Alongside yoga classes, the festival features meditation workshops, hooping workshops, art classes, biking, weed walks, runs and hikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains, kayaking on the Little River, or you can learn from some of the most mindful thinkers at the Tea Shanti Speakeasy.

AWAKENING THROUGH LOVE Workshop with David Newman (Durga Das)

Add on Ticket-August 31st-10am-4pm-Ticket $55 until July 15th & $65 thereafter

AWAKENING THROUGH LOVE   Workshop with David Newman (Durga Das)

Do you feel the transformational sparks of Spiritual Awakening that is expanding rapidly on the planet today? There are many paths and practices available to support us in this ultimate quest, and one such path is the Way of Love. Sacred musician, best selling author, and inspirational teacher, David Newman (Durga Das), has made it a life’s passion to illuminate the practice of opening your heart, and loving unconditionally as a vehicle for spiritual awakening. Journey into the wisdom of your heart through kirtan (mantra chanting), sacred song, and the ageless teachings on the Path of Love, or Bhakti, as it is known in the yogic tradition. Come and experience how embracing love, fearlessly and wholeheartedly, can ignite your quest for awakening, and fulfill your search for deeper meaning, greater happiness and a higher truth!

All are welcome!

THE YOGA OF LOVE AND THE POWER OF CHANT Workshop with David Newman (Durga Das)

9/2 @ 1-3pm
Using the power of sound and the healing aspects of devotion, David Newman (Durga Das) will guide us on a journey into the art and practice of Kirtan (mantra chanting) and the ancient yet timely path of Bhakti Yoga (the Yoga of Love.) As a chant artist, best selling author, and inspirational teacher, David helps to make this transformational and joyful practice accessible to all. Join us as we uplift the mind and open the heart through chanting, inspirational teachings, prayer, and joy!

Prana The Body Electric with Katie Silcox

9/2 In this training you will leave with an electric, embodied connection to prana – your energy. We will enter into in-depth discussion and practice around your energetic anatomy. You will leave with a deeper understanding of the qualities of energy in you, how to better manage and move energy in the service of personal evolution and healing. Includes work in the realms of Tantric concepts of pranayama, mantra and asana.. You will leave with an electric radiance that can manifest, magnetize, evolve and surrender. You will also have the opportunity dissolve and resolve long-standing emotional and energetic blocks through the magic and intelligence of prana.

Bhakti -The Technology of Love and Devotion with Katie Silcox

Connect to one of Tanta’s core methods of awakening: bhakti (love and devotion towards the sacredness of
life itself). For centuries, mystics, poets, shamans and yogis have been mapping the way, offering the love- technology that reveals our truest nature, our most radiant, shining self. This event will focus on both a historical and practical approach to working with love as an enlightenment methodology. We will deeply study key mystical teachings from several traditions, and focus on time-tested methods for awakening love in the body. If the likes of Christ, Mary Magdalene, Hafez, Rumi and Saint Teresa of Avila ring your bell, this workshop is for you. Come willing to be become a greater force of nature for both worldly and spiritual goals. Come willing to let go of at least 5% of your bull$*%#. Come with dreams you are ready to potentize into realities.

Shakti Rising A Revolution Using Active Love for Sacred Activism with Katie Silcox

9/1- A training on the concept of Shakti (feminine power) as a gateway into universal power, creativity and healing. In this training, you will deepen your understanding of the word Shakti, and through yogic methodologies enter into an intimacy with sacred life force embodied. This force of the Divine Feminine is alive and rising on the planet today! Come connect with the ancient techniques of awakening, channeling and utilizing sacred forces to become an agent of embodied change on the planet. Your Love has never been more needed than now! Join the revolution through breath, meditation and bhavana – deep inner feeling.

Developing a Family Meditation Practice: with Sarah and Jagadisha

Developing a Family Meditation Practice:  with Sarah and Jagadisha
Come get inspired to cultivate a space and practice of meditation with your children.
In this world full of so much activity and stimuli, we can change the environment of our home by slowing down and cultivating quiet in our lives. Let’s start by developing a daily meditation space where everyone can benefit  from  checking in, books , stories, and meditation.  Sarah and Jagadisha will share their story of cultivating their family meditation practice with their 13 year old daughter, Satya who started at age 6. With a light heart and a fun attitude cultivating this time can bring JOY and depth to family life .
We will talk about how to cultivating this space, have time for conversation, and we will sit for 10 – 15 minutes.   Sarah and Satya practice at Great Tree Womens Temple near Asheville, NC where they attend mother/daughter  and other retreats. Jagadisha studied meditation with the great Swami Muktananda  and sits in the wee hours of the morning! (he sits with his family too!)


Nada Yoga “ Ecstatic Sound Space” with Jagadisha Rotelle

Jagadisha with Sarah McCarthy will be playing tanpura
Jagadisha will be sharing his Nada Yoga music of the ancients, sharing songs in the   North Indian Classical Music Tradition that he has been practicing for 40 years. He will be using voice, tanpura and harmonium to bring us into a devotional space opening our consciousness to the divine within. This will be a space to come and be in a quiet space of meditation, a space to do your own personal yoga practice , or personal   reflection.

Awakening the Beauty of Devotion : A Traditional Style Chanting Workshop with Jagadisha Rotelle

Friday 10-12noon    Awakening the Beauty of Devotion : A Traditional Style Chanting Workshop
Accompanying musicians: Sarah –tanpura, Harish Kalustian – table, Nancy Fox – tanpura
Come immerse yourself in an ancient yogic way of cultivating devotion, singing ancient mantras and texts that awaken consciousness through singing the names of the divine! This will be a traditional style chanting workshop with traditional Indian instruments, harmonium, tablas, and tanpura. We will also be exploring chanting as a spiritual practice.

Wildly Devoted: Bhakti On The Mat with "Sean Johnson & Wild Lotus Band"

Deepen your soul connection by merging the heart-opening qualities of bhakti yoga with the vitality of asana. This playful practice kicks off with engaging storytelling, live music, and singing that flows into a vinyasa yoga practice to bring the story to life within you through breath, movement, song, and imagination. This workshop has sold out at Bhakti Fest, Yoga Journal conferences, and more. Join Sean, Alvin, and Gwendolyn for a deep dive into the heart.

