Class Descriptions 2019

                                     Yoga Classes, Movement Classes, Presentations & more!
Alongside the yoga classes, the festival features meditation workshops, hooping workshops, art classes, biking, weed walks, runs and hikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains, or you may hang out with some of the most mindful beings for some awesome conversations ans sharing of ideas over at the Tea Shanti Speakeasy with a cup of tea from Tea & Jam.
Ten Thousand Blessings: Yin Yoga meets Storytime with 10,000 BUDDHAS

Saturday Buddha Moon 10:30a

Soften tension and let go of stress in this slow, deep and transformative yin yoga experience. Join artist, storyteller and yoga teacher 10,000 BUDDHAS as she guides you into a deep state of bliss, awakening and relaxation. Open your body with deep yin stretches while listening to wisdom stories from the Buddhist traditions. These ancient tales are designed to spark deep wisdom, compassion, healing, kindness and love within us all.

Science of Pranayama w/ Dr. Sundar Balasubramanian

Friday 2:30-3:30 Tea Shanti

Saturday 10-11am & 5-6pm Tea Shanti

Learn new ways to practice pranayama! Learn the basics of classical and  new pranyama methods, scientific mechanism based on our research, and application. PranaScience

Kate Waitzkin "Anchor into Heart, Expand into Life

Shiva Love Tent Saturday 11-12:15

Anchor into Heart, Expand into Life:

Tap into the guidance of your spirit as we soften and unwind the space around your heart through twisting and backbends. With purposeful moments of pause and reflection woven throughout this vinyasa practice, you’ll reconnect to the whispers of your heart and create the intention to bring this revealed wisdom to life. Includes: asana, pranayama and meditation

Rise and Shine from the Inside Out-Kate Waitzkin

Ganesha Tent Sunday Sept.1


Kick off your morning with a warming flow to spark your energy and call on your vibrancy from within.  Expect pranayama and gentle, targeted movement to coax your mind and body open followed by an all-levels flow focused on awakening your power center and cultivating luminous, healing energy from the inside out. Includes: asana, pranayama and meditation. 

Kriya Vinyasa Flow-Jill Loftis

Friday, 8:30-10am Buddha Moon Tent

Step into the flow with a class that starts with devotional chanting and then eases into a deep vinyasa practice with fun music and loads of hands-on adjusts and assists.


Astrology 101- Jill Loftis

Friday, 4-5:30p Tea Shanti

Learn more about this ancient technique of understanding yourself and your karma through astrology. Lecture and discussion about the planets, signs and
houses as well as basic terms like retrograde and transits. Includes a discussion about the world-changing astrology of 2019 and 2020.

Infinite Possibilities of Movement with Leslie Davis

Friday Ganesha Tent at 1:30

Sunday Shiva Love Tent 7am-8am

Let Leslie Davis help lead you through the infinite possibilities of movement. This will be a 60 minute all levels class designed to give a better insight vinyasa.

13Hands aka Dalien Thursday Workshops



Heart and Solar Plexus Chakra Workshop:

“How Love and Compassion Can Fuel Your Ego 100% Full Time!” TM

Dalien, aka 13HANDS brings 30 years of yoga, shamanism and sound healing practitioner experience with 26 years of teaching, 5 near death experiences and an inspiring “humpty dumpty” tale of rebuilding his health!  This workshop incorporates a unique set of asana sequencing/alignment that encompasses Hatha, Vini muscular energy principles associated with Qigong, Iyengar, Anusara, Kundalini, Yin, specific pranayama, restorative and some technical, slow motion vinyasa aspects in order to provide a powerfully engaging and integrated asana experience that will improve circulation to the endocrine system while  improving simultaneous mastery of the para-sympathetic nervous system response.  AND there’s an extra long 30 minute, Yoga Nidra/Sound Savasana supported by Native Flutes, Gongs, Crystal Bowls, Steel and Hang drums, ambient strings and sacred, channelled, primordial vocal ambience. 

Would you like to feel more loving, forgiving, happy, empowered and open emotionally while improving one’s absorption, digestive fire and elimination processes? Well, that’s the territory we are exploring together and this workshop will create the improved circulation and regulation that can allow one’s EGO to operate from love, peace and in compassion.



“Para-sympathetic Mastery and Digestion Part 1”

DALIEN provides a pre-dinner, digestive system focused, yoga asana workshop where you NEVER leave the ground the entire time!  Deep breathing with slow, long and gentle holds while the body is rooted comfortably in seated and floor based postures will synchronize your body, nervous, endocrine and digestive system. 

Effective digestive function is rooted in a steady and trusting para-sympathetic nervous system response…. this calm, safety and security within allows for the body to work at its highest potential and absorb properly. Come experience another aspect of body, mind, theta brain wave journey  as this workshop as well will end with a 30 minute sound savasana with all his beautiful instruments (see 1pm workshop for more info on the sound savasana)… then yes!!!  We all go eat!



10:30 PMMidnight – ish

13HANDS will guide you through a shamanic journey and nada yoga sound workshop experience!! It begins with a brief overview of sound theory as it relates to balanced immunity and theta brain wave state. Then we GET COMFORTABLE in either a seated meditation or lying down position… so bring a pillow, blanket whatever you need as we set intentions in this big sonic sleepover party where you receive approximately 1 hour of live sound vibrations in order to access the body’s innate/natural healing response, various dream states and travel, DMT release, and the most blissful relaxation from a sacred soundtrack of Native Flutes, Gongs, Crystal Bowls, Steel and Hang drums, ambient strings in 432 Hz and 528 Hz tuning along with primordial chanting and voice to support your dream state. There will be some etheric ambient chanting toward the end as to guide us back… and you have the option to sit up, ground yourself back and offer your voice in community during those chants.

This is a powerful journey and meditation experience for everyone and anyone with any sort of sleep or stress related challenges.

YOGA & SOUND MEDITATION "Para-sympathetic Mastery and Digestion Part 2 with 13Hands aka Dalien

SundayBrahma Nirvana 5:30-7:30p

DALIEN IS BACK with a part 2 continuation of the digestive system focused, yoga asana workshop where this time WE INCORPORATE AND INTEGRATE strong core, 3rd chakra based asana THAT FIRES up and builds the AGNI (HEAT) and energy systems in the body. THEN this part of experience will be followed by the slow and gentle, floor based postures from Thursdays experience. Here we will strike the balance of building a strong, steady fire (muscular energy)  and comfortably rooting that energy through the seated and floor based postures to help ground, provide muscle recovery and re-synchronize your nervous, endocrine and digestive systems! 


