Yoga Classes, Movement Classes, Presentations & more!!
Alongside yoga classes, the festival features meditation workshops, hooping workshops, art classes, biking, weed walks, runs and hikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains, kayaking on the Little River, or you may hang out with some of the most mindful beings over at the Tea Shanti, our version of a Speakeasy.

Brahma Nirvana Friday 8:30-10am: Partner Morning Mobility Movement withh Mateo J Daniels

Friday 8:30am-10am in Brahma Nirvana– Partner MMM: AcroYoga, Partnered Stretching, and Mobility Sequences to activate and open your mind and body from head to toe. All the yum, all the deliciously empowering, stretchy partnered movement, all for you. Awaken your senses, lean into trust, and start your day with some powerful play. Come alone or with a partner. All are welcome.


Shiva Love Saturday 3-4:30 AcroYoga Creative Flow with Mateo J Daniels

AcroYoga Creative Flow: Get out of the box and take your practice to new heights through games, sequences and collective creativity designed to awaken the best that you have inside you. Come alone or with a partner. Class will cater to strong practices. All levels welcome.

Buddha Moon Sunday 10:30-12p: Connection Game with Mateo J Daniels

Sunday in Buddha Moon at 10:30-12  Connection Game: Eye to eye, hand to hand and heart to heart. Blending elements of Tantra, Improv, NVC, AcroYoga and Authentic Relating, this 3.5hr deep dive will give you the tools needed to navigate the difficulties and dynamics of people & partnership with greater ease & joy. No partner needed. All are welcome. Must be present to win.

Brahma Nirvana Friday 1:30 "The Bones" with Katie Silcox

 The Bones – Did you know that the bones hold the storehouse of our past? The bones are the crystallization of our consciousness, holding both our secret ancestral superpowers, as well as a ton of old junk. The secret to no more fear in the body may exist in the structure of our bones and their movement patterns. In this class, you will learn the basic body maps of the bones through movement and inner inquiry. Previous knowledge of anatomy not required. Includes asana, lecture and meditation.

Brahma Nirvana Saturday 1pm"W.O.M.A.N Alive - A FEMALE Event" with Katie Silcox

W.O.M.A.N Alive – A FEMALE Event – tap into your sexuality, creativity and true-self through the power of Tantra and Ayurveda. In this event, we will gather to experience intuitive movement forms: Divine Female yoga expressions that arise out of the womb center. This practice will include lecture, movement, meditation and connect.

Buddha Moon Sunday 1pm " Electricity, Fire and Sap" with Katie Silcox

Electricity, Fire and Sap – Understand the three vital essences of life- prana, tejas and ojas with best-selling author and beloved-teacher, Katie Silcox. In this session we will explore our relationship with our life energy, our charismatic expression in the world, as well as our ability to increase the power of our psychological and physiological immunity. All yogis need the tool of understanding their vital essences! This practice will include lecture, active asana practice and deep relaxation.


Red-Tent Sessions: Self-care, Self-understanding and the real meaning of Self-L.O.V.E.

The Red-Tent Experience with Katie Silcox and Shakti School

Join NYT Best-Selling Author and Women’s Health expert, Katie Silcox and The Shakti School in The Red Tent – a gathering space for women where we will discuss all things conscious sexuality, spirit and self-care through the lens of Ayurveda, Tantra, Yoga and modern science. In the Red Tent we will hold space for Feminine Form Holistic Medicine – the practice of making your own inner body and mind a suitable terrain for health and vitality (and even bliss!).

In the tent you will find: see schedule.



Shiva Love Saturday 1-2:30p & Buddha Moon Sunday 3:30-5p: Mindful Yoga for Anxiety with Cindy Beers

Mindful Yoga for Anxiety programs teach a mind-body practice that combines physical poses, controlled breathing, meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) and relaxation to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and lower your heart rate.

Brahma Nirvana Saturday 5:30-7p. Towards Love: Bhakti On The Mat with Sean Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band

Towards Love: Bhakti On The Mat with Sean Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band 
Deepen your soul connection by merging the heart-opening qualities of bhakti yoga with the vitality of asana. This playful practice kicks off with inspirational storytelling from the mythic world of yoga and ecstatic chanting, followed by a vinyasa yoga practice to bring the story to life within you through breath, movement, song, and imagination.

Shiva Love Friday 5:30-7p: Yoga of Recovery Workshop with Chitra Kate McDevitt

Yoga of Recovery combines yoga, 12-step principals and ayurveda for a wholistic approach to recovery from addictions and self-destructive behaviors. This workshop is for those in recovery, those working with people in recovery and anyone who’s life
is effected by addiction/self-destructive behaviors. We will explore some of the root’s of our addictive behaviors and address trauma and how to move through difficult emotions. Part movement workshop part learning and part sharing we will cocreate
a recovery community within the yoga festival community. Unity, Service, Recovery.

Buddha Moon Sunday 8:30-10a- Returning H-Om with Twee Merrigan

Sunday 8:30-10:00a in Buddha Moon
How do we integrate the millions of illuminated moments of this  YogaJam experience into our daily Yoga Living and share it with our communities back home? Join me as we hold space for one another to reflect on our original intention (or expectations) upon arrival, our individual experiences throughout the festival, and our collective wish to continue to vibrate at this higher frequency for days, weeks, and years to come.  Celebrate a fusion of sharing, storytelling, chill Bhakti vibes, heart-centered and Yin-inspired postures, followed by deep rest, relaxation and meditation before heading H-Om.