Yoga Mix Tape: A Restorative Vinyasa Flow with Chelsea Jackson

This fun and up­tempo class is ideal for practitioners who have some experience with yoga. This
class sticks to the basics but moves at a more rapid pace than workshops offered specifically to
Chelsea’s style of yoga is influenced by her soulful experience with dance and integrates a
diverse genre of music to guide the practice. Believing strongly in the healing qualities both yoga
and music have, each movement and series of postures are thoughtfully sequenced in a way that
is both restorative and empowering.
1.5 hours

Candlelight Yoga and Meditation with Chelsea Jackson

Chelsea’s smooth and melodic voice has been used to guide her students through life enhancing
meditative practices that have been known to calm, support, and cleanse practitioners who
range from beginners to regular practitioners.
 If you have been feeling overwhelmed by all of the external chatter, this is a great place to
“receive” in order to “let go” as Chelsea takes you on a healing journey integrating asana, sound,
and meditation. ​This two­ hour light asana practice and introduction to meditation is accompanied by
candlelight and ideal for an evening event.

Gaining Momentum | Taking the Next Step in Your Yoga Practice with Chelsea Jackson

This physically invigorating and moderately paced yoga class is designed to ignite our inner fire
and activate strength, flexibility, and even surrender in our practice.This class is designed for students who have either completed “How to Ignite Your Yoga Practice” or anyone who has at least a couple of yoga classes under the belt.
We’ll move through an accessible and inspiring sequence of Sun Salutations A and B, standing poses, backbends, and hip openers with awareness and ease, while cultivating our inner strength and purpose.There will be an emphasis on mindful and reflective movements in order to open our bodies for a deeper meditation and rest at the end. Be prepared to feel cleansed and experience a restful night’s sleep after leaving this 2.5­hour class that will integrate sound, aromatherapy, and a delicious final relaxation pose.

Way of the Happy Hips- Dr. Ariele Foster

Friday 10-12
When was the last time you gave your psoas some love?
From tight hip flexors to the distance between your knees and the floor in cross-legged, explore and play with both opening and strength-building in this pivotal part of your body.
Guided by a doctor of physical therapy and yoga teacher, you will get to know the muscles surrounding your hips, understand the role of the hips in balance and core stability, and find new levels of ease and freedom in yoga asana.
This workshop is all levels and is designed for anyone who sits for any length any day of the week, for cyclists, for runners, for truckers, and of course, for yogis.

Breath Medicine: Pranayama the Kripalu Way- Dr.Ariele Foster

Saturday 9-10:30am
Prana is life force. It is your personal vital energy, the currency of your spirit. Breath is its primary embodiment. Channel its power with breath control techniques proven to lower stress, increase focus, lower blood pressure, and grow your physical yoga or asana practice. Kripalu yoga originally stemmed from one simple, but powerful pranayama technique. Learn the story, the four stages of breath, the attributes of each stage and the cultivation of particular energetic qualities through specific beginner as well as advanced pranayama techniques.

Slowing Down, The Power of the Pause with Sandy Jahmi Burg, Certified Focusing Guide and Teacher

We often hear the expression ‘go within, slow down’ or we tell ourselves we ‘should slow down’. Do we really understand that as an experience? Join me for this experiential Focusing class to re-familiarize ourselves with the power of pausing as we engage in life. Focusing teaches us to open a larger space within to listen with curiosity and acceptance to whatever is wanting our awareness in the current moment. We’ll explore the five ways our body might choose to communicate with us: physical sensations, emotions, images, thoughts and gestures. Some of us may even get a glimpse into the ultimate paradox here. With practice, mindful pausing brings more flow and movement to our life. Curious? Come on by…

Finding the Gift in Pain Sandy Jahmi Burg, Certified Focusing Guide and Teacher

Do you have physical pain that you do not understand? Is there something in you that gets frustrated or angry when you are in pain? Have you ever considered that pain might be something in your body trying to get your attention and beneath that it really wants your well-being? Our natural Focusing skills are quite useful in getting to the core of physical pain issues. Those of us who are more skilled have access to what might be described as miraculous self-healing experiences.  During our time together here we will explore how to deeply listen to what our body is trying to communicate to us through the experience of pain. Being fully understood is what allows something painful within us to change and our experience is that – always – our body moves us toward a greater sense of thriving, open, flowing aliveness.

Yoga for Justice: Creating Space for Social Change - Namaslay- The Radical Healer

Saturday 1-2:30pm.
Peace is an ongoing battle in the political space. With our government rapidly changing and the constant stories of conflict being shared with us in the media on a daily basis, it is easy to feel as if we’ve lost control. Through the yoga we can not only connect back to our sacred being, but we can also promote peace through practice. Finding peace within is the secret to creating a peaceful environment. This workshop will hold space for students to keep it real about how social justice issues affect our lives as a global community, while setting intentions for a better world. Discussion will be facilitated, coupled with a yoga practice and meditation.

Radical Healing: We are All Energetic Beings-Namaslay- The Radical Healer

We are truly spiritual beings having a human experience. It is this spiritual aspect that connects us to the outward universe and back to the other energetic beings on the planet. Energy is infinite and we all have access to its source. Understanding how to keep energy flowing through us is the key to creating balance within our lives. Through the practice of yoga we are able to keep a balanced flow of energy within the body, which in turn translates to a balanced flow of energy within our environment. This workshop will help students gain a basic understanding of the chakra system and how yoga postures utilize meridians within the body for healing. Students will leave with tools to help lift common blockages and calm overactivity through the practice of breathwork, movement, and other hands on healing techniques.

Awakening the Animal Within: How to Access Personal Power through Environmental Awareness-Namaslay- The Radical Healer

Sunday 1-2:30
We aren’t alone in this Earthly experience. Our space is shared with animals, plants, crystals, and many other types of energetic beings all with a role to play on this planet. Many cultures recognize humans are the stewards of this earth, with a specialized perspective to help us better take care of the environment and its inhabitants. This role comes with great power, but at the same time a great responsibility. Fortunately, everything is here to help us–including the animals in our environment near and far. This workshop will help students learn more about how to work with our animal guides in our personal and external environments. We will also dig deeper into how postures within the yoga practice allow us to embody the powers of the animals they are named for.

SPIRITUAL GRAFFITI: Finding Your True Path with MC YOGI

SPIRITUAL GRAFFITI: Finding Your True Path
Join hip hop artist, yoga teacher and author MC YOGI + his wife and renowned graffiti artist, 10,000 Buddhas for an uplifting and inspiring practice filled with insights and stories from their own journey of finding yoga, love, and leading a purpose-filled and creative life.

Creating Your Joy: Yoga and Mental Health- Annemarie Carroll

Exciting research supports what we yoga practitioners already know – when we practice yoga we feel better, physically, mentally and emotionally! In this workshop we will explore the benefits of yoga and meditation for depression, anxiety, trauma and overall mental health wellness. Join me and “Create Your Joy!”

Yoga for Dudes- Bart Westdorp

Saturday 9-10:30
This class is for Dudes. Dudes of all shapes and sizes. All genders. It’s all about your inner Dude. Just make sure to leave the toilet seat up. During this class we work on building ‘core’ strength. From a keg to a sixpack. Strengthen the upper body. Get yuuuge. Work on tight hips/hamstrings/shoulders. Get all flexible and stuff. No yoga experience necessary. Dude.