Effective digestive function is rooted in a steady and trusting para-sympathetic nervous system response…. but its also a BIG BRICK OVEN like the ones you see at an Italian Pizzeria that needs a steady and strong FIRE in order to function, breakdown and absorb nutrients properly…(and make one heck of a brick oven pizza!) This balance of intensity and calm, trust and running with scissors within us allows for the body to work at its highest potential and absorb  more properly. And of course, come experience yet another aspect of body, mind, theta brain wave /shamanic journey as this workshop also ends with a 30 minute sound savasana with all his beautiful instruments!


Serpent Prana Dance Alana Leia Jones

Saturday 3:30-5:30 Buddha Moon

Snakes molt when they have grown too large for their own skin, transforming into something new as they leave behind the old. Serpent Prana Dance is inspired by that same transformation, compassionately asking us to let go of the old so that we may let more love in. This workshop will combine dance, yoga and moving meditation.  We will focus on spinal mobility and hip openers, weaving in mindful movement, mudras and song. Our intention will be to allow a transformation as we practice letting go of the fears that limit us and embracing the intrinsic joy that connects us

Balance Bhakti & Breath Alana Leia Jones

Friday 7:30-9:30pm in Shiva Love

This workshop explores finding more stability, strength and steadiness in balancing asanas. With Bhakti (devotion) our hearts are lifted up to a vast sense of gratitude and connection. Bhakti is about honoring the divine with what inspires us, what feeds our hearts and souls. In this practice we’ll combine mudras pranayama and song to restore union and balance in heart, mind and body. 

2 hour Class


Fairy House Building Workshop w/Alana Leia Jones

Saturday Art Village on river 11am

Come build Fairy houses with bits of nature. Bring sticks, leaves, acorns, small stones, any good building material you find lying around the forest, without disturbing it. We’ll create cozy abodes for the fairies and make a fairy village. A great family workshop, as its fun for all ages!


Childrens dance & Yoga w/Leia Jones

Saturday 1-1:45 Kids Village

This workshop will combine creative movement with yoga asana. We will go on a creative movement adventure combining imaginative play, song, yoga and dance. Come explore basic- fun postures and movements that teach balance, coordination, flexibility and peace.  Parent participation encouraged.  

Flowing In w/Rebecca Elsen

Saturday 8:30-9:30am Tea Shanti

Discussion concerning ways to create a personal practice and take your existing practice beyond asana (postures). How to flow into the other layers of yoga to explore a deeper, meaningful connection with self.


Feel Good Flow w/Rebecca Elsen

Thursday 12-1:30 Brahma Nirvana

Quiet Sound: Live Guitar

All-level slow flow followed by yoga nidra. Weaving hatha, vini and vinyasa yoga in a feel good flow to ease students into the deep bliss of yoga nidra.Great class for when you arrive onsite!!!!

Rocking Asana Flow w/ Rebecca Elsen

Thursday 3:30-4:45 Buddha Moon

All-level rocking vinyasa flow taught in a Mandala (circular) style designed to get energy flowing.


Meditation w/InStill Mindfullness SWVA

Friday 7-8am Buddha Moon

Friday 8:30-10am An Inrto to InStill @ Tea Shanti

Saturday 7-8a Shiva Love

Sunday 7-8am Buddha Moon

Mindfulness Meditation 101

An interactive introduction to mindfulness meditation, for everyone from complete newbs to anyone who wishes to refresh or revive their practice. The nature of mindfulness will be discussed, accompanied by an introduction to some helpful practices

Gentle Vinyasa Flow w/ Jennifer Turman Bayliss

Friday 8:30-9:30am Brahma Nirvana Tent

Family Yoga! Jennifer Bayliss & Family

Saturday 10-11am Kidsville

Gateway to Self-compassion & Kindness Katherine Chantal

Friday 8:30-9:30am Shiva Love

Workshop w/ YAIMA

Friday 10-12pm Brahma Nirvana

Yin Yoga w/ Nitya Griffith

Friday 10:30-12p Ganesha Tent


Family Kids Yoga with Nitya Griffith

Sunday 10-10:40am Kids Village
Family Kids Yoga with Nitya Griffith

Medicine Wheel Journey with Bob Sima

Friday 1:30-3:30 Brahma Nirvana

Shannon Plummer ( and Bob Sima ( present a two-hour experiential workshop titled Medicine Wheel Activation. The experience is a guided journey through the energies of the Four Directions that lead us to the ultimate nothingness when the soul arrives back to the beautiful place where it began, in the knowing and presence of All That Is. The workshop is an invitation for you to connect our human perception of linear time and space with the spiral reality of the soul’s journey. Each leg of the journey will be activated with tools that carry the medicine of each direction: element, spirit animal, geometry, archetype, breathwork, and music. Shannon and Bob simply create the program for you to enter. The call is for you to re-member the All Of You through your own personal journey.
Grace Wood/ Discovering Walking Meditation


2-4p Friday Om Space

"Tribal Flow" w/Dat Dude Jonny & Cave Man Jones

Friday 4:30-6pm Ganesha Tent

Find your freedom; find yourself; find your tribe… Infused with stories, music, and traditional dance from tribal cultures far & wide we come together in our expression and experience. Rippling throughout lies a Vinyasa flow as Kasey “Caveman” Jones supplies sounds from across the globe. United, we will breathe, move, and be on the journey that is Tribal Flow. Are you ready to get down with the tribe?