Shiva Love Saturday 5-7p A Sonic Yoga Jam with 840,000 Posture-bilities with Twee Merrigan

According to ancient texts, there are 840,000 postures representing every living animal and plant species on the planet. This evening’s Yoga Jam explores these 840,000 naturalistic postures, empowered self-expression, and an eclectic public playlist of Yogi artists including David Bowie, Sean Johnson, Wah!, Bob Marley, Nakho and Medicine For The People, Trevor Hall, Brian Ernst, Edo and Jo, Rob Riccardo, + Ravi Ramoneda, Daphne Tse, M.C. Yogi + Sacred Earth. Multidimensional movements with meditative stillness, form with fluidity, and individual imagination with collective creativity will transform us both on and off the mat! The possibilities are Infinite [like Us]!

Tea Shanti Saturday 6:30-8p The Post Traumatic Christian with Jameson Price

Saturday 6:30-8pm Tea Shanti  “The Post Traumatic Christian”: A process in healing the damage of our faith traditions.
A facilitated discussion on religious baggage, mending community relationships and finding christ consciousness in the modern political church era.

Yoga for Justice: Creating Space for Social Change with Adrianne Burke

Yoga for Justice: Creating Space for Social Change
Peace is fir found within. With our government rapidly changing, and stories of trauma being shared with us
in the media on a daily basis, it is easy to feel as if we’ve lost control. Through the yoga we can not only
connect back to our sacred being, but we can also promote peace through practice. Finding peace within is
the secret to creating a peaceful environment. This workshop will hold space for people who have
experienced media, political, historical, societal, and ancestral trauma to practice in a love filled environment
designed to transmute all pain into power.
Radical Healing:

Radical Healing: We are All Energetic Beings with Adrianne Burke

We are truly spiritual beings having a human experience. It is this spiritual aspect that connects us to the
outward universe and back to the other energetic beings on the planet. Energy is infinite and we all have
access to its source. Understanding how to keep energy flowing through us is the key to creating balance
within our lives. Through the practice of yoga we are able to keep a balanced flow of energy within the body,
which in turn translates to a balanced flow of energy within our environment. This workshop will help
students gain a basic understanding of the chakra system and how yoga postures utilize meridians within the
body for healing. Students will leave with tools to help lift common blockages and calm overactivity through
the practice of breathwork, movement, and other hands on healing techniques

Awakening the Inner[city] Shaman: Accessing Personal Power through Environmental Awareness with Adrianne Burke

Awakening the Inner[city] Shaman: Accessing Personal Power through Environmental Awareness
We aren’t alone in this Earthly experience. Our space is shared with animals, plants, crystals, and many
other types of energetic beings all with a role to play on this planet. Many cultures recognize humans are the
stewards of this earth, with a specialized perspective to help us better take care of the environment and its
inhabitants. Whether you live in the city or the country, you are always surrounded by signs and answers to
help you along your journey if you are simply open to it.

Buddha Moon Saturday 1-3pm “The Great Wide Open” Yoga Class with Andrea Boyd

“The Great Wide Open” Yoga Class Andrea Boyd
We open a book, a window, an orange, hearts, minds… Openness births illumination, and a return to the Source, to what is and what is to be. This class will be a fluid and enthusiastic exploration inclusive of asana, song, relaxation, and meditation.

Brahma Nirvana Sunday 8:30am "Rockasana" Jeffrey Cohen

Tuned-in, Tapped-In, Turned-On. Our ability to tap into our vibrating hearts and manifest the limitless abundance that is our birth right is increased exponentially through the pounding rhythms and driving guitar riffs of the world’s most inspiring and revolutionary rock’n’roll. What we come away with is a practice where we have transcended the limits of our body and mind connecting deeper to the One True Soul-Source. A modern practice of Nada (sound) Yoga, rocker-yogi Jeffrey Rama Cohen shares his unique gift to hit all the right beats and inspire to what is often called, “The best yoga class I have ever taken.”  Come to shimmy and shake, rattle, and roll! This class will rock you out! Can be swift moving, but no worries just dance when given the chance. Guaranteed to blow your mind (the true goal of yoga!). (ROCKASANA! is ® trademark, created by Jeffrey Cohen & Andrea Boyd.)

Fascial Freedom with Anna Pittman

Fascial Freedom:  This class is a fun blend of movement intended to free fascial tension inviting the inner body to deeply relax. The goal is space and the freedom to being.

Transparency workshop with Anna Pittman

Transparency: Transparency is a group experience that includes inquiries into the nature of our experience together when rest and ease become the groundwork for relating. We look at and explore the nature of awareness, the obstacle to freedom, and what it means to experience surrender in the nervous system without hidden agendas. The topics covered include the exploration of knowing who I am versus who I believe I am; including the body as the human experience and holding the paradox of freedom and love.

Buddha Moon Friday 8:30-10am Primal flow w/ Tribal drumming w/ Druminyasa Anton Mackey

Primal flow w/ Tribal drumming w/ Druminyasa:  Allow your body to be guided by the primal vibrational pulse of the heart and soul.  Ground deep into the energy of the earth and let your inner animal shine through on your mat as you move to heart pounding rhythms and beats. This vinyasa class includes elements of mediation, pranayama, sound healing and of course asana.

