Class Schedule 2020!

                                     Yoga Classes, Movement Classes, Presentations & morWe have created a schedule of 100 classes taught by over 50 renowned yoga instructors. You can enjoy as many classes as you wish, ranging from yin and thai massage to sweaty vinyasa.Also the festival features meditation workshops, hooping workshops, art classes, breath workshops, weed walks, runs and hikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains, or you may hang out with some of the most mindful beings for some awesome conversations ans sharing of ideas in the                  Tea & Jam Cafe.

Thursday Classes

Reflection Twisted Yoga Carolyn Keller Sells

Shiva Love~ Thursday 11-12pm

“As I relect on my journey, I can appreciate the good and the bad”

As Floyd Yoga Jam’s 2020 theme of Reflection, this practice has lots of twists.  As we twist and turn we can look behind us and then turn to look forward, look deep within and experience a nice practice to help the spine and organs feel rejuvenated, while also appreciating our past that has brought us to the Here and Now!

Friday Classes

1-2:30 Infinite Love with Lee Schardein and J Miles

1-2:30 Brahma Nirvana BlissLand
Infinite Love: The Marriage of Sun and Moon with Lee Schardein and J Miles

The poet Rumi continuously wrote about our Union with the Divine as the “lover and the Beloved”, a mystical partnership that fused the power of our own devotion and faith to develop the love necessary to free us from the bondage of hate and fear. Yoga philosophy teaches that yoga occurs when duality merges into Oneness. When we are filled with the power of love we able to live in our highest vibration. The lover and the Beloved become love itself. Ha (Sun)- Tha (Moon) is represented as a physical practice, designed to awaken the twin-flames within yourself the Sun and the Moon, and to unite them with effort and intentions. As the saying goes, “Yoga is practice of the Self, through the Self, to the Self. Join Lee and J Miles on a journey of legendary love, storytelling, inner alchemy, and our connection to the Divine, through flow and our own embodied wisdom.

Slow Tribal Flow Narayani

Shiva Love Tent ~ Friday 4:30
Slow Tribal Flow

Lark in the Flow Vinyasa Flow with Lark

Buddha Moon ~ Friday 8-9:30pm

All Level Flow Keala Mason

Shiva Love Tent ~ Friday 5:30-7pm

Movement for All Levels & Abilities including Opening Meditation, Pranayama, Namaskars, Standing Flow Series, Balancing Poses, Spine Strengthening, Savasana, and Seated Meditation. A Flowing Class Linking Breath & Movement. Hands-On Assists Offered. All Welcome!

Reflecting Your Inner Goodness Vinyasa Practice Leslie Davis

Ganesha Tent ~ Friday 1:30-2:30 Reflecting your inner goodness Vinyasa Practice

Yoga for Trauma Release Carolyn Keller Sells

Shiva Love ~ Friday 1:30-2:30

“Help Me to Heal Myself”

Almost everyone has experienced some sort of trauma. Sometimes the trauma is trapped in our bodies. This class will help to release the trauma held in the body using the Trauma Release Exercise (TRE) system by Dr. David Berceli. We will encourage our bodies to shake involuntarily by holding certain shape. This may sound a little bit weird, but just wait until you experience it! This practice has helped me with my own depression and PTSD. It is amazing how quickly I felt better. After my first experience, I had more energy and felt happier than I had in a long while. And I couldn’t stop smiling throughout the day and evening!


Effort & Surrender Jivamukti Yoga Mary Brown

Shiva Love Tent Friday 10am-12
Infinite Mind, Infinite Light Jivamukti Yoga
Mary Brown

Yoga Hikes with Tara Eschenroeder & Ryley Harris

Om Tent ~ Friday 10:30-12p
Yoga Hikes

Gratitude For The Goddess w/Namaslay

Friday, Ganesha Tent @ 8:30am

Time to uplift our inner Goddess. Virgo season is a celebration and honoring of the power of transformation. As the sun takes residency in the sign of mutable Earth, we are invited to honor ALL aspects of the Goddess—the light and the dark, The Mother AND the Crone, The maiden AND our inner child. This is an opportunity for transmutation and rebirth. Allow your Goddess to flourish in the way that is authentic—no matter what the expectation. Celebration your lineage and our connection to The Goddess Herself. This workshop is a combination of spiritual ritual, practices of non attachment, and authentic celebration. All people who identify as Goddess or open to connect to their inner Goddess from a space of authenticity are welcome.



Discovering Walking Meditation Grace Wood

Om Space ~ Friday 2-4
Discovering Walking Meditation Grace Wood

Saturday Classes

Everyday Magic-Yoga +Meditation Marni Sclaroff

Buddha Moon ~ Saturday 10:30-12
Everyday Magic-Yoga +Meditation
Marni Sclaroff

Kirtan with the Bhakti Boyz

Buddha Moon~ Saturday 8-9:30pm
Kirtan with the Bhakti Boyz

Introduction to Gurdjief Work Nick Romantini

Tea & Jam Cafe~ Saturday 3:30-5pm

Will speak about a way of inner search and self study that was created by G.I. Gurdjief. A basic introduction to the proces of the Gurdjief work toward consciousness.

Celestial Salutations~True Grit Yoga: Nitika Achalam

Brahma Nirvana ~ Saturday 1-3pm
Celestial Salutations
True Grit Yoga:
Nitika Achalam

Mantra- a chant workshop with Narayani

Buddha Moon~Saturday 8-9pm
Mantra- a chant workshop
with Narayani

Live Music with Yoga & Poetry Tara Eschroeder

Ganesha ~ Saturday *1-2:15pm
Live Music with Yoga & Poetry
Tara Eschroeder 

Dharma Yoga Nicole Fitzwater Lafon

Shiva Love~Saturday 1-2:15
Dharma Yoga
Nicole Fitzwater Lafon

Harmonium Mayhem~ Amah Devi

Buddha Moon~ Saturday 5:30–7:30pm
Harmonium Mayhem
Amah Devi

Kriya Vinyasa Flow Jill Loftis

Ganesha~Saturday 9-10:30am

Kriya Vinyasa Flow
Jill Loftis

Sunday Classes



Laughter Yoga Carolyn Keller Sells

Ganesha~ Sunday 11-12p

 “Laugh for no reason….except your good health!!”

This class is for everyone, no previous yoga experience required! Many benefits of laughter, this class will offer the participants time to practice laughter exercises, increasing abdominal strength, clearing the gunk out of the bottom of the lungs, and giggling the rest of the week!  Some of the many benefits of LY are: reduces stress and strengthens immune system, a great social connector, we might not remember names, but we will remember laughing together! Learn to laugh for no reason, without using humor, jokes, or comedy! And maybe join in the Puppy Love Pile (if you wish)!

Information available on how to become a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL)

Radical Healing: Slay the Ego w/Namaslay

Sunday, Ganesha Tent 4:30pm

Peace is found within, but is this inner peace truly accessible to everyone? With our government rapidly changing, and stories of trauma being shared with us in the media on a daily basis, it is easy to feel as if we’ve lost control. Through asana, pranayama, and meditation we can not only connect back to The Self, but we can also promote peace for everyone in our community—and the greater community as well. Finding peace within is the secret to creating a peaceful environment. This workshop will hold space for people who have experienced media, political, historical, societal, and ancestral trauma (which is all of us!). By creating a love filled environment together, we can transmute all experiences into power and positivity. This is a power flow style yoga class, taught from a social justice lens.