Kickasana: Yoga for Strength- Bart Westdorp

Sunday 10-12
Set to a soundtrack that will make you shake your gluteus maximus, this class blends a traditional Asana practice with challenging and often entertaining ‘core’ and upper body strengthening practices. This is a great way to build the strength and endurance that will help support your ‘regular’ yoga practice. Abs of titanium guaranteed. And there’s a good chance we’ll do some silly dancing.

Walking Meditation with Grace Wood

“We frequently walk with the sole purpose of getting from one place to another. But where are we in between? With every step we can feel the miracle of walking on solid ground. We can arrive in the present moment with every step.”  Practices include mindful walking, breathing, arriving requiring personal concentration.  Mindful walking increases the possibility of deep insight and joy in being alive.  TNH

Sound Bath Meditations- Rev. Brien Egan

Friday-Saturday, Morning 8:30am Evening 12 midnight
Sound Bath Meditations- In this guided sound meditation you will be led on a journey into an amazing sound bath of healing beginning with crystal chakra tuned healing singing bowls, crystal singing pyramids, and Karuna Reiki chanting and toning.

Chakra Renewal Now- Rev. Brien Egan

Saturday 4:30-5:45
Chakra Renewal Now- a deep group chakra balancing and renewal guided meditation blended with a powerful sound vibrational energy healing session incorporating the amazing vibrational power of crystal singing bowls accompanied by Karuna Reiki chanting and toning.

“Druminyasa" with Becky Eschenroeder & Brad Ellsworth

Friday 6-7:15
the rhythms of the drums as you connect breath, heartbeat, mind & body to a 75 minute vinyasa flow led by yoga instructor Becky Eschenroeder to the beats by percussionist Brad Ellsworth of Druminyasa. As featured on CBS “Try out Druminyasa for a one-of-a-kind yoga experience,” and The Washington Times and appearing at festivals, studios and special events, Brad Ellsworth of Druminyasa has been playing drums and percussion for over 25 years. A yoga practitioner and teacher, Brad founded Druminyasa by connecting his love for rhythm, drums and movement.

Yoga Hikes- Becky (Tara) Eschenroeder

Sunday 1-2:30
YogaHikes are the paramount way to stay healthy and strong in mind, body, and spirit. Communing with the elements, including other human beings, fosters compassion; exploring our communities encourages a sense of pride and a desire to care for the Mother Earth; hiking strengthens our bodies, and yoga helps us relax and strengthens our connection with Soul. YogaHikes include vinyasa and meditation in addition to a hike through the beautiful outdoors near you.

Take it Easy with Andrea Boyd

Saturday 3:30-5:30

“Lighten up, while you still can. Don’t even try to understand. Just find a place to make your stand, and take it easy.”- The Eagles
Walking down the path of Truth and connection, there are many questions to ask. At some point you may feel you still have the questions, but you don’t necessarily need them to be answered anymore. Through the practices come the understanding of effort and ease, hard work and surrender, release, relief, and realizations. This class will include asana, meditation, savasana, breathing techniques, and ancient universal wisdom.

Joy Pilots of the Kali Yuga with Jeffrey Cohen

Sunday 8:30-10am

“There’s no absolute guarantee that humans will make it.” -Eckhart Tolle. Do it, Don’t do it. Stay, go, run, stand still, jump, cry, laugh, yell, sleep, blink, hug, push away. Try, don’t try. Love, hate, accept, expect, resent, judge, embrace, retreat – whatever. This is the Kali Yuga – age of strife. How you gonna navigate? Are you getting free, are you flying? You can. Make your practice real.

Dance Your Asana-Carmen Sanchez

Friday 11-12
I will guide participants into a nice and gentle flow, where they can follow their own breath as their practice becomes into a natural dance. Your music? your breath, Your melody? your breath. Simply Dance your Life! Sun Salutations, Asanas, Deep Relaxation and a soft intro to a guided meditation will be part of this experience.

Kids Yoga - Carmen Sanchez Yoga

Saturday- 3-3:30 Kids Yoga ages 5-10
Sunday- 9:00am-9:30 Kids Yoga ages 5-10
Carmen is a certified Kidding Around Yoga Instructor (KAY) teacher, this program includes cardiovascular conditioning, original music and some games, plus all the benefits of Yoga: Meditation, breathing exercises, and relaxation. This class will bring a wonderful opportunity to the little ones to play, learn and meet new friends in a nice and relaxed environment.

What to expect in this class: Fun, Peace and Kids full of joy during this amazing process!

Pop Rocks with Kaelyn Rogers

Pop Rocks Friday 8:30-10am
Learn how to throw (and catch) your friends in a safe exploration of basic acrobatic pops. Fly through the air, smile and laugh, and learn to break the boundaries of what you believe is possible. We will build a safe and supportive environment, and progress through a variety of fun material. No experience required; just come with a positive attitude and an open mind.

Release and heal with therapeutic flying-Kaelyn Rogers

Release and heal with therapeutic flying- Saturday 3-5pm

Allow gravity to assist as you care for yourself and another. We will explore therapeutic flying techniques, learn basic massage techniques, and allow our tension to melt away. You will have the opportunity to both give and receive massage, learning to surrender as you fly, and support and heal another as you base. No experience required.

Asana hang time-Kaelyn Rogers

Asana hang time- Sunday 1:30-3

The class will really explore the Yoga component of Acroyoga. We will take asana into the air, exploring how a partnership can deepen the stretch, facilitate teamwork,  and allow you to connect to yourself in a whole new way.

Drishti Beats, a live music vinyasa flow experience

Saturday 6-7:15pm & Sunday 10:30-12noon

Join us for a musical journey like no other where music and movement meet and collaborate for an amazing yoga experience. Our teaching language, our music production and vibe takes you to another level creating an enchanting and joyful yoga class leaving you exhilirated and connected. Vinyasa, Voice, DJ, Sax, Rap and Beats leaves you in a blissful state!

Family Time Acro Yoga with Carolyn Keller

Friday 9:30-10:30am
Enjoy a fun time practicing yoga with the entire family. Kids ages 4 and up with an adult. We will practice some big balloon breaths, lions breath, cat and cow poses, along with sound effects, some basic sun salutations and then begin some fun partner poses. All of this followed by a nice relaxation time, “The Do Nothing Pose”!