Buddha Moon Friday 3:30-5pm- Detox Flow- Twists, Hips & Arm Balances Anton Mackey

Twists, Hips & Arm Balances. Expect to detoxify the insides and awaken 1st, 2nd and 3rd Chakras with this hip opening, deep twisting class/workshop blend. Flow through funky transitions that take the body into several twists, while opening up the inner and outer hip. By opening the hips we can began to let go of stuck energy that is keeping us from fully enjoying the present moment.  With deep twists we increase blood flow to internal organs while releasing toxins.  Through arm balancing we can face our fears and find a greater sense of self confidence.


Shiva Love Friday 7:30-9pm Breath Medicine: Pranayama the Kripalu Way Ariele Foster

Prana is life force. It is your personal vital energy, the currency of your spirit. Breath is its primary embodiment. Channel its power with breath control techniques proven to lower stress, increase focus, lower blood pressure, and grow your physical yoga or asana practice. Kripalu yoga originally stemmed from one simple, but powerful pranayama technique. Learn the story, the four stages of breath, the attributes of each stage and the cultivation of particular energetic qualities through specific beginner as well as advanced pranayama techniques.

Ganesha Saturday 9-10:30am Way of the Happy Hips Ariele Foster

When was the last time you gave your psoas some love?
From tight hip flexors to the distance between your knees and the floor in cross-legged, explore and play with both opening and strength-building in this pivotal part of your body. Guided by a doctor of physical therapy and yoga teacher, you will get to know the muscles surrounding your hips, understand the role of the hips in balance and core stability, and find new levels of ease and freedom in yoga asana. This workshop is all levels and is designed for anyone who sits for any length any day of the week, for cyclists, for runners, for truckers, and of course, for yogis. For more information on yoga teacher and physical therapist, Dr. Ariele Foster, please see:

Brahma Nirvana Saturday 9-10:30am: Yoga for Dudes with Bart Westdorp

This class is for Dudes. Dudes of all shapes and sizes. All genders. It’s all about your inner Dude. Just make sure to leave the toilet seat up. During this class we work on building ‘core’ strength. From a keg to a sixpack. Strengthen the upper body. Work on tight hips/hamstrings/shoulders. Get all flexible and stuff. No yoga experience necessary. Dude.

Shiva Love Sunday 10:30-12p: Kickasana: Yoga for Strength with Bart Westdorp

Set to a soundtrack that will make you shake your gluteus maximus, this class blends a traditional Asana practice with challenging and often entertaining ‘core’ and upper body strengthening practices. This is a great way to build the strength and endurance that will help support your ‘regular’ yoga practice. Abs of titanium guaranteed. And there’s a good chance we’ll do some silly dancing.


Buddha Moon Friday 5:30-6:45p: “Druminyasa" with Becky Eschenroeder & Brad Ellsworth

Feel the rhythms of the drums as you connect breath, heartbeat, mind & body to a 75 minute vinyasa flow led by yoga instructor Becky Eschenroeder to the beats by percussionist Brad Ellsworth of Druminyasa. As featured on CBS “Try out Druminyasa for a one-of-a-kind yoga experience,” and The Washington Times and appearing at festivals, studios and special events, Brad Ellsworth of Druminyasa has been playing drums and percussion for over 25 years.  A yoga practitioner and teacher, Brad founded Druminyasa by connecting his love for rhythm, drums and movement.

Please feel free to take a look at the video:

Om Space Saturday 3:30-5:30p:Yoga Hikes with Becky (Tara) Eschenroeder

Yoga Hikes are the paramount way to stay healthy and strong in mind, body, and spirit. Communing with the elements, including other human beings, fosters compassion; exploring our communities encourages a sense of pride and a desire to care for the Mother Earth; hiking strengthens our bodies, and yoga helps us relax and strengthens our connection with Soul. YogaHikes include vinyasa and meditation in addition to a hike through the beautiful outdoors near you.


Ganesha Sunday 11-12p: Laughter Yoga! with Carolyn Keller Sells

Learn to laugh for no reason, without using humor, jokes, or comedy! This class is for everyone, no previous yoga experience required! Many benefits of laughter, this class will offer the participants time to practice laughter exercises, increasing abdominal strength, clearing the gunk out of the bottom of the lungs, and giggling the rest of the week!  Some of the many benefits of LY are: reduces stress and strengthens immune system, a great social connector, we might not remember names, but we will remember laughing together!

Information available on how to become a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL)

Ganesha Saturday 11-12p: Power of Pranayama (POP) with Carolyn Keller Sells

Power of Pranayama (POP) – 60 minute class

Bringing peacefulness through Pranayama (Breathwork). An all-level class with information for yoga students as well as Yoga Teachers. We will discuss different moods and emotions, and experience how simple body movements and specific Breathwork can change how we feel.  As a Certified Yoga Therapist offering yoga therapy in a critical care psychiatric hospital I have seen first hand how just a few minutes of focused breath work can change how a person feels and experiences energy in their own body. The goal is bringing inner peace to all from simply focusing and using our breathing.


KIds Village Friday 9:30-10:30a: Family Time Acro Yoga with Carolyn Keller Sells

Enjoy a fun time practicing yoga with the entire family. Kids ages 4 and up with an adult. We will practice some big balloon breaths, lions breath, cat and cow poses, along with sound effects, some basic sun salutations and then begin some fun partner poses. All of this followed by a nice relaxation time, “The Do Nothing Pose”!