"The Harmonic Spine" w/ Sonic Universe Now

Friday 8-9:30pm Buddha Moon

Joseph Schmidlin D.O. mtp, LMT

Michael J

Learn the anatomical cardinal movements of the spine and how to create movement that will enhance the balance and integration of 
the cerebral spinal fluid and Pranic field. This class will draw on Joseph Schmidlin’s years of practice and study in the field of Osteopathy and integrated holistic medicine.
Yoga of the Gong w/ Sonic Universe Now

Saturday 11pm Brahma Nirvanna

Sunday 8:30-10:30am Main Stage

Join Michael J and Joseph Schmidlin as they use the resonant frequencies of the Gong to explore deeper states of conscious yoga. 
Explore the meditative depth created with the instrumental power of Gong to dive into an asana practice, opening energy centers and toning chakras followed 
by restorative gong savasana. 
Nada Yoga and the Homeopathic’s of Sound w/ Sonic Universe Now
Friday 3-5 Shiva Love Tent
Using stillness, voice, and movement participants are invited to explore Nada Brahma through deep listening or inner listening and delving into relationship and being with consciousness.
Hey Baby, What's Your Dosha? Intro to Ayurveda Workshop w/ Hannah Levin

Saturday 8:30-10:30am Shiva Love Tent

What is your constitution? How do you live in rhythm with the seasons? Explore Yoga’s Sister Science, Ayurveda, in this fun and informative workshop with an Ayurveda Health Counselor. Leave feeling empowered to live a healthier, more inspired life!

Rise & Shine Yoga w/ Hannah Levin

Sunday 7:30-8:30am Ganesha Tent

Focus on waking up your joints, muscles and breath in this joyful morning practice for all levels, incorporating seasonal awareness of returning energy to the root for Autumn and  preparing you for a wonderful day ahead.


Kickasana Yoga for Strength w/ Bart Westdorp

Saturday 1-2:30p Buddha Moon

Sunday 10:30-12p Shiva Love Tent

A class focused on building “core” & upper body strength to suppoert a strong asana practice.

Interweave Conscious Dance® w/ Katie Wells Dance

Saturday Buddha Moon 6-7:30pm

Reclaim your spiritual and primal rite to dance beyond self-criticism into joyful aliveness! Classes include energy visualizations, moving meditation, intentional free-style dance, and heart opening group interactions to heal and balance the many aspects of ourselves. Moving into a deep state, we get closer to our true selves by moving opening to the divine energy that flows through us. A body journey that is both grounding and ecstatic, Interweave® puts transformation into practice by dissolving barriers both within and without to bring us into connected wholeness. This work is inspired by meditation, spiritual embodiment, Somatics, Focusing®, and archetypes and shadows.

Interweave® Presents: Goddess Dance

Saturday 11pm Buddha Moon Tent

This class will explore the Root Chakra and the Goddess Isis as we reclaim the temple of the body with the medicinal properties of healing dance.  Beginning on the mat, we will be guided deeply into the body by way of gravity and sensation in a sensual somatic experience. The second half of the class builds into an ecstatic dance. Goddess Dance uses energy visualization, somatic moving meditation, intentional free-style dance, and heart opening group interactions and is inspired by meditation, spiritual embodiment, Somatics, chakra therapy, Focusing®, and archetypes.

Sacred Movementt Oyamie Kali Ma'at

Saturday 8-9pm Buddha Moon

“Sacred Movement: Living in Your Truth is an expressive movement therapy that takes us on a journey of self-discovery to unearth the Truth that lies within and to be in our own creative experience. we come together to create a safe space to move consciously, intentionally and freely. To let go, release and heal together as one“


Slow, Still & Deep w/ Oyamie Kali Ma'at

Sunday 6:30-8pm Shiva Love

“Moving with mindful awareness to explore the wisdom within our bodies….we flow slowly with intention, finding stillness within and surrendering to what it”

Learn to Spin Poi w/ Full Circle Flow Arts

Friday & Saturday 4-5pm Flow Zone (Peoples Playground)

This is a workshop for beginner poi spinners and those interested in creating a solid foundation. We will be covering basic holding techniques, basic planes of spinning, same time and split time, and a couple of tricks (butterfly/thread the needle and 2 & 3 beat weaves).

Dancin IN Your Hoop w/Full Circle Flow Arts

Friday-Sunday 11-12p Flow Zone ( Peoples Playground)

A hoopdance workshop for movers of all levels.

In order to achieve more diversity and fullness in  our flow we need not neglect the use of our core as well as our ability to move our feet. These factors are what make our flow a dance as opposed to a series of tricks. We will be learning how to hoop on several parts our core (head, shoulders, belly, hips, knees) as well as footwork and fancy transitions between movements. In this workshop we will be using larger hoops in order to practice core movements. I will have plenty to share.

Faciltating Change in Yourself & Others w/ Sandy Jahmi Burg

Saturday 1-2:30pm Ganesha Tent

Do you wonder why change in ourselves, others and the world is often slow,
illusive and almost every which way but straightforward? Some patterns appear hopelessly stuck. They are not! The essence of change is related to our state of being and our understanding of process. Join us as we review the principles of change and how to bring flow to your life and to those around you.

MC YOGI/ Super Yogi Blast Off

Saturday in Brahma  Nirvana 2:30

Be inspired, uplifted and fully activated in this fun, joy-filled yoga and music experience with renowned artist, teacher and Spiritual Graffiti author MC YOGI. Set to an awesome soundtrack of hip-hop, electronic and dance music, this is the one you’ve been waiting for! Be ready to move, breathe, fly and leap into this super-powered awesome yoga activation!

Easy Chill Vibes with MC YOGI

Sunday Brahma Nirvana 9am

In this laidback vinyasa yoga class we’ll slow things down so we can really drop in and enjoy the moment. If you’re looking for a way to recharge, reconnect, refresh and reset, this class is the perfect remedy. Set to original tracks of super chill songs, MC YOGI will guide you into a deep state of ease and grace, stillness and peace. 

