open the heart through chanting, inspirational teachings, prayer, and joy!

Walking Meditation with Grace Wood

 “We frequently walk with the sole purpose of getting from one place to another. But where are we in between? With every step we can feel the miracle of walking on solid ground. We can arrive in the present moment with every step.”  Practices include mindful walking, breathing, arriving requiring personal concentration.  Mindful walking increases the possibility of deep insight and joy in being alive.  TNH

Shakti Rising A Revolution Using Active Love for Sacred Activism with Katie Silcox

9/1- A training on the concept of Shakti (feminine power) as a gateway into universal power, creativity and healing. In this training, you will deepen your understanding of the word Shakti, and through yogic methodologies enter into an intimacy with sacred life force embodied. This force of the Divine Feminine is alive and rising on the planet today! Come connect with the ancient techniques of awakening, channeling and utilizing sacred forces to become an agent of embodied change on the planet. Your Love has never been more needed than now! Join the revolution through breath, meditation and bhavana – deep inner feeling.

Prana The Body Electric with Katie Silcox

9/2 In this training you will leave with an electric, embodied connection to prana – your energy. We will enter into in-depth discussion and practice around your energetic anatomy. You will leave with a deeper understanding of the qualities of energy in you, how to better manage and move energy in the service of personal evolution and healing. Includes work in the realms of Tantric concepts of pranayama, mantra and asana.. You will leave with an electric radiance that can manifest, magnetize, evolve and surrender. You will also have the opportunity dissolve and resolve long-standing emotional and energetic blocks through the magic and intelligence of prana.

Bhakti -The Technology of Love and Devotion with Katie Silcox

Connect to one of Tanta’s core methods of awakening: bhakti (love and devotion towards the sacredness of
life itself). For centuries, mystics, poets, shamans and yogis have been mapping the way, offering the love- technology that reveals our truest nature, our most radiant, shining self. This event will focus on both a historical and practical approach to working with love as an enlightenment methodology. We will deeply study key mystical teachings from several traditions, and focus on time-tested methods for awakening love in the body. If the likes of Christ, Mary Magdalene, Hafez, Rumi and Saint Teresa of Avila ring your bell, this workshop is for you. Come willing to be become a greater force of nature for both worldly and spiritual goals. Come willing to let go of at least 5% of your bull$*%#. Come with dreams you are ready to potentize into realities.

Developing a Family Meditation Practice: with Sarah and Jagadisha

Developing a Family Meditation Practice:  with Sarah and Jagadisha

Come get inspired to cultivate a space and practice of meditation with your children.

In this world full of so much activity and stimuli, we can change the environment of our home by slowing down and cultivating quiet in our lives. Let’s start by developing a daily meditation space where everyone can benefit  from  checking in, books , stories, and meditation.  Sarah and Jagadisha will share their story of cultivating their family meditation practice with their 13 year old daughter, Satya who started at age 6. With a light heart and a fun attitude cultivating this time can bring JOY and depth to family life .

We will talk about how to cultivating this space, have time for conversation, and we will sit for 10 – 15 minutes.   Sarah and Satya practice at Great Tree Womens Temple near Asheville, NC where they attend mother/daughter  and other retreats. Jagadisha studied meditation with the great Swami Muktananda  and sits in the wee hours of the morning! (he sits with his family too!)


Nada Yoga “ Ecstatic Sound Space” with Jagadisha Rotelle

  1. Nada Yoga “ Ecstatic Sound Space”

Jagadisha with Sarah McCarthy will be playing tanpura

Jagadisha will be sharing his Nada Yoga music of the ancients, sharing songs in the   North Indian Classical Music Tradition that he has been practicing for 40 years. He will be using voice, tanpura and harmonium to bring us into a devotional space opening our consciousness to the divine within. This will be a space to come and be in a quiet space of meditation, a space to do your own personal yoga practice , or personal   reflection. 

Awakening the Beauty of Devotion : A Traditional Style Chanting Workshop with Jagadisha Rotelle

Awakening the Beauty of Devotion : A Traditional Style Chanting Workshop

Accompanying musicians: Sarah –tanpura, Harish Kalustian – table, Nancy Fox – tanpura

Come immerse yourself in an ancient yogic way of cultivating devotion, singing ancient mantras and texts that awaken consciousness through singing the names of the divine! This will be a traditional style chanting workshop with traditional Indian instruments, harmonium, tablas, and tanpura. We will also be exploring chanting as a spiritual practice.

Yoga Mix Tape: A Restorative Vinyasa Flow with Chelsea Jackson

This fun and up­tempo class is ideal for practitioners who have some experience with yoga. This
class sticks to the basics but moves at a more rapid pace than workshops offered specifically to
Chelsea’s style of yoga is influenced by her soulful experience with dance and integrates a
diverse genre of music to guide the practice. Believing strongly in the healing qualities both yoga
and music have, each movement and series of postures are thoughtfully sequenced in a way that
is both restorative and empowering.
1.5 hours

Candlelight Yoga and Meditation with Chelsea Jackson

Chelsea’s smooth and melodic voice has been used to guide her students through life enhancing
meditative practices that have been known to calm, support, and cleanse practitioners who
range from beginners to regular practitioners.
 If you have been feeling overwhelmed by all of the external chatter, this is a great place to
“receive” in order to “let go” as Chelsea takes you on a healing journey integrating asana, sound,
and meditation. ​This two­ hour light asana practice and introduction to meditation is accompanied by
candlelight and ideal for an evening event.

Gaining Momentum | Taking the Next Step in Your Yoga Practice with Chelsea Jackson

This physically invigorating and moderately paced yoga class is designed to ignite our inner fire
and activate strength, flexibility, and even surrender in our practice.This class is designed for students who have either completed “How to Ignite Your Yoga Practice” or anyone who has at least a couple of yoga classes under the belt.
We’ll move through an accessible and inspiring sequence of Sun Salutations A and B, standing poses, backbends, and hip openers with awareness and ease, while cultivating our inner strength and purpose.There will be an emphasis on mindful and reflective movements in order to open our bodies for a deeper meditation and rest at the end. Be prepared to feel cleansed and experience a restful night’s sleep after leaving this 2.5­hour class that will integrate sound, aromatherapy, and a delicious final relaxation pose.

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