Brahma Nirvana Saturday 1-2:30p Magic Takes Guts with Dana Trixie Flynn

Saturday, 1-2:30pm   Magic Takes Guts with DTF
It takes guts to live with fearless passion and let go of being normal. Celebrate being your wizardly wild Self with deep fluid asana, body mudras, funky arm balances and Lotus signature poses.

Brahama Nirvana Sunday 10:30-11:30am Revival or GOSPEL FLOW with Dana Trixie Flynn

Sunday, 10:30-11:30am
Revival or GOSPEL FLOW with DTF
This is Part Gospel, All LOVE Fest and designed to lift you UP!
We will go to the deep end of the yoga floor merging dynamic sequencing with signature poses and deep liquid backbends to create a sacred celebration of ONELOVE.

Main Lodge(2nd floor) Friday 1:45: "Spiritual and Devotional Aspect of Indian Music" with Ustad Shafaat Khan

Ustad Shafaat Khan will perform on Sitar, Tabla and vocal along with accompaniment on Western instrument Guitar along with Indian drums. This will be a very educational recital where the audience will learn about Indian History, Music,Culture and the comparison between Eastern and Western music. Audience will be invited to participate and interact with artists in music and rhythm along with their respective instruments. Khan will teach about the spiritual and devotional aspect of Indian music.Talk about the healing aspect on ancient Indian music and its effect to mind and body.The soothing and energetic part “Raags” of music for yoga.

Tea Shanti Fri.& Sun 11a & Saturday 11:15- "Climate Reality Presentation" with David Rodwell

Founded and chaired by Nobel Laureate and former US Vice President Al Gore, The Climate Reality Project is dedicated to catalyzing a global solution to the climate crisis by making urgent action a necessity across every level of society. These one-hour presentations, created by Al Gore are designed to give participants a better understanding of our current situation and potentials solutions to it.

OM Space Friday 2-4p: MIndful Walking with Grace Wood

Mindful Walking
Walking—stepping—counting—breathing…  Follow in the steps of
Thich Nhat Hanh and share the spiritual journey through this powerful meditation practice.

A “beginning” walker shared:  “I suck at this!”  There is no way not to be successful .  Simply put—practice is the key.  The session offers a bit of conversation and provides experience in several ways to “walk.”   Walking the sites’ labyrinth provides space for internal and external focus on the possibilities and merits of this practice. It could even change your life.

Buddha Moon Friday 1:30-3p: Enter the House of Yoga with Yogi J Miles

Join Yogi J Miles and DJ Mikemetic for a cosmic mash-up of deep grooves and deeper flow! Follow the sound of the drums syncopating with the rhythm of breath and movement, and let the music help you find freedom to be funky! As Yogi J leads the Hatha practice, Mikemetic will provide the soulful sounds of housemusic, arranging beats from across the entire diaspora. Remember that everyone is free in the House ofYoga.

Brahma Nirvana Sunday 3-5p: Super Hero School - The Mystical Art of Being Awesome (arm balances and inversions) with Yogi J Miles

Super Hero School – The Mystical Art of Being Awesome (arm balances and inversions): Every super-hero must go through the proper training in order to take flight. Focusing on steady progression, arm balances and inversions require firm resolve, solid technique, and firm integration of alignment and breath. Shapes such as crow, eight angles, headstand and handstand require use of the core, the breath and the use of energetic locks called bandhas. This workshop will cover those poses which require one to hover above the ground or have the feet or hips above the head, with the connection being the hands, forearms, and head. .

Tea Shanti Sunday 5:30p: The Color of Yoga, Money & Diversity in the Digital Age with Yogi J MIles

The Color of Yoga: Money, Diversity, and Adversity
The ancient practice of yoga is at a crossroads. Or is it?? Has this “spiritual” practice been corrupted by the “material” world of need and greed? Is this especially true because we live in a capitalist, “free enterprise” society? Or is the practice of yoga as it always has been, a way to show humanity the path into Divinity, even while becoming truly human? Is it even possible for it to be corrupted? And in society where there is sexism, classism, and racism how does this ancient practice (with its own blemishes too, with it’s obvious lean toward a male dominated culture, and its own “caste” system), read more

Shiva Love Friday 10-12am: Awakening the Beauty of Devotion: A Traditional Style Chanting Workshop with Jagadisha

Come immerse yourself in an ancient yogic way of cultivating devotion, singing ancient mantras and texts that awaken consciousness through singing the names of the divine! This will be a traditional style chanting workshop with traditional Indian instruments, harmonium, tablas, and tanpura. We will also be exploring chanting as a spiritual practice .

Buddha Moon Saturday 7:30-8:30am: Nada Yoga “ Ecstatic Sound Space” with Jagadisha

Jagadisha will be sharing his Nada Yoga music of the ancients, sharing songs in the   North Indian Classical Music Tradition that he has been practicing for 40 years. He will be using voice, tanpura and harmonium to bring us into a devotional space opening our consciousness to the divine within. This will be a space to come and be in a quiet space of meditation, a space to do your own personal yoga practice, or personal reflection.