Sangha Satsang Flow w/ Satsang & Anton Mackey

Friday Buddha Moon 10:30-12noon

This soulful class will energize the spirit and uplift the community through breath, movement, and inspiring music by the band Satsang. 
Join your Sangha (community) for an uplifting Sadhana (practice), and raise the vibration of the world with this sacred Satsang (spiritual gathering)! 
The Art of The Jump Up & Jump Back with Anton Mackey

Saturday Shiva Love 3–5p

Found in every sun salutation and throughout a vinyasa class, the jump up and jump back is a key transitional element to a yoga practice. 
Students will learn various techniques to creating lightness and lift in the jump up and jump back and other arm balance and inversion transitions.
Gain greater body awareness, harness deep core muscles, connect to bandhas, build confidence and face fears in this fun and playful workshop.
Shiva/Shakti Primal Flow w/ Anton Mackey & Amy Solara
Friday 6-7:30 Buddha Moon
Within us all is a balance of Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine energy. These two forces are contained in the archetypal personalities of Shiva and Shakti—Shiva as stillness and consciousness, Shakti as dance and bliss. In this yoga class celebrating the two extremes of cosmic energy, Anton and Amy will bring you a little closer to experiencing these divine forces within. This practice will contain a combination of yoga styles, as they take their training from Vinyasa, Buti, Ashtanga and Dance. With moments of quiet meditation and slow building sequences, balanced with dynamic flows, tribal cardio bursts, and mindful pranayama.  Come experience bliss and consciousness as you align with the Divine powers within. 
Glowga w/Shelly Bullock

Thursday 9-10:30pm Brahma Nirvana

Glowga will be a upbeat, energetic flow to create the space for your yoga experience. Arrive in the valley at Floyd Yoga Jam and transport yourself into Bliss Land where we will move, sweat and yoke in community, philosophy and practice.  An all levels energetic experience with glow-tastic adornments. This class is dedicated to creating a platform for your practice to unfold over the next four days

Vipasana Meditation w/Margie Redditt

Friday 7-8am Shiva Love Tent

Vipassana meditation, also known as insight or awareness meditation, is best summarized by Socrates’s famous maxim “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” The goal of vipassana is to give us insight into the true nature of our experiences. 2500 years ago, the Buddha discovered that knowledge, insight and goodness are the only reliable antidotes to dissatisfaction and suffering. Our happiness, he said, doesn’t rely on ever-changing external circumstances. By looking inwards we can discover that fulfillment and joy are our true nature. And insight meditation is the method we use to look inwards.

Developing a Family Meditation and Mindfulness Practice: with Sarah and Jagadisha

Saturday 11:15-12:15pm Tea Shanti

Come get inspired to cultivate a space and practice of meditation with your children.

In this world full of so much activity and stimuli, we can change the environment of our home by slowing down and cultivating quiet in our lives. Let’s start by developing a daily meditation space where everyone can benefit  from checking in, books , stories, and meditation. Sarah and Jagadisha will share their story of cultivating their family meditation practice with their 14 year old daughter, Satya who started at age 6. With a light heart and a fun attitude cultivating this time can bring JOY and depth to family life . 

We will talk about how to cultivating this space, have time for conversation, and we will sit for 10 – 15 minutes.

Sarah and Satya practice at Great Tree Womens Temple near Asheville, NC where they attend mother/daughter  and other retreats. Jagadisha studied meditation with the great Swami Muktananda and sits in the wee hours of the morning! (he sits with his family too!)

Spacious Side Body w/ Ariele Foster

Friday 4-5:30pm Brahma Nirvana

Don’t lean in, don’t lean out. Lean to the side.
Modern postural yoga and popular asana emphasizes powerful lengtheners for the front and back body. We also dwell in this front/back sagittal plane of movement most of the time in our daily lives. Break out of the mold in a practiced designed to decompress, and create length
and space in your side body and spine.
Side body lengthening can be powerful to relieve back pain, deepen twists and backbends, and allow for greater expansiveness in our lungs
(more prana = more life force!). Sidebends recruit shoulder stabilizing
muscles and deep core layers that you might not even know exist. This
practice is a sweet invitation for more opening and buoyancy in our
physical beings.
All levels welcome.
Your teacher, Ariele, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, founder of, a long time yoga teacher, and an advocate
for depth and quality in yoga practice and instruction. For more
information on Ariele, see or https://

Way of the Happy Sacrum w/ Ariele Foster

Sunday 10:30-12p Buddha Moon

A supple yet sturdy pelvis is the rock star of your skeleton. It transmits forces from the lower body through the core, spine and beyond.
The sacrum is a pivotal pelvic bone, and, when healthy, it has just enough
wiggle room to adjust to the twists and turns of everyday movements and
asana. It can be destabilized, however, through repeated over-stretching,
asymmetrical forces or high impact, like a hard fall on the bum. A destabilized sacrum is an ouchy, unhappy sacrum.
A few techniques and the right approach to yoga asana can stabilize our
back-sides and turn the frowns upside down. Transform the your yoga into a sacrum-smart practice with Dr. Ariele
Foster, physical therapist, yoga teacher, and yoga anatomy teacher from
Washington, DC. Attendees receive a PDF handout of a quick sacrumstabilizing
sequence they can continue at home.

Learn more about Ariele at Yoga Anatomy Academy or Dr. Ariele Foster –
Yoga and Physical Therapy

Jivamukti Slow Flow Ruth Lauer-Manenti

Friday 10-12:30pm Shiva Love Tent

Jivamukti Slow Flow is a slow moving extended Asana Workshop with emphasis on alignment, breath work, and mindful transitioning from one asana to the next. This workshop will include chanting, meditation, and a short discussion on yoga philosophy.

Bhagavad-Gita, Major Themes Ruth Lauer-Manenti

Saturday 3-5pm Tea Shanti

The Bhagavad Gita is a text in the form of a dialogue between a holy teacher and an anxiety-ridden student. Their conversation contains ways that individuals can uplift themselves and their communities. For a discussion on some of the major themes (karma, dharma, meditation, and desire) and Gita chanting, please attend this lecture.

Jean-Jacques Gabriel "Launchpad : AcroYoga"

Saturday 4-6pm Brahma Nirvana

Launchpad : AcroYoga 

Pops are spirited transitions that send the flyer into the air from the feet of the base. Flyers catch some hang time, before being caught, in the same, a similar, or an altogether different shape. Come learn to calibrate the dynamic connection necessary for safe and graceful pops, all thoroughly supported with attentive spotting.


Jean Jacques Gabriel/ Acro-Yoga "The Advancing Cycle"

Friday 1:30-3pm Buddha Moon

The Advancing Cycle  

Come explore AcroYoga transitions that exploit our power, cultivate our connections, and move gracefully. We’ll warm-up and calibrate with inversions, star, reverse star, and foot to hand, please come experience basing or flying these for at least 15 seconds. We’ll then layer transitions to build fun, fresh machines, and refine, refine, refine.