Yoga Fun for Everyone! with Carolyn Keller

Saturday 11-12
This class has the basics and offers plenty of modifications for everyone. We keep it light hearted and fun, strengthen, stretch, and balance your body, mind, and spirit! All levels are welcome! Gentle Yoga

Laughter Yoga! with Carolyn Keller

Sunday 11-12
Learn to laugh for no reason, without using humor, jokes, or comedy! This class is for everyone, no previous yoga experience required! Many benefits of laughter, this class will offer the participants time to practice laughter exercises, increasing abdominal strength, clearing the gunk out of the bottom of the lungs, and giggling the rest of the week!

Kriya Vinyasa Flow with Jill Loftis

Saturday 10:30-12noon

Come early to class for chanting, harmonium and kirtan.  We begin with a brief dharma talk; intention setting; and settling into deep inner awareness.  Then a fast-paced flow class with rocking music; loads of sun salutations; and a variety of poses that can be adapted from beginners to advanced practitioners.  Focus on proper alignment, safety and working with the edges of the body and the mind.  Lots of hands-on assists and adjusts. Wrap up with breath awareness and a guided relaxation savasana.

Fluid Power: The Ninja Training Ground- with HawaH

9/2 @ 1-2:30pm
This flowing sequence combines mixed martial arts and yoga, offering you deep conditioning and awareness of how various muscles groups interact.  Run faster, jump higher, swim longer, and bike further through this integrative practice that will teach you valuable information to last a lifetime. Cleanse your body, clear your mind, and increase mobility and elasticity of the spine. Learn how to bone stack, from the periphery to the core, opening you to hold arm balances for extended periods of time. Expect laughter, fun, and a healthy challenge. This workshop is for intermediate students who have been practicing yoga or martial arts for at least 1 year.

Sacred Activism: A Dialogue on Healing and Social Justice-with HawaH

Saturday 5-6:30pm
Join us for an honest conversation on the intersection of arts, activism, politics, racism and community healing. We’ll think about our own lives and what we can do to make the world more sustainable and we’ll also explore the social justice implications of the first two limbs of Hatha Yoga (the Yamas and Niyamas). You will be challenged to leave this workshop and go back home with a new non-violent practice to integrate into your daily life.

"The Poetry of Yoga with HawaH"

Friday 6:30-7:30pm
The Poetry of Yoga  – Spoken word performance by HawaH and hosted open mic/ sharing session for those who want to share poetry and prose.  I can curate this with people that might already be there, to make sure there is a great line up of folk involved.


Pranayama and Meditation: The Bridge to Freedom HawaH

Sunday 7-8am
Pranayama is the science of breath control that increases and roots the harmonious flow of energy in the body. Where your thoughts travel so your breath goes and when your breath journeys so your thoughts and life transform. Explore a range of breathing techniques that ultimately will serve to deepen your experience of the world.  Clear the mind, calm the body, and gain more mental focus and alertness through these powerful, ancient techniques passed down by sages for thousands of years.

Sahyinidra Yoga with Johnny Stowe

Saturday 1-2pm
Sahyinidra yoga centers on the deeptime-to-present parallels, patterns and pathways linking each human to the ecological integrity of the Sacred Earth that sustains us, to the land of which we are a part.  Sahyindra is Guided Imagery Meditation, yin yoga journeys through the connections and currents of Gaia, the Great Mother Earth.  Linking our breath to the pulse of the land, we travel together through the biosphere on a journey many millions of years long, cycling as parts of special animals and plants, rocks, winds and waters, all over the globe – and then back home.

Ground to Fly (All Levels Vinyasa) with Live Music - Ekaterina Petrova

Friday 5-6:30pm
Slow, steady flow with live sitar and beats. Find your roots and move mindfully from an unwavering foundation. Build stability, core strength, grace, and confidence as you fall into a deeply relaxing rhythm to the tune of your breath and the live music, and enjoy a few arm balance opportunities throughout.



Saturday 3:30-5:30
Join Yogi J Miles and DJ Mikemetic for a cosmic mash-up of deep grooves and deeper flow! Follow the sound of the drums syncopating with the rhythm of breath and movement, and let the music help you find freedom to be funky! As Yogi J leads
the Hatha practice, Mikemetic will provide the soulful sounds of housemusic, arranging beats from across the entire diaspora. Remember that everyone is free in the House of Yoga.

SUPER HERO SCHOOL (Arm Balance and Inversion practice) with J Miles

Sunday 3:15-5:15pm
Every super-hero must go through the proper training in order to take flight. Focusing on steady progression, solid technique and firm integration of alignment and breath, this workshop will cover those poses which require one to hover above the ground, with the connection being mostly the hands. Shapes such as crow, eight angles and handstand require use of the core, the breath and the use of energetic locks called bandhas. Arm balances have as much to do with overcoming fear and infusing one with confidence as much as advancing the asana practice. With diligence and dedication, the inner Hero is revealed.

Weed Walk- with Katherine Chantal

Saturday 10:30-12noon
Local herbs as food and medicine. Walking and talking around yoga jam site to discover the abundance of herbal allies we have in these beautiful mountains.  Identification, tasting, as well as how to make preparations and use the plants we see.

Herbs for Family Health- with Katherine Chantal

Friday 10-11am

An herbal workshop/presentation on family herbals,preparation and uses.

Adventures in Asana with Jon Kameen

Friday 1:30-3pm
Jon grew up snowboarding and mountain biking, which sparked a passion for movement, flying, and adventure.  In this class he brings those same passions to the yoga mat as he leads you through a high energy Vinyasa flow.  During this flow they’ll be opportunities to explore new/deeper poses or transitions all while focusing on alignment and the breath.  Along with the asana practice they’ll be yoga/vedic philosophy, chanting, exploration, and plenty of fun mixed in.  As Hanuman exemplifies in the Ramayana, we’re capable of so much more then we think if we act with intention.

Interweave Conscious Dance® with Katie Wells

Saturday 6:30-8pm
Interweave Conscious Dance® is the practice of weaving body, mind, heart, and spirit into the present moment with love. This workshop includes energy visualizations, guided movement, intentional free-style dance, and heart opening group interactions. Moving into a deep state, we get closer to our true selves by opening to the divine energy that flows through us. A body journey that is both grounding and ecstatic, Interweave puts transformation into practice by dissolving barriers both within and without to bring us into connected wholeness. Katie’s work is inspired by moving meditations, spiritual embodiment, chakra therapy, Focusing®, and Jungian archetypes and shadows.

Cooking up Health, Wellness & Joy! with Dr. Jude

Saturday & Sunday 10:30-12noon Please sign up at Info depot, class limited to 20 participants

A workshop/ tasting of Raw Soups and Wilting recipes. A class of 15-20 participants that will be presented information on;
The balance of ingredients and nutrients that make up a tasty raw soup.Superfoods and spices for health and energy. Spices from around the world. How to create a tasty recipe with healthy ingredients.