Tea Shanti Sunday 3-4pm: Developing a Family Meditation & Mindfulness Practice with Sarah & Jagadisha

Do you yearn to deepen your daily sadhana , your spiritual practice? We will explore the spiritual practice of music, its discipline, and its benefits for yogis and yoginis.  Jagadisha will be sharing his passion for sadhana, the sadhana of Nada Yoga, a form of Classical Indian Music that he has been cultivating for 40 years.  He will share Sanskrit pronunciation, text recitation, stories, and ancient songs that have been passed down to him from an ancient Indian music tradition. Join us in being inspired to deepen your own sadhana!

Art Village Saturday 10-12p: Dreamcatcher Workshop with Heather Thompson of Inspired Spirit

Learn about the Symbolism behind the Dreamcatcher and weave your intentions as you create your own using both natural and man-made materials.

Tea Shanti Saturday 10-11am: "Discovering Your Realms of Being" with Dr. Gregory Unruh

Through conversation, reflection and group activity participants will discover their distinct realms of being. Distinguishing these distinct “selves” opens new opportunities for being and action in the world.

Ganesha Friday 1:45-2:45 "Find your Spark" with Leslie Davis

A juicy flow that has a little something for everyone. This All levels class will help you set up the pose from the ground up. Leslie will teach you to develop different variations to help you along your path. With this class Leslie will assist you to find your spark of within that will illuminate out.

Shiva Love Sunday 8:30-9:30a "Find Your Spark" With Leslie Davis

A juicy flow that has a little something for everyone. This All levels class will help you set up the pose from the ground up. Leslie will teach you to develop different variations to help you along your path. With this class Leslie will assist you to find your spark of within that will illuminate out.

Brahma Nirvana Thursday 2:30-3:30p House of Yoga Does Prince! with The Lucky Cats

Join Eric & Erin Wheeler aka The Lucky Cats, when they bring House of Yoga Does Prince! To FYJ!
Fluid yoga movements are inspired by the music of Prince! Class includes a blend of dynamic sequences like the sun salutations, balancing postures and other vibrant postures to strengthen the mind and body connection.
This class will lift your spirits and illuminate, when vinyasa yoga and music converge!

Shiva Love Friday 1:30-2:30 Acoustic Flow with The Lucky Cats

Hum along with the Lucky Cats as they play guitar, ukulele, voice, and harmonium.  The Wheelers teach modern vinyasa with an emphasis on flowing between platforms and stabilizing the body for opening and expansion.  Restriction in your hips, spine or shoulders can inhabit our ability to move and limit our experience.  When we feel free we are more open to the self-love as a way of living.  Bring your OM and “Let Love Rule” on and off the mat. Get the heart moving and grooving in this acoustic flow class for all levels!


KIdsVille Saturday 11:30-12p Kids Yoga Dance Party with The Lucky Cats

You are invited to our 3rd gathering of the Kids Yoga Dance Party.  Our class is about having fun together. Come see what happens when funky dog, silly snake, lucky cat, and crunky cow have a Yoga Dance Party.  Get down and groove a little with the kiddos in this playful yoga experiment for all families.   Everyone one or two dance moves so come strut your stuff and play with The Lucky Cats!  This class is for all ages and all levels.

Shiva Love Saturday 7:30-8:45p Am I doing it right? Alignment workshop with Eric Wheeler

Building better alignment and understanding cues will help you get the most from the postures and alignment.  Using demonstrations and observations we will take turns watching each other and then do the postures together.  Let’s create a conversation around some of the postures and help each other learn how to do it right.  Eric Wheelers have been studying Ashtanga yoga and vinyasa yoga since 2001. His studio Lucky Cat Yoga brings yoga to all ages and levels including kids, adults and seniors.

Ganesha Sunday 6-7:30p It’s Yin Yo! Yin Workshop with The Lucky Cats

Our lighthearted take on the practice of Yin incorporates two way conversation, laughter and community.  EVERYONE can benefit from this specialized approach to asana in a modern way. Yin yoga can help deeply open your body with long meditative holds, helping our fascial tissue slowly release stickiness. Also, Yin provides an opportunity for our emotional bodies to slow down and surrender memories and stuck patterns. Take it slow, it’s all Levels Yo!

Ganesha Saturday 7:30-9p. "Interweave Conscious Dance" with Katie Wells Dance

Interweave® is a form of mindful movement that develops an inward sensing of the body as a gateway to self-discovery, healing, and aliveness. A body journey that is both grounding and ecstatic, Interweave® puts transformation into practice by dissolving barriers both within and without to bring us into connected wholeness. This work is influenced by meditation, free-style dance, chakra therapy, Focusing®, archetypes, shadows, and self-compassion. Interweave® is medicine for our disembodied culture, calling us back to our bodies with loving presence.

Shiva Love Friday 3-5 "BONE DEEP NOURISHMENT" with Katherine Chantal & Mary Brown

Walk tall, walk with ease, walk with beauty.
Come to a joy filled class about bone health and bone strength. A self care workshop that guides us in preventing and repairing osteoporosis. Learn the yoga poses that aide in rematerializing bones, and more importantly, learn how to engage with the poses energetically to maximize the benefits to our bony structure, sip teas that provide nourishment with calcium easily assimilated, experience how the wisdom of the skeletal structure provides inner and outer balance as we move through our years. We end our time together with a meditation that brings us to the marrow of our bones!

Om Space Saturday 10:30-12noon with Katherine Chantal

Local herbs as food and medicine. Walking and talking around yoga jam site to discover the abundance of herbal allies we have in these beautiful mountains.  Identification, tasting, as well as how to make preparations and use the plants we see.


