Yoga Classes, Movement Classes, Presentations & more!!
Alongside yoga classes, the festival features meditation workshops, hooping workshops, art classes, biking, weed walks, runs and hikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains, kayaking on the Little River, or you may hang out with some of the most mindful beings over at the Tea Shanti, our version of a Speakeasy.

Yoga for Anxiety, created by Cindy Beers, MS 500 ERYT

Do you want and need tools to help relieve your stress and anxiety? Learn how to manage your stress in this introduction class of the Yoga for Anxiety program.
For 90 minutes, allow yourself to be free from those racing thoughts of anxiety and panic attacks!
This class will give you an overview to the basics of the Yoga for Anxiety program. You’ll start off with a relaxing meditation, pranayama (breath work), a short practice, and conclude with a relaxing Yoga Nidra that will transport you away from your anxiety. You’ll walk away feeling calm and relaxed with a few new tools under your belt.

*This is a novice/beginner class. No experience necessary.

"The Bones"- Friday 1:30 with Katie Silcox

 The Bones – Did you know that the bones hold the storehouse of our past? The bones are the crystallization of our consciousness, holding both our secret ancestral superpowers, as well as a ton of old junk. The secret to no more fear in the body may exist in the structure of our bones and their movement patterns. In this class, you will learn the basic body maps of the bones through movement and inner inquiry. Previous knowledge of anatomy not required. Includes asana, lecture and meditation.

"W.O.M.A.N Alive - A FEMALE Event" Saturday 1pm with Katie Silcox

W.O.M.A.N Alive – A FEMALE Event – tap into your sexuality, creativity and true-self through the power of Tantra and Ayurveda. In this event, we will gather to experience intuitive movement forms: Divine Female yoga expressions that arise out of the womb center. This practice will include lecture, movement, meditation and connect.

" Electricity, Fire and Sap" Sunday 1pm with Katie Silcox

Electricity, Fire and Sap – Understand the three vital essences of life- prana, tejas and ojas with best-selling author and beloved-teacher, Katie Silcox. In this session we will explore our relationship with our life energy, our charismatic expression in the world, as well as our ability to increase the power of our psychological and physiological immunity. All yogis need the tool of understanding their vital essences! This practice will include lecture, active asana practice and deep relaxation.


Red-Tent Sessions: Self-care, Self-understanding and the real meaning of Self-L.O.V.E.

Red-Tent Sessions: Self-care, Self-understanding and the real meaning of Self-L.O.V.E. – Ayurveda 101 with New York Times Best Selling-Author and Teacher, Katie Silcox and her Girl-Gang of Goddesses

The Shakti School Red Tent arrives to Floyd Yoga Jam. Consider this a love-crash-course gathering space in Ayurveda and Tantra 101 for women! You’ll learn how Ayurveda helps you get healthier, more centered & boosts libido/creativity. Learn about diet, sleep, the 5 senses, doshas (mind-body types), meditation, sexuality &more. The Red Tent Sessions will offer five life-changing lectures TBD (times on Friday, Saturday and Sunday) with Katie and her staff. 



Super Hero School – The Mystical Art of Being Awesome (arm balances and inversions) J Miles

Every super-hero must go through the proper training in order to take flight. Focusing on steady progression, arm balances and inversions require firm resolve, solid technique, and firm integration of alignment and breath. Shapes such as crow, eight angles, headstand and handstand require use of the core, the breath and the use of energetic locks called bandhas. This workshop will cover those poses which require one to hover above the ground or have the feet or hips above the head, with the connection being the hands, forearms, and head. Arm balances and inversions have as much to do with overcoming fear and infusing one with boldness confidence as much as advancing the asana practice. With diligence and dedication, the inner Hero is revealed.

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