Jean-Jacques Gabriel "Therapy of Touch" AcroYoga

Sunday 5:30-7pm Buddha Moon

Come explore the therapeutic and healing side of AcroYoga. We’ll explore partner yoga to build sensitivity, balance giving and receiving, and find our boundaries and support for deeper asana. We’ll continue the connection while giving and receiving thai massage to build sensitivity, and put it all together with flying therapeutics. No experience necessary!





Mindful Vinyasa w/ Shawn Nuthall

Friday 3-4:15pm Ganesha Tent

This is a well balanced yoga class accessible to all levels. Th e emphasis is on breath, movement, mindfulness and music. This class will leave participants feeling rejuvenated, empowered and at peace.

Lullaby Yoga w/ Johanna Beekman

Friday 6:30-8pm Ganesha Tent

Lullaby Yoga™, created by Johanna Beekman, RYT 500, is a unique blend of restorative and yin yoga with heart opening live music. Her classes focus on deep relaxation and healing using principles from therapeutic yoga, yoga nidra, bhakti yoga and nada (sound) yoga. 

Bio-Rythmns w/ Yogi J Miles & DJ Mikemetic

Sunday 3-4:30 Brahma Nirvana

Join Yogi J Miles and DJ Mikemetic for a cosmic mash-up of deep grooves and deeper flow! Follow the sound of the drums syncopating with the rhythm of breath and movement, and let the music help you find freedom to be funky! As Yogi J leads the Hatha practice, Mikemetic will provide the soulful sounds of house music, arranging beats from across the entire diaspora. Remember that everyone is free in the House ofYoga.


Wake Yo Azz Up!!! w/ Yogi J Miles

Saturday 8-9:30am Brahma Nirvana

This is not a morning restorative class. This is an energizing flow with music to match with one goal: to wake yo ass up!! The Bed can be a recharging station and used as a springboard to life, or it can be a very shallow grave. If we harness our own vast supply of energy by controlling our diet, our emotions, and our overall health and wellness the body will “rest” only as much as needed. This class will be curated with breath work and a heart opening dynamic flow to have us running headfirst into our day. We can either roll out of bed dreading the start of the day, or we can spring out of bed with joy and gratitude!! So put our feet on the ground, greet the morning, and Wake Yo Azz up!!

Partner Yoga Marissa & John Thompson

Sunday 1-2:30 Brahma Nirvana

Meet someone new  or bring an old friend


"Slackro" w/ Marissa & John Thompson

Saturday 8:30-10am Buddha Moon

Finding Duo Balance

Lucid Dream Yoga w/ Nick Atlas, PhD

Sunday 3-4pm Shiva Love Tent

Take the next step in your yogic & meditative journey, learning to
incorporate the wisdom of your dreams and shadow self into your waking life for
greater awareness, healing and clarity.

Yoga Nidra w/ Nick Atlas, PhD

Saturday 11-12p Ganesha Tent

Yoga Nidra offers a unique approach to deep relaxation, stress reduction,
meditation and transformative dreamwork that can be practiced with little to no yogic experience, yet it encompasses the full breadth of yoga psychology and meditative insight. (note: would love to broadcast this to the masses…)

Dharma Yoga w/ Nicole Boyle

Saturday 1-2:30 Shiva Love Tent

Dharma Yoga is a graceful, yet challenging form of yoga based on Sri Dharma Mittra’s almost fifty years of practice of classical yoga. The practice is appropriate for students of all levels, from beginner to lifelong practitioners and accessible to so many because it meets each student where they are and according to their condition.
A devotional practice that emphasizes good health, a clear mind and a kind heart. The Dharma sequence includes standing series, floor series, 10 minute led savasana / deep relaxation, pranayama and meditation. Be receptive!
Dharma Yoga Center:

Improv Dance Workshop w/ Dr. Julia Basso, PhD

Saturday 10-12am OM Space

Intuitive Improvisation is a spontaneous dance making process that relies on
following one’s movement impulses. This workshop will begin through guided
somatic practices designed to enhance awareness of sensation and perception.
We will then explore a variety of improvisational frameworks, eventually working towards creating compositional scores with the entire group.

Slackasana Basics & Beyond w/Rob Lenfestey & YogaSlackers

Saturday 1-3pm Peoples Playground

YogaSlackers Conditioning w/ Rob Lenfestey

Fruday-Sunday 10am Peoples Playground

Slackasana 101 w/ Rob Lenfestey & YogaSlackers!

Friday 1:30 – 3pm Peoples Playground

Purpose Posture & Prayer w/ Wendy Maines

Sunday 8:30-10am Shiva Love

Explore yoga as experiential worship. Using the limbs of asana and pranayama, we will “pray through the chakras”, connecting to Source through an embodied worship practice.

Sarah McCarthy- Partner yoga, stories, and games!

Friday 9:30am KidsVille

Developing a Family Meditation and Mindfulness Practice: with Sarah and Jagadisha

Saturday 11:15-12:15 Tea Shanti

Developing a Family Meditation and Mindfulness Practice: with Sarah and Jagadisha

Drum Classess & Drum Circles w/Cave Man Jones

Friday 1:30-2:30 Kids Village

Friday 12 midnight DrumCircle Fire Circle

Saturday 2-3pm Kids Village

Saturday 11pm or 12 midnight Drum Circle@ Fire Circle

My name is Kasey Jones. I am affectionately called CaveMan by many. I am a student of life, and of the Djembe. My passion is teaching anything I know, and music is just too much fun to pass up.

Rhythmic Yoga Hatha & Vinyasa w/ Yoga Dude & Alice Sevivas

Sunday 1-2:30p Ganesha Tent

A cool collaboration of yoga, capoeira, drumming, harmonium, chant and singing as Darnell Bell AKA Yoga Dude and Alice Sevivas as take this fusion to reach the heart of each chakra vortex. Interactive infusion of proper alignment and mindful actions of the body, this hatha and vinyasa form of liquid movement and energy building practice will awaken the mind and body. Intermediate to Advanced Class. 90 minute Flow.


Activate & Elevate Your Flow with Grace Millsap & Zen Within

Thursday 6:30-8pm Brahma Nirvana

The medicine of movement and sound comes from cultures that have been traded in for a life that is hot, fast, and pushes us to our edge. Our yoga practice doesn’t have to mimic our lives; instead we can connect to our breath, body, and intentions in less harsh, and more direct methods. You can expect fluid yoga movements, sound healing, meditation, and activation. These classes have different themes, depending on the season/time of day that vary based on intuition.