Tea Shanti Saturday 3-4:30p "The Nature of Illumination" with Jeffrey Tiebout

We will use sacred literature: the Upanishads, Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali, Shiva Sutras and the words of Anandamayi Ma, to dive into the nature of Illumination, what yoga is, why we practice. How to weave the threads of Karma, Jana, Bhakti into every day practice. So
Illumination can become more than a concept, but a day to day realization.

Buddha Moon Friday & Sunday Ganesha Saturday 7-8am InStill Mindfulness SWVA Meditaion Class

Experience Meditation

Tea Shanti Friday 9-10:30a InStill Mindfulness SWVA with Jamie Regyle

Information presentation about InStill Mindfuless SWVA

Shiva Love Thursday 6-7:15p "Mindful of the Pause" with Jennifer Hopper

A 75 minute vinyasa based yoga class focused on being mindful of the breath and the pauses between breaths to fully take in what the body is accomplishing and achieving in each yoga pose.  Students will become more aware of their breath as the class moves through challenging poses to test the body and at times the mind.  The class ends with savasana with the focus being on the breath and pauses between breath.

KidsVille Saturday 10-11a "Family Yoga" with Jennifer Turman Bayliss

Bring your inner child & your imagination. Jennifer’s goal for every class is to remind each participant that, “You are already perfect, just by being the person that you are created to be, so let your special light burst from you”. Everyone is welcome to family yoga. We will think happy thoughts, use our imaginations, sing with joy and let our lights shine!

Shiva Love Friday 8:30-9:30a Gentle Vinyasa Flow with Jennifer Turman Bayliss

A gentle flow, all levels welcome!

Shiva Love Saturday 10:30-12noon "Kriya Vinyasa Flow" with Jill Loftis

Kriya Vinyasa Flow:  Come early to class for chanting, harmonium and kirtan.  We begin with a brief dharma talk; intention setting; and settling into deep inner awareness.  Then a fast-paced flow class with rocking music; loads of sun salutations; and a variety of poses that can be adapted from beginners to advanced practitioners.  Focus on proper alignment, safety and working with the edges of the body and the mind.  Lots of hands-on assists and adjusts. Wrap up with breath awareness and a guided relaxation savasana.


Om Space Sunday 1:30-3p Esoteric Wisdom with Jill Loftis

Workshop; Esoteric Wisdom; As above, so below; as within, so without …Building a spiritual practice that becomes your life; weaving asana, breathwork, meditation and esoteric practices together.

Buddha Moon Friday 7-8:30p The Symphony of Serenity: Sound Healing with Soul Medicine Vibrations

This musical journey is an opportunity to experience the stillness that exists beneath the chattering mind. The clarity that can be experienced through sound symphony meditations is beyond words. Simply by witnessing the pulsations of effervescently interacting sounds, we can become a deep silence within. Kennedy weaves together vibrations so fluidly you will think there is a team of three musicians. With didgeridoos, crystal and tibetan singing bowls, gongs, flutes, ocean drum, buffalo drum, hulusi, bells, chimes, African & Asian harp, the unity harp and more, the mind tends to surrender, basking in the glorious moment that is now.

Brahma Nirvana Sunday 1-2:30p "Lullaby Yoga Class" with Johanna Beekman

Lullaby Yoga™ is a unique blend of restorative and yin yoga with

heart-opening live music, created by Johanna Beekman, RYT 500. Her classes focus on deep relaxation and healing, using principles from therapeutic yoga, yoga nidra, bhakti yoga and nada (sound) yoga.
Johanna gently guides participants through a series of deeply relaxing poses while she sings adult lullabies to them. The music—a soothing blend of original and traditional pieces from a variety of global cultures—facilitates the healing process by providing a luxurious, peaceful space for the mind to rest while the body relaxes, rebalances, and restores itself.

Om Space Sunday 11-12noon "Sahyinidra EcoJourney Meditation" with Johnny Stowe

Sahyinidra is an EcoJourney Meditation and Yin experience centered on guided imagery: specifically, deep-time journeys through sacred landscapes, where the person becomes an integral, cycling part of many plants and animals, as an energized molecule moving within Mama Earth’s biosphere — down streams and across oceans, over mountains, through forests and across deserts and savannas.  The journey is cyclical, with the traveler ending up where She started. Each class is along a different ecological pathway

Om Space Sunday 9:30-10:30a Nature Walk with Johnny Stowe

Nature Walk is a simple ramble through the woods, engaging all the senses to connect with local plants and animals.  We’ll learn the stories of plants that are good for food and fire, medicine and aromatherapy, and simple enjoyment.

KidsVille Friday 1:30-2:30p "Kids Robot Yoga" with Julie Arrington

Robot Yoga for kids experiencing control and slow movement of the body. Learning how to slow the breath down and movement, crossing the left and right side of the brain to gain more balance and control of the body.  Age 10 and under.