To Infinity and beyond! with Justin Lowery

Saturday 10:30-12noon
Acro Yoga, He’ll be teaching a fun looping washing machine, with tricky transitions that can be scaled to up or down to your level! Come play in the Peoples Playground at YOJAM!

Harmonium & Sacred Chant Workshop with Amah Devi

9/1 Friday 7-9pm
Join Amah Devi from Asheville, North Carolina for a special session of Harmonium Lessons & Sacred Chant practice. If you have ever wanted to learn to play harmonium, lead Kirtan, or just sink more deeply into your Sacred Chant practice, drop in for unforgettable exploration of harmonium, mantra, and sacred song. This is your chance to demystify the harmonium and learn to play and lead some kirtan chants. Bring your own instrument or play one provided and come ready to deepen your Bhakti yoga practice. NO prior musical experience required!

From Asana to Samadhi, a Tapestry of Yoga with Jeffrey Tiebout

9/1 Friday 3:30-5:30
In this class we’ll focus on the relationship of asana, pranayama, yogic meditation and samadhi. How they weave together to create a tapestry of practice that can guide us into the heart of the experience of Yoga. We’ll practice asana, pranayama and yogic meditation methods and introduce a method to approach the beginning stages of samadhi. This is an experiential class. Yoga is about experiencing. The methods are there, we simply have to do them, to the best of our ability, in order to dive deep into the bliss of Bhakti. 

Circle of Connection: Dances of Universal Peace with Kathryn Ashera Rose

12-12:45 at Labyrinth
Feel the unity in community!  All are welcome to join hands in the spiraling circle of connection.  Joyous devotional chants, songs and simple circle dances from across the planet accompanied by live guitar, drum, recorder and more.  “If you can walk, you can dance; if you can talk, you can sing!” Preferred time:  Saturday afternoon for 45-90 minutes.  Preferred location: FRONT & CENTER on the ground in front of CENTRAL STAGE!!!

Community Heart Songs with Kathryn Ashera Rose & friends

Sunday 3-4pm
Simple, touching songs from the heart vibrate us into the co-creation of harmonies and resonant frequencies of love!  Rounds, canons, and playful song games to awaken our inner singer and invoke the chorus of unity.  Preferred time:  Sunday afternoon for 60 minutes.  Preferred location: Serene tent as far away from noise as possible!

Healing Sound Temple: Crystal Singing Bowls, Toning & Harmonies- Kathryn Ashera Rose

Sunday 10-12am
Through a crystalline soundscape of singing bowls, music, toning, song, ritual, meditation, and guided visualization, we will invoke deeply peaceful meditative states for well-being both individually, collectively and for our beautiful planet.

Developing a Family Meditation Practice: with Sarah and Jagadisha

Saturday 8:30-9:30am    Come get inspired to cultivate a space and practice of meditation with your children.
In this world full of so much activity and stimuli, we can change the environment of our home by slowing down and cultivating quiet in our lives. Let’s start by developing a daily meditation space where everyone can benefit  from  checking in, books , stories, and meditation.  Sarah and Jagadisha will share their story of cultivating their family meditation practice with their 13 year old daughter, Satya who started at age 6. With a light heart and a fun attitude cultivating this time can bring JOY and depth to family life .
We will talk about how to cultivating this space, have time for conversation, and we will sit for 10 – 15 minutes.

Prana Dance with Alana Leia Jones

Friday 3:30-5pm
Prana is the Sanskrit word for Life Force, the energy that connects the elements of the universe. Prana Dance is an exploration of flowing asana, mudra, pranayama, mindful movement and dance. This transformational practice aims to carry us on the synergy of breath with movement and to connect us to our joyful inner nature. Through this eclectic practice Leia hopes to share and inspire the healing and joy that dance and yoga have gifted her. Through an em-bodied movement practice we keep our awareness on the breath and sensation, opening space and connection with mind body and spirit.  The practice encourages us to shed layers that no longer serve us, so we may realize and radiate the light of our own hearts.

Please Bring a YOGA MAT for warm up and Savasana

Children’s Dance and Yoga with Alana Leia Jones

Saturday 1-1:45pm
This workshop will combine creative movement with yoga asana. We will go on a creative movement adventure combining imaginative play, song, yoga and dance. Come explore basic- fun postures and movements that teach balance, coordination, flexibility and peace.  Parent participation encouraged.

Blossoming Heart with Leia Alana Jones

Sunday 10-12am  This workshop will combine a flowing Vinyasa practice with longer holds in heart opening asanas. We will tap into the vibrant love and compassion that resides in the heartspace working with a Sankalpa (your hearts intention or desire).  Anahata(heart chakra)is called the great transformer, it allows us to alchemize what no longer serves us into what does. This Flow practice will include Heart meditation and a longer guided Savasana.

Acoustic Flow with The Lucky Cats

9/1 Friday 9:30-10:30am
partners in life for over 20 years, Lucky Cats, Eric and Erin Wheeler, will guide you to “Let Love Rule” on and off the mat. Get the heart moving and grooving in this acoustic flow class for all levels.  Using guitar, ukulele, voice, and harmonium for music The Wheelers teach modern vinyasa with an emphasis on deep core work and sweet heart opening postures.  Restriction in your hips, spine or shoulders can inhabit our ability to move and limit our experience.  When we feel free we are more open to the self-love as a way of living.  Bring your OM!

Dark Wave Yoga Does Stranger Things The Lucky Cats & Mr. Bongos

9/2 Saturday 7-8:15pm
Inspired by the unusual mood and music from the show “Stranger Things” on Netflix, experience our homage to the series, yoga style. Dark Wave Yoga blends fluid vinyasa, with a light show and awesome music! Lucky Cats, Eric and Erin Wheeler will lead the class through a unique vinyasa sequence, adding visualizations and guided meditation. The Wheelers teach a fun artistic style of yoga that invites us in to the otherness. Soak in the vibe, stay out after dark and be strange with music mixed by Mr. Bongos throughout the set!

Kids Yoga Dance Party with The Lucky Cats

9/2 Friday 11:30-12noon
You are invited to our 3rd gathering of the Kids Yoga Dance Party.  Our class is about having fun together. Come see what happens when funky dog, silly snake, lucky cat, and crunky cow have a Yoga Dance Party.  Get down and groove a little with the kiddos in this playful yoga experiment for all families.   Everyone one or two dance moves so come strut your stuff and play with The Lucky Cats!  This class is for all ages and all levels.