Beatles Yoga Vinyasa w/ Alice Sevivas

Saturday 6-7pm Ganesha Tent

Vinyasa Yoga class with a “Here Comes the Sun” attitude and Sun-Salutations for Mind, Body and Spirit! The Beatles music will inspire and ignite imagination! Just IMAGINE (We do have a musician on team who can play acoustic/sing Beatles music) Awaken your chakras through pranayama, asana and energy clearing via creative movement. We use tambourines, scarves & dancing ribbons.

Kundalini Yoga w/ Brian Bayliss

Sunday 3:30-5pm Buddha Moon

Jameson Price -The Post Traumatic Christian

Saturday 6:30-8pm Tea Shanti

Assists- Jules Febre

Sept. 1 Sunday 10:30-12:30

Learn the principles of giving powerful, safe, and transformational yoga asana assists. Developing sensitivity to directing prana (life force energy) in asana can  transform your practice as a teacher and student. Instead of focusing on learning the so-called “correct assist” for each pose, learn the principles that will empower you to create, improvise, and customize assists safely and effectively.

Yoga teachers and longtime students will benefit from these workshops.

Jules Febre

Hip Opening-Asana, Chanting, Meditation - Jules Febre
Aug. 31 Saturday 10-12
Hip Opening
Description: Hip Opening: Tight hips and pelvic region is the curse of the modern person. The way we sit and move in our modern culture reflects a disconnection with the earth. When we learn how to release these ingrained patterns, our full range of movement becomes apparent. Vigorous and open to all levels.
Jules Febre
An Integrated Approach - Jules Febre

Aug. 30 Friday 3:30-5:30

A whole being is one that is fully integrated with life. An integrated yogic approach is one that uses varied practices to find where we have resisted that experience of wholeness. A vigorous asana class that will incorporate elements of Bhakti Yoga, Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga and Jñana Yoga.

Open to all levels

Jules Febre

Radical Healing with Adrianne Burke

Saturday 3-4:15 Ganesha Tent

Radical Healing: We are All Energetic Beings. We are truly spiritual beings having a human experience. It is this spiritual aspect that connects us to the
outward universe and back to the other energetic beings on the planet. Energy is infinite and we all have access to its source. Understanding how to keep energy flowing through us is the key to creating balance within our lives. Through the practice of yoga we are able to keep a balanced flow of energy within the body,
which in turn translates to a balanced flow of energy within our environment. This workshop will help students gain a basic understanding of the chakra system and how yoga postures utilize meridians within the body for healing. Students will leave with tools to help lift common blockages and calm overactivity through
the practice of breathwork, movement, and other hands on healing techniques. This is a vinyasa yoga class for all levels, with challenging postures.

Yoga Flow Vinyassa & Hatha w/Jennifer Hopper

Thursday 1-2:15 Shiva Love

Mindful Yoga & Breath w/Jenn Hopper

Sunday 1-2:15 OM Space

Sahyinidra Yin EcoJourney w/ Johnny Stowe

Thursday 2-3:30 Ganesha Tent

Saturday 1-2p Om Space

Sunday 11-12 Om Space

My sahyinidra yoga centers on the deeptime-to-present parallels, patterns and pathways linking the human condition with the ecological integrity of land — with the soils, waters, plants, animals and other life forms whose consciousness we depend upon and share.    I teach Earth-Centered Yoga with Guided Imagery Meditations, leading folks through the cycles, connections and currents of sacred landscapes.   I also lead field trips, nature walks, and give lectures — and offer fire gatherings.  And of course, i burn the woods.   I travel to speak to international audiences and ramble wildlands, but spend most of my time in longleaf pine firelands and other special places along the 34th parallel from northeastern Alabama to the Atlantic Ocean, and on the Blue Ridge Escarpment of Virginia.  Y’all can get a-hold of me at   Share the Flame. Sah.

Nature Walk w/Johnny Stowe

Sunday 9:30-10am OM Space


Passage Meditation w/Joe Klein

Friday 7-8am Brahma Nirvana

In this form of meditation, you concentrate on the words of an inspirational text or passage from one of the great wisdom traditions. Eknath Easwaran developed this method, and the instructions are straightforward.

You start by choosing an inspirational passage and memorizing it. The passage for meditation should be positive, practical and uplifting, and there are lots of passages you can choose from. Some are short, others longer, and they’re from all different traditions. 

Minding your P’s and Q’s: Prana Loves Qi Dolores Champagne

Thursday 4-5:30p Ganesha Tent

Sunday 6-7:30p Ganesha Tent

Familiar yoga poses flowing with graceful qigong movements open the body’s energy pathways allowing ourselves to be infused with Prana and expand and strengthen our Wei Qi field. Harmonize your energy with universal energy to promote health, well-being and

"Seeking the Light Within" Vipasana Meditation w/ Thais

Saturday 7-8am  Buddha Moon Tent

Sunday 7-8am Brahma Nirvana Tent

Vipassana meditation, also known as insight or awareness meditation, is best summarized by Socrates’s famous maxim “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom. The goal of vipassana is to give us insight into the true nature of our experiences. 2500 years ago, the Buddha discovered that knowledge, insight and goodness are the only reliable antidotes to dissatisfaction and suffering. Our happiness, he said, doesn’t rely on ever-changing external circumstances. By looking inwards we can discover that fulfillment and joy are our true nature. And insight meditation is the method we use to look inwards.

Mindfulness Drinking w/ Erin Sonn eat.YOGA.drink.®

Saturday & Sunday 2:15-3pm Dance Hall

We mindfully, joyfully enjoy a beverage through a deep sensory exploration (all 8 senses, as identified in Dan Siegel’s Wheel of Awareness). Ideally,

Taming the Body/Mind Integral Yoga w/Krishna Jo

Saturday 7-8:30am Ganesha Tent

A great way to wake up the mind & body peacefully and easefully. This Integral Yoga mixed level class is a practice of working in harmony with the body/mind and the inner light which is in us all. This class will incorporate asanas as a moving mediation, deep relaxation and pranayama (breathing techniques). These are all methods which help us reach our inner peace through taming the body/mind.