KidsVille Saturday 3:30-4:30 "Kids Nature Yoga" with Julie Arrington

Nature yoga for kids, connecting with the earth that surrounds us, bring flow, free playing movement and learning to connect your breath to the flow of natural movement. Age 10 and under.  We will gather nature from around us leaves, sticks, rocks, etc. and connect with them threw yoga. Up to age 10


Ganesha Friday 3-4:30p "Conscious Mind Wellness: A Health and Wellness Experience" with Justin Locante

30 min. Fitness | 20 min. Yoga | 10 min. Meditation | 3-5 song Musical Performance
Fitness Routine with just body weight 30 min
Shed body fat • Increase lean muscle • Improve flexibility • Increase strength • Increase speed • Tighten your core
Push ups, sit ups, mtn climbers, planks, jump squats, burpees, sprawls, partner workouts. (30 second interval stations). Yoga flow 20 min with certified Yoga Instructor, Poses with the yoga flow will be modified so anyone can participate! Meditation 10 min,We will be doing a guided meditation using binaural beats for a deep state of meditation with a licensed practitioner 3 Conscious songs performed by one of our Artists, Seth Ferry

Buddha Moon Saturday 6:30-8p "Conscious Mind Wellness: A Health and Wellness Experience" with Justin Locante

30 min. Fitness | 20 min. Yoga | 10 min. Meditation | 3-5 song Musical Performance
Fitness Routine with just body weight 30 min
Shed body fat • Increase lean muscle • Improve flexibility • Increase strength • Increase speed • Tighten your core
Push ups, sit ups, mtn climbers, planks, jump squats, burpees, sprawls, partner workouts. (30 second interval stations). Yoga flow 20 min with certified Yoga Instructor, Poses with the yoga flow will be modified so anyone can participate! Meditation 10 min,We will be doing a guided meditation using binaural beats for a deep state of meditation with a licensed practitioner 3 Conscious songs performed by one of our Artists, Seth Ferry

Buddha Moon Saturday 10:30-12noon "Dharma Yoga" Nicole Boyle

Dharma Yoga is a graceful, yet challenging form of yoga based on Sri Dharma Mittra’s almost fifty years of practice of classical yoga. The practice is appropriate for students of all levels, from beginner to lifelong practitioners and accessible to so many because it meets each student where they are and according to their condition. A devotional practice that emphasizes good health, a clear mind and a kind heart. The Dharma sequence includes standing series, floor series, 10 minute led savasana / deep relaxation, pranayama and meditation.  Be receptive!             Dharma Yoga Center:


Brahma Nirvanna Friday 3:30-5:30p "Serpent Prana Dance" with Leia Jones

Snakes molt when they have grown too large for their own skin, transforming into something new as they leave behind the old. Serpent Prana Dance is inspired by that same transformation, compassionately asking us to let go of the old so that we may let more love in. This workshop will combine dance, yoga and moving meditation.  We will focus on spinal mobility and hip openers, weaving in mindful movement, mudras and song. Our intention will be to allow a transformation as we practice letting go of the fears that limit us and embracing the intrinsic joy that connects us.

Buddha Moon Saturday 3:30-5:30 "Namaste Flow: Unity, Breath and Light" Leia Jones

Namaste symbolizes honoring and recognizing the Divine in one another. This heart opening practice invites us to see the radiance within ourselves and all around us.  This workshop will dive deep into the heart space with Heart opening asana, mudra and mantra.  By simply seeing the beauty within us and in one another we arrive at the truth, that we are all connected in our light and in our humanity. Namaste Flow is aimed at allowing the heart to open to a greater depth of compassion and union.

KidsVille Saturday 1-1:45p "Children’s Dance and Yoga" with Leia Jones

This workshop will combine creative movement with yoga asana. We will go on a creative movement adventure combining imaginative play, song, yoga and dance. Come explore basic- fun postures and movements that teach balance, coordination, flexibility and peace.  Parent participation encouraged.

Art Village Saturday 11-12noon Fairy House Building Workshop with Leia Jones

Come build Fairy houses with bits of nature. Bring sticks, leaves, acorns, small stones, any good building material you find lying around the forest, without disturbing it. We’ll create cozy abodes for the fairies and make a fairy village. A great family workshop, as its fun for all ages!

Art Village Saturday 12:30-2p Workshop: Meditative Mandalas: A Creative Journey with Lindsay Jamison

Have you ever been so engaged in a creative activity that time seems to stand still? Making art can be a powerful way to focus the mind. Creating a mandala is a self integrating activity, a gateway into the unconscious mind. In this workshop, learn mindfulness and drawing techniques to explore shapes, lines, colors and forms that express the many layers of your current experience. Creative expression is an effective and joyful way of honing awareness. Unveil the hidden layers of your psyche in this fun, creative and meditative workshop. No art experience necessary, only a curious and open mind.

Main Stage Throughout the Weekened "Presenting: Live painting to accompany music" with Lindsay Jamison

Presentation: Live painting provides a unique and interesting visual component paired with live music at nightlife events. I find the music synthesizes into an array of intricate geometric patterns portraying streams of collective consciousness that I capture in paint

Brahma Nirvana Friday 6-8p "Slow Tribal Flow Yoga" with Narayani

Join Narayani and her band for a Floyd Yoga Jam favorite- Slow Tribal Flow Yoga–an all-levels, live music, slow and sensual, full-body Vinyasa class. You will be guided through movement suggestions to a slow tribal heartbeat, but you’ll be invited to move in any way that you feel inspired. Let the music and your breath be your teachers. The class will begin and end with mantra meditation with the harmonium, and will conclude with an extended savasana with live music and light Thai Yoga assists for deep relaxation and connection to Self. Some Yoga experience and a moderate level of fitness is helpful but not required. All are welcome to explore this movement experience. View a sample of the type of movement and music in this class by clicking here:

Brahma Nirvana Thursday 4-6p Chant Workshop with Narayani

Join Narayani to discuss the “mind liberator” called Mantra and how creating a daily chant practice can enhance every aspect of your life. We will discuss the benefits of the practice, the pronunciation and translation of select Sanskrit mantras, and how to create a daily practice. We will experience different ways of Chanting- Vedic, Melodic, and Kirtan styles. No previous experience or musical talent is needed, and this workshop is open to all.