Circle of Life – Mandala Workshop with Satya Yoga

9/1 Friday 1:30-2:30
We are surrounded by circles. We live on Earth, and each day our beautiful round world revolves around the sun, while the moon circles around the Earth. As the Earth travels around the sun, the wheel of our year is turned. We eat oranges, cucumber slices, and other round fruits and veggies. We gaze at the centers of flowers, dew drops, and the stars.Throughout our cycle of time on Earth we are nurtured and loved by our circle of family and friends. Mandala, in Sanskrit, is translated “circle”. In this workshop, participants will be encircled in love and joy while experiencing a simple guided meditation, followed by the creation of their own mandala to allow their own personal light to shine and expand. Designing mandalas is fun and can help individuals to develop and expand their physical, cognitive, and emotional skills while learning a creative process to experience and expand their own circle of life.

Children’s Yoga Story Hours with Satya Yoga

9/2 Saturday 4-4:45  Children’s Yoga Story Hours
This is not your regular story hour. Using a variety of children’s stories we will do 30
minute brief yoga classes based upon the children’s book. Children will learn and
explore yoga poses in a fun interactive way. Recommended for children ages 2-8 years

Yoga Games with Satya Yoga

9/3 Sunday 10:15-11am Yoga Games
Children may not like the typical structure in a yoga class so we will use a variety of games to teach children to explore their breath, explore physical postures and simply have fun laughing and being silly!

"Kundalini and the Heroic Journey" Dr. Nick Atlas

9/3 Sunday 3:30-5pm
Join Dr.Nick as he shares his experiences and understanding of kundalini, the divine energy and awareness at the core of the world’s mystical traditions and mythologies. Learn breathwork and meditation practices to deepen your embodiment, heighten your energetic sensitivity, and expand your sense of self.

"Lucid Dreaming & the Path to Freedom" Dr. Nick Atlas

9/1 Friday 7-8pm
Take the next step in your yogic & meditative journey, learning to incorporate the wisdom of your dreams and  “shadow” self into your waking life for greater awareness, healing and clarity. An expert lucid dreamer, Dr. Nick has been exploring yoga nidra and the Dreamtime for over 15 years and has much insight to share. Feel free to bring questions and an impactful dream you may wish to work with. No experience necessary.

"Circlesongs" Dr.Nick Atlas

9/2 Saturday 3-4pm
Calling all singers, beat-boxers, space travelers and lovers of sound! Experience a multidimensional, improvisational pilgrimage of breath, rhythm, melody and flow designed to open your heart, free your voice, and cleanse your soul! No experience necessary.

"Grit with a side of Grace" Nitika Achalam

9/2 Saturday 6-7:30pm Grit with a side of Grace
A strong but tender practice designed to pierce boundaries and tear down walls for a greater view of your inner most layers. The class will foster a deeper connection with your true essence through pranayama, active and restorative asana, and mantra.

"Lively Up Yourself" Nitika Achalam

9/3 Sunday 6-7:30
A sweet and vibrant practice designed to foster a connection with the natural world and what surrounds you. Find freedom to open up the heart and frolic in the environment where you are. The class will include pranayama, asana, meditation and mantra.

Dharma Yoga with Nicole Fitzwater

9/2 Saturday 10:45-12
Dharma Yoga is a graceful, yet challenging form of yoga based on Sri Dharma Mittra’s almost fifty years of practice of classical yoga. The practice is appropriate for students of all levels, from beginner to lifelong practitioners and accessible to so many because it meets each student where they are and according to their condition.Dharma Yoga is a system of classical Hatha-Raja Yoga. A devotional practice that emphasizes good health, a clear mind and a kind heart. The Dharma sequence includes standing series, floor series, 10 minute led savasana / deep relaxation, pranayama and meditation. Be receptive!
Dharma Yoga Center:

5 Elements Earth Flow with Live Drumming Brad and Nicole

9/3 Sunday 5:30-6:45pm
The emphasis within the 5Elements Earth Flow yoga class is on grounding, creating stability, and building strength. This is cultivated through a series of hip opening salutations and standing and supine hip-opening postures. All levels are welcome, as we move through a slow, but very strong and deep vinyasa practice; completing with a restorative savasana and longer period of meditation.  What a better place to connect with the Earth than in the beautiful surroundings at Floyd Yoga Jam
accompanied by live drumming enhancing the Earth bhav (mood) of this experience by musician Brad Ellsworth.  5Elements Sequence developed by Kristin Cooper-Gulak, founder of the Kunga Yoga School and Wilmington

Feel Good Flow Rebecca Elsen

8/31 Thursday 4-6pm Live Music Option w/Lobo Marino. All-level slow flow followed by yoga nidra. Weaving hatha, vini and vinyasa yoga in a feel good flow to ease students into the deep bliss of yoga nidra.

Yummy Water Yoga Rebecca Elsen

9/3 1pm-2pm Meet in Peoples Playground. Taught directly in river best mid-afternoon – Live Music Option w/Lobo Marino All-level water yoga designed to weave students in a sense of commUNITY with themselves, each other and Mother Nature.


I’ve Got My RYT, Now What? Rebecca Elsen

9/2 Saturday 8:45-9:45am Discussion about steps following graduation from an RYT program – how and where to find an opening (can you create one where none exist?), the application and interview process, what are your expectations & do they align with your bosses?

Love Flow Yoga Class Shankari Bowmaster

Sunday 8-9:30am  Looking for a way to anchor your roots to your own self love and connection? Love Flow incorporates Hatha Yoga principles and asana, while infusing Vinyasa Flow movements and breathe work. Along with the movements, positive affirmations, and soul wisdom will be shared, to enhance the student’s ability to manifest, and cultivate change in their life. Delve into faith and how love needs it to survive. From this understanding we discuss how manifestation occurs to overcome blockages and step into your soul power.  This form of fun, love and power allows the yogi to create a deep connection with their true roots and soul center!

Yoga with Nitya ™

Yoga with Nitya™ Kids Class Saturday morning 2-2:45

In keeping with the Connected theme we will be doing a partner yoga class with a giant web activity and a group breathing activity. Working together is a practice of mindfulness, focus, and communication. We will also infuse meditation throughout the practice as well. Ages 5 – 9

Fun with Fear: upside down poses with ease Shaaron Honeycutt

Sunday 1-2:30  Inversions can be one of the more fear-invoking category of poses. It’s understandable, because truly, how much time in your life are you upside down? Shift your perspective, find a new point of view (literally) and let go of those previous
limitations. Experience your own liberation by letting go of anxiety and trepidation with these invigorating and soothing postures.