Wake up and move easefully, peacefully but let’s not be lazy w/Krishna Jo

Friday 8:30-10am Ganesha Tent

As Swami Satchidananda teaches us, be easeful, peaceful and useful, but don’t be lazy.  This Integral Yoga mixed level class reminds us that by going within and using the tools such as asanas as a moving mediation, incorporating deep relaxation and pranayama into our practice we can be more easeful which ultimately makes us peaceful, so we can be useful in all that we do.    

"The Fivefold Way To Forgiveness" w/ Jon Handelman

Sunday 3-5pm Tea Shanti

Holding a grudge can be toxic for your life and community. True reconciliation exposes the awfulness, the abuse, the hurt, the truth. It’s a risky undertaking, and the practice of forgiving is not easy, doesn’t come quickly, and can be damaging if done inauthentically. When one does choose to engage with the process, it produces meaningful and important insights into who we are in relation to ourselves and others. Only an honest confrontation with reality can bring about real healing. Forgiving is not forgetting; it’s actually remembering and not using your right to hit back. It’s a second chance for a new beginning, and an opportunity to avoid repeating what happened.

"Finding Voice" w/ Jon Handelman

Saturday 1-3pm Tea Shanti

Singing is one of our most joyous expressions as humans, but we have stepped away from this for fear of being judged, and many of us believe we cannot sing. In truth, singing is your birthright, and the depth of your voice presents an amazing opportunity to connect with others, and explore your own courage and vulnerability as well. We will have personal group shares mixed in with creative and engaging songs and activities, as we intimately share the music inside of us.

"Sacred Intimacy" w/ Jon Handelman

Friday 6-8pm Tea Shanti

Do you find yourself longing for a compassionate community and deeper connections? Join Jon, Life coach and co-founder of Awakening Harmony as he gently guides our group on the path to intimacy. We will go through vulnerable activities, share in small and large groups, talk about ways in which we can explore intimacy safely and deeply with our friends, partners and community, and feel more connected to each other. You don’t need to be in a partnership to attend and no one will be forced to do anything they don’t want to, so come with a willing attitude to present and be received as who you authentically are.

Plant Walk w/ Lenna Frances

Friday 10-11am OM Space

Yoga & Poetry Tara Eschroeder & Johanna Beekman

Saturday 8-9:15pm Shiva Love Tent

Infused with poetry from her self published, “Collecting Feathers,” Tara (Becky) will take you on a journey hOMe.  While drinking in the sacred sounds of heartbeat and breath, we will take the ability to listen and to feel even deeper within.  We will tap into that intuitive sense of knowing; how and when to move and when to be still.  Allow yourself to reconnect to that sacred animal within and the poetry that is your practice, ultimately reminding us how to simply be free both on and off of the yoga mat as we continue to author the most epic novel of all; our life.

About the book: 

I was searching for something.I was searching and in the midst of doing so they began to present themselves to me….one by one.  I had come to the realization that my Dharma and my purpose was so much bigger then my physical self and location. Fear had held me back for quite some time but it is only so long a bird can be held in cage.In this realization that flight was required in order to share the message that my teachers had given to me and all of their teachers had given to them, I was able to see and decided to trust in something so much bigger than myself.Upon my searching they continued to present themselves to me as they still do… Sometimes in the form of a bouquet after a long walk through the woods. My path was being laid before me and I followed.Paying very close attention to where they appeared, who I was with and the intention behind why I was where, it begin to make sense. I return to the places where they find me the most with a continued reminder of the importance of non-attachment. Feathers are not meant to be held down. I know I will return when the time is right.My searching and continues but I no longer feel lost. They are there to remind me that I am not alone. They are there to remind me of this path and this Dharma. They are there to remind me of the importance of my flight and each and every place they guide me to land.They are there to remind me of these wings that existed all along.I was searching for something, but now they find me. As I collect these feathers… As I spread These Wings… I am home. 

Tara Eschenroeder & Nick Gonnering"Primal Freedom Flow with Live Music"

Friday 8:30 9:30pm Brahma Nirvana

From a primal flow to the beat of a djembe to a gentle meditative dance to the croons of the guitar to the transcendental hum of the turn table, the rhythms of the music guide us as we connect with our own internal rhythms and sense of knowing.

Tara and fellow musicians will take you on a journey of the senses.  While drinking in the sacred sounds of the music, we take that the ability to listen and to feel even deeper within.  We tap into that intuitive sense of knowing; how and when to move and when to be still.  Allow yourself to reconnect to that sacred animal within, ultimately reminding us how to simply be both on and off of the yoga mat.

Yoga Hikes with Tara Eschenroeder & Ryley Harris

Friday 10:30 12pm  Om Space

YogaHikes are the paramount way to stay healthy and strong in mind, body, and spirit. Communing with the elements, including other human beings, fosters compassion; exploring our communities encourages a sense of pride and a desire to care for the Mother Earth; hiking strengthens our bodies, and yoga helps us relax and strengthens our connection with Soul. YogaHikes include vinyasa and meditation in addition to a hike through the beautiful outdoors near you.

Yoga for Trauma Release w/ Carolyn Keller Sells

Friday 1:30-2:30 Siva Love Tent

“Help Me to Heal Myself”

Almost everyone has experienced some sort of trauma. Sometimes the trauma is trapped in our bodies. This class will help to release the trauma held in the body using the Trauma Release Exercise (TRE) system by Dr. David Berceli. We will encourage our bodies to shake involuntarily by holding certain shape. This may sound a little bit weird, but just wait until you experience it! This practice has helped me with my own depression and PTSD. It is amazing how quickly I felt better. After my first experience, I had more energy and felt happier than I had in a long while. And I couldn’t stop smiling throughout the day and evening!


Gentle Yoga and A Nap! w/ Carolyn Keller Sells

Sunday 11-12pm Ganesha Tent

“I am happiest after a my Nap time!”

Imagine something that you could easily take that would increase your alertness and creativity; reduce your stress; improve your perception, stamina, and motor skills; enhance your sex life; help you make better decisions; keep you looking younger; help you lose weight; reduce the risk of having a heart attack; elevate your mood; strengthen your memory; and help heal any post traumatic symptoms.

Join me as we release any tightness in our bodies and exhale all stress and receive infinite peace and love. We will conclude this fun and easy practice with the famous 12-minute Healing Nap! The benefits of the 12-minute nap will be available as a handout for anyone that is interested. Please bring an extra towel or blanket so you can get really comfy!

Laughter Yoga w/ Carolyn Keller Sells

Saturday 1-2pm Brahma Nirvana

This class is for everyone, no previous yoga experience required! Many benefits of laughter, this class will offer the participants time to practice laughter exercises, increasing abdominal strength, clearing the gunk out of the bottom of the lungs, and giggling the rest of the week!  Some of the many benefits of LY are: reduces stress and strengthens immune system, a great social connector, we might not remember names, but we will remember laughing together! Learn to laugh for no reason, without using humor, jokes, or comedy!

Information available on how to become a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL)

Dynamic Flow w/ Soraya Sanchez

Friday 5:30-7pm Shiva Love Tent

Saturday 9-10:30am Ganesha Tent

Dynamic Flow consist of guided self expression movements linking yoga asanas dynamically, balancing, strengthening, twisting, back bends and forward bends will be linked together in an unique flow to self – express yourself.

Wild Edible and Medicinal Plant Identification w/ Ryley C. Harris

Friday 4:30-6:30pm OM Space

Saturday 3-5:30pm OM Space

Sunday 3:30-5:30pm OM Space

This workshop will teach folks of all ages basic native plant identification, as a stand-alone and in conjunction with Tara’s yoga techniques. We’ll focus on common patterns of plant families to
identify edible, culturally significant, and medicinal herbs. Participants are encouraged to contribute their knowledge of local culture and biodiversity.

Adaptive Chair Yoga w/ Kyra Aulani

Saturday 9-10:30am Dance Hall

Learn to practice and teach adaptive gentle yoga using a chair as your main prop. Understand the fundamental approach to adaptive gentle yoga so that you may share the transformational
power of yoga with those that may otherwise consider yoga to be inaccessible due to physical, intellectual, or emotional factors.

Rise and Shine from the Inside Out w/ Kate Waitzkin

Sunday 9:30-10:15am Ganesha Tent

Kick off your morning with a warming flow to spark your energy and call on your vibrancy from within.  Expect pranayama and gentle, targeted movement to coax your mind and body open followed by an all-levels flow focused on awakening your power center and cultivating luminous, healing energy from the inside out. Includes: asana, pranayama and meditation. 



Iyengar Yoga "Opening to Light" w/Shaaron Honeycutt

Sunday 1-3pm  Buddha Moon

“Opening To Light” Backbends to expand and open the heart.

“Do not think of yourself as a small, compressed, suffering thing. Think of yourself as graceful and expanding, no matter how unlikely it may seem at the time.” –Light on Life by B.K.S. Iyengar
Backbends are to be felt more than expressed, to aid in understanding the back parts of our bodies. The back body cannot be seen; it can only be felt. In the process of such feeling of the unseen and the unknown parts of ourselves we must open the chest and the heart. Back bending poses release tension and blocked emotions in order to feel the lightness of self.

Yoga Jam Soul Medicine Vibrations w/ Kennedy Onself

Saturday 6-7:30pm Buddha Moon

A profoundly potent symphonic orchestration of acoustic vibration that guides us to the stillness that exists beyond all thoughts.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Krama w/ Jeffrey Tiebout

Sunday 8:30-10am Buddha Moon

The Ashtanga Vinyasa Krama class would weave together the Primary sequence of Ashtanga Yoga and other related asana
variations that fit into the family groups of asana. As an example along with bound half lotus forward bend we would add the related twists from that family of asana. In addition we would end with pranayama leading to meditation

Galactic Mayan Healing Ceremony w/ Starroot

Saturday 6-8pm OM Space

Starroot has been spiritual and related to other worlds from her childhood on.
She says about her: "After a childhood of experiencing conscious dreaming, I opened up to many spiritual
teachers and traditions and learn and understand deeper meanings of Life and spirit. I am influenced, taught and
initiated in many sacred traditions from Native American ,Sweat lodges, Paganism, Sacred geometry ,Mayan
Dreamspell sacred calendar, Tibetean Buddism , Animal Totem meditations, Harner Drumming meditations,
journeying and many more. I love to always include the Healing of our Mother Earth, our own healing and the
Connection of Earth and Stars with Awakening our Kundalini energy and chanting with the cosmos to the
soungs of our planets . Each Ceremony is based on the galactic energies on the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar so we all open up for cosmic healing energies to coming into each ceremony Starroot has participated in many different Ceremonies with known Elders and for healing at many sacred places and has been leading Healing one person
and Group ceremonies on her sacred land in Floyd County VA. for 30 years now. The power of all the crystals here in the mountains will amplify our healing prayers. I am another you!

Nature Yoga (up to age 10) w/ Julie Arrington

Saturday 3:30-4:30pmKids Village

KIDS Nature Yoga(up to age 10) Julie Arrington

Buti Yoga & Goddess Circle w/ Amy Solara

Friday 8-10am OM Tent

Awaken the Feminine Divine in your core being and connect to the sister goddesses around you! Come rediscover your Shakti in a powerful new way with Buti Yoga—a Vinyasa based practice that fuses power yoga with Tribal dance and HIIT training, raising your energy as it raises the heat.  Following up the physical practice will be a mindful Circle of connecting and sharing, grounding us back to earth and solidifying the sacred feminine bond which we created

Community Song Circle Roanoke Community Sing (Joy Tru)

Sunday 11-12pm Tea Shanti

Parker Williams -Traditional Hatha Yoga: A Journey to the Source


Sunday 9-10:30am OM Space

Sunday 1-2:30pm Shiva Love

An Integral Yoga Hatha class designed to take the practitioner from gross to subtle realms of experience. The class will integrate chanting, asana, yoga nidra, pranayama and dharana creating a wholesome yoga practice.

D Rhythmic Yoga workshop w/ Darnel Bell

The workshop will incorporate the vibrating resonance of drums with the practice of hatha yoga. The beat of the drums will allow you to relax more deeply into the postures & experience deeper breathing. Experience a call and response session very similar to chanting Finally, enjoy an extended final relaxation pose (savanna).

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