Embrace Your Yoga Geek: angles, Iyengar Yoga Shaaron Honeycutt

Saturday 8:30-10:30am Embrace Your Yoga Geek: angles, lines & perpendicularity through Iyengar
– Geeks are a combination of those who delight in the pursuit of science, have a passion for knowledge, and a restless mind. Geeks have a thirst for facts, challenges, and overambitious projects. What better place to embrace all of that than on your yoga mat?
Iyengar yoga is sometimes called the geeks yoga because it supports and quells the inquiring mind through specificity in the poses, resulting in keeping the mind occupied. Yoga becomes a “meditation in action” and one is absorbed in and by the yoga practice.
(primary Focus: standing poses)

Slow Tribal Flow Yoga with Naryani Noelle Whittington

9/3 Sunday 3-4:30
Join Narayani for Slow Tribal Flow Yoga–an all-levels, full-body Vinyasa class. You’ll be guided through movement suggestions to groovy live music, but you’ll be invited to move in any way that you feel inspired. Let the music, your breath, and your heart be your guide in moving together as One Tribe. After we flow, we will enjoy an extended Savasana with live music and light Thai Yoga assists for deep relaxation. We will wrap up the class on a high note with Kirtan- an interactive mantra meditation. This creative and fun experience is great for all levels of practitioner- all are welcome! View a sample of the type of movement and music in this class by clicking here:

Yin Yasa with Shelly Bullock

Saturday 2:30-3:45    Dive into bliss and tap into to the more subtle bodies while embracing presence on the mat. This blend of Yin and Vinyasa embodies the natural state of our dueling, harmonious energies, the Yin and the Yang. Yin Yoga, most recognized for working into deep connective tissue, also allows us to embrace stillness, a quality of the Yin energy. Given the fast pace of our modern society, we demand much more from our active, yang energy creating imbalance that leaves us depleted. In this session you will utilize movement and prana to power your practice and soften into stillness, harnessing your Yang energy and uncovering your Yin. Explore this all levels practice of the subtle bodies uncovering the hidden layers of your being.

Glowga with Shelly Bullock

Thursday 9-10:15  Glowga- Glow and Flow with this all levels vinyasa style class. Funky light, dancing tunes and your yoga moves make for one fun yoga experience. Wear light colored clothing for more glowing enjoyment.

Advanced Hatha Yoga Class with Swami Asokananda

Friday 10:30-12noon
Advanced level class with a focus on being sensitive to and awakening our prank, while maintaining a meditative flow to the asanas. The class is designed to touch all areas of the physical body, as well as the other levels of our being. The goal of the class is to experience increased vitality, combined with a deep sense of peace. at least 6 months of practice is recommended.

Bhakti Yoga with Swami Asokananda

Friday 1:30-2:30
Bhakti Yoga – Yoga explores how we can overcome the mental conditioning (samskaras) that keep us stuck in a limited consciousness and false understanding of who we are. We can use our will power and intellect to make some progress, but they can only take us so far. The power of the path of devotion—Bhakti Yoga—is that by bringing the heart in our practice, it can melt even the hardest, most stubborn ego. By forming a living relationship with the Divine, we open ourselves up to the great Power that resides at our core, beneath the mental realm. In this workshop we will explore how to:

  • Form a relationship with the Divine (Ishta Devata)
  • Develop our faith (Shraddha) and surrender (Ishwara Pranadana)
  • How to make use of the Divine Names (Japa Yoga)
  • Perform a simple, heartfelt worship service (Puja)

Live Music & Flow Yoga with Becky (Tara) Eschenroeder & Christie Lenee

Join National Yoga Instructor Becky (Tara) Eschenroeder (aka “Great Abiding Yoga”) and Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter Christie Lenee for a 75 minute flow with live music on Thursday, August 31st at 7:30pm for the opening night of Floyd Yoga Jam. May we align our breath to free movement and the rhythm of our hearts!
Wandering through the woods we connect with the magic of the elements of nature. Through the earth, our breath, yoga and sweet music we ground deep in our roots. We return to our heart space.
The air is wild, free and full of possibility. Water nourishes our souls while reminding us to go with the flow… We ignite the fire of passion and light an awakening within, becoming one with the elements and connecting under one sun.

Bound and Free with Twee Merrigan

Friday 1:30-3pm Bound and Free. A sonic yoga practice dedicated to those who’s unlimited potential and courage to choose freedom amongst suffering, loss, and grief sparked a movement of healing and prosperity for millions to come. A practice of playful binds, inspiring songs, lyrics, and dance grooves in support and recognition of and C.H.A.I. Life Centers.

Shifting Back to Truth with Twee Merrigan

Saturday 5:30-7:30 Shifting Back To Truth a Prana Vinyasa practice. As we gradually draw our senses inward, we begin to realize and explore the shape-shifting of truth and its multi-faceted dimensions. Once quiet and inside, we can penetrate through the infinite possibilities of reality to truly become intimate with our heart-centered Guide. A practice using eye masks and invoking curiosity, courage, and integrity.

Returning H-om with Twee Merrigan

Sunday 3:30-5:30 Returning H-om. Enjoy a last day collaboration with Twee and surprise guest presenters as they guide us all towards a seamless transition from collective gathering to returning home. This eclectic offering may include tips on setting up your own altar at home, an UNchallenge, a group mantra, mudra, a healing meditation, storytelling, and/or a spontaneous dance party! Be ready for anything….after all, you are a yogi who knows how to Flow!

Anahata Yoga / Anahata Flow with Soraya Sanchez

Friday 5:30-7pm   With the awareness of mindfulness movements this class is a combination of flow and alignment base yoga. Stretch, strengthen, and sooths your spine opening and connecting with your heart. This class incorporates a combination of strengthening postures that engage the back and core muscles with stretching and relaxation postures that reduce tension and stress. Improve your posture, balance and body alignment by improving the health of your spine focusing on the Heart Center Energy, self love, breath, healing, balance

Music Evoked Imagery with Jessica Talley-Haynes

Friday 4-5:45pm  Music Evoked Imagery: Creating a Dynamic Alliance with Your Inner Psyche
Utilizing Mandala and The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery & Music (BMGIM), we will explore how music shifts our emotional presence and allows us to tap into altered states of consciousness and a reservoir of intuitive wisdom.
BMGIM is a powerful technique for personal transformation that uses specifically selected music to explore and unlock inner tension, ingrained experiences, and static creativity. It is a holistic, consciousness-expanding therapy that helps to ground and transport clients as they journey inward, increasing unification of inner and outer realities.

Yoga for Depression Jamie Martell

Sunday 9-10:30am
Major Depressive Disorder is the leading cause of disability in the U.S. for ages 15 to 44.3 and affects more than 15 million American adults, or about 6.7 percent of the U.S. population age 18 and older. Despite its prevalence, depression is still a taboo topic of
conversation and a source of misplaced shame and embarrassment by those affected. While the drug companies and mental health field flood the market with medication and expensive therapies, there are many ancient yogic techniques and practices that can
help combat symptom of depression. This informative and experiential workshop will teach you about the signs and symptoms of depression as well as symptom management within the context of a sustained yoga practice. Discussion, asana, pranayama, meditation.

Yoga for Anxiety with Jamie Martell

Friday 8:30-9:45 in Shiva Love –
Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18% of the population. In Hollywood, it is often portrayed as humorous and is the subject of many great films, but true anxiety can
be debilitating for those suffering. There are many ancient yogic techniques and practices that can help combat symptom of anxiety and can be beneficial for symptom management as well as full remission. This informative and experiential workshop will
teach you about the signs and symptoms of anxiety as well as symptom management within the context of a sustained yoga practice. Discussion, asana, pranayama,meditation.

Galactic Child Yoga with Stacey Vann

Friday 4-5pm           Celebrating the Harvest. Join us on a jounrey as we welcome autumn and give thanks to the 5 elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space. Galactic Child Yoga classes focus on body awareness, pranayama, emotional intelligence, affirmations, and music. The Galactic Child Yoga Program is a journey of discovery that weaves yoga postures, breath, essential oils, crystals, mindfulness, art, and play.

Awaken energy, emotions, and self-care with essential oils, yoga, and energy medicine with Pamela Hunter.

Friday Lecture 2-3pm in Healing Oasis at Fun Lovin Wellness Booth: Featuring Young Living & UZIT: Urban Zen Integrative Therapy: Awaken energy, emotions, and self-care with essential oils, yoga, and energy medicine with Pamela Hunter.
Let’s journey together going inward into movement and stillness where our very own nature exists. Adding the lifeblood from the plants – essential oils – to our lifeblood spirit in yoga will open our body and our minds to awaken our essence within. Asana (postures), pranayama (breathing), energy, aroma, sound, and love is our play place on the mat connecting us with our life journey of wellness.

"Opening the Heart Chakra" : Kundalini Yoga, with Stacey Vann & live music by Flavia Krishna & Gershone

5-6:30pm Sunday
When the Heart Chakra is opened, we are compassionate with ourselves and others in a healthy and empowering way. In this Kundalini Yoga workshop, we will strengthen the physical heart and then clear away past traumas, grief and disappointments that block us from experiencing the abundance of the heart. The essential oils and the sound of the Gong is used during a 31-minute relaxation to balance and open the Heart Chakra. Open to all levels of students.

Meditation is for Everyone with Sumati Govinda

Meditation for Everyone:
Interested in meditation but don’t know where to start? Join us for a bit of lighthearted and joyful practice aimed at developing and expanding your experience. Explore different types of meditation and choose the one which best suits your personality, taste,
temperament and lifestyle. Discover the spiritual, psychological and medical benefits of meditation. Learn what to expect from your daily practice. Come experience the peace and joy of meditation. Hope to see you there!

Afghanistan, it's culture, food, people and how different it is from United States- Samim & Nargis Noorzad

Sunday 11-12noon in Tea Shanti
Samim and Nargis Noorzad arrived in Roanoke VA, through Commonwealth Catholic Charities (CCC) Refugee Resettlement Program in September 2016. The couple came to the United States from Afghanistan with the hopes of establishing careers and living without fear. They will speak about Afghanistan, it’s culture, food, people and how different it is from United States.

Dowsing with our Bodies- Dawn Shiner

Dowsing with our Bodies, our constantly-with-us communication tool. Ever wonder if you’re being led by your higher self or your insatiable cultural hungers?  Still doing what you know hasn’t worked in the past and readying to make changes? 
Release Stress and Dowse!  Open to your Higher Self.  Dowse and discern your choices for your highest good and the good of the whole.  Dowse anytime, anywhere, in public or private by learning to dowse with your body.  No previous experience necessary.

Yoga Hike/Wild Edible and Medicinal Plant Identification with Ryley C. Harris

Saturday 1-3pm and Sunday 3-4:30, meet in Om Space near old cabin in the woods.
Last year, I attended Becky Eschroeder’s Yoga Hike and saw the diversity of wildlife and plants and felt it would be perfect for a plant identification class, Join us for a plant identification hike and a discover the biodiversity of the Burnett’s property. I’ll identify many edible, medicinal, and culturally significant plants along the trails.Ryley is a botanist and avid outdoorsman. I have an interest in plant/animal interactions, as well as in ethnobotany, and also maintain Radford University’s Greenhouse. I also am in charge of the gardens at Selu Conservancy, the University’s greenspace.

Instill Meditation with Joe Klein, Tommy Bailey & Jamie Regyle

Friday, Saturday & Sunday with a different teacher each day!

InStill works in collaboration with community partners to provide real-world, interrelational mindfulness classes throughout southwest Virginia. Fiercely secular, InStill considers mindfulness to simply be noticing with curiosity. By doing this in the present moment, without judgment, one is able to cultivate focus, concentration, kindness, compassion, wisdom, and heartfulness towards oneself and others.

Honeybee Love - Why are bees so special? with Marriott Sheldon

Honeybee Love – Why are bees so special?
Join Marriott Sheldon, artist, activist and advocate for the bees for a talk about our pollinator friends, the honeybees. Learn what makes the honeybee a ‘superorganism’, the incredible pollination service bees (and other pollinators) provide and how you can create a bee sanctuary in your garden. Taste some honey from different types of nectar and realize your love for the sacred bees! All ages welcome!
Art Village
Thursday Aug. 31, 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Saturday Sept. 2, 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Create your own Bee Shrine to honor the Bees! - Marriott Sheldon

Create your own Bee Shrine to honor the Bees!
Come to the Bee Shrine at the Art Village for a public art experience to honor and celebrate the sacred bees. Materials will be provided to create your own bee shrine and small notes for writing your personal wish or prayer for the bees. Light a candle, recite a poem, add some natural or found objects to make your shrine a beautiful ceremonial offering. All ages are welcome.
Friday Sept. 1, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Saturday Sept. 2, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Bee Shrine Lighting Ceremony- Marriott Sheldon

Bee Shrine Lighting Ceremony
We will gather at the Bee Shrine at the Art Village at dusk for a ceremony to celebrate and symbolically bring back the bees! The gathering will be an open and free form ritual that we will co-create together. Feel free to light candles, offer prayers, flowers, poetry, music and wishes for our sacred bees that provide pollination services to humans!
Art Village
Friday Sept. 1, 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Advanced Hatha Yoga with Swami Asokananda

Advanced Hatha Yoga Class:
Advanced level class with a focus on being sensitive to and awakening our prank, while maintaining a meditative flow to the asanas. The class is designed to touch all areas of the physical body, as well as the other levels of our being. The goal of the class is to experience increased vitality, combined with a deep sense of peace. at least 6 months of practice is recommended.

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