Shiva Love Saturday 7:30-8:30a Qigong with Dr. Nick Atlas

Qigong: Explore the ancient Taoist healing art of qigong, a flowing practice and philosophy designed to balance yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) energies in the bodymind. Connect with the elemental forces of nature, learn to circulate and revitalize your vital energy, to self-heal and heal others! No experience necessary.


Ganesha Saturday 1-2p Lucid Dream Yoga with Dr. Nick Atlas

Take the next step in your yogic & meditative journey, learning to incorporate the wisdom of your dreams and “shadow” self into your waking life for greater awareness, healing and clarity.

Brahma Nirvana Sunday 5:30-7p Wild & the Moon" Lunar Yoga with Nitika Achalam & Mighty Joshua

Yin and Yang, ebb and flow, effort and surrender.  Explore how the solar and lunar cycles effect you personally and create equilibrium in your practice through the power of opposites. This session is deigned to help link your practice to the seasons and lunar cycle for optimum balance.


KidsVille Saturday 2-3p Kids/ Family nature mandala walk with Nitya Griffith & Becky Eschenroeder

Kids/ Family nature mandala walk – Join Nitya Living founder Nitya and Becky Eschenroeder as we explore the natural world for leaves, stones, flowers, and berries to make our own big nature mandala. Connecting to nature is grounding, healing, and so rejuvenating!

KidsVille Friday 2:45-3:30p Kids/ Family Yoga with Nitya Griffith

Kids/ Family Yoga – Nitya Living yoga classes take you on a story adventure incorporating original songs, poses, breath, and meditation so that the child engages, body, breath and imagination. Super fun and inspiring too!


Tea Shanti FRiday 2-3:30p Facilitating Change in Yourself and Others Sandy Jahmi Burg, Certified Focusing Trainer

Do you wonder why change seems easy one time and then very illusive, almost every which way but straight to get there other times? Or maybe you know ‘something’ is getting in your way and still cannot put a finger on it? Here, in our brief time together, we’ll introduce and explore key areas in which we typically get stuck in the process of change.

The essence of change is quite simple. Actually doing/being what is needed now to change ourselves, to support a client, or to inspire change around us is a Presencing skill that requires practice. Join us as we review the principles of change and how to bring movement and flow to your life and to those around you.

Shiva Love Sunday 3-4:30p LGBTQIA YOGA with OwlRare

The focus of this group is to dream big and do bigger. LGBTQIA yoga is different because we are outside bringing color and life to the worlds many green spaces. We are in public which wipes away the fears of others judging you for being you. We are connected under the warm sun! This gives your body the chance to reconnect with nature and you can meet some new friends with similar beliefs and energies! Come enjoy some guided Hatha yoga with singing bowls and good company. This workshop is designated for the “queer” community. Interpret queer as you wish. All allies of the community are welcomed


Shiva Love Sunday 1-2:30p Yoga of Recovery/Joyful, Balanced & Free with Prema Lynn Felder

We discern our Doshic constitution and learn to find our balance more consistently and manage sobriety using the tools of Yoga – yamas, niyamas, asana, pranayama and meditation – and the 12 Steps of Recovery. We are composed of the Doshas – Vata/Air, Pitta/Fire, Kapha/Earth – and these things are in constant flux, going in and out of balance. The Gunas – Sattva/Serenity, Rajas/Action, Tamas/Depletion – are states of being.Explanation of the above and how Doshas apply to sobriety. Brief asana practice to experience Gunas in action. Longer pranayama practice to experience how quickly breath changes feeling.

Shiva Love Thursday 2:30-4pm "Feel Good Flow" with Rebecca Elsen

All-level slow flow followed by yoga nidra. Weaving hatha, vini and vinyasa yoga in a feel good flow to ease students into the deep bliss of yoga nidra.


Tea Shanti Saturday 8:30-9:30a " A Yoga Studio Building Community" with Rebecca Elsen

Discussion regarding what is involved in opening a yoga studio and how to build a loving, thriving community.

Peoples Playground Fri-Sun 10-11am Slackline Conditioning with Rob Lenfestey

Begin your morning with a basic workout on the slacklines with Yoga Slacker Rob Lenfestey and his assistants!!

Peoples Playground Friday 1:30-3pm Slackasana 101 with Rob Lenfestey & slackliners!

Great opportunity to learn the fundamentals of yoga and acro-yoga on a slackline, everything form core strength to safety guidelines.

Peoples Playground Saturday 1-3p Slackasa Basics and Beyond with Rob Lenfestey and YogaSlackliners!!

Come over and play-Peoples Playground Saturday 1-3p Slackasa Basics and Beyond with Rob Lenfestey and YogaSlackliners!!

Ganesha Tent Friday 7-8:30p Intro to AcroYoga with Rob Li

Learn AcroYoga in a safe and fun environment. Develop strength, flexibility, and body awareness in this awesome partner-based workshop. No experience necessary. Bring a partner or make some new friends!

Peoples Playground 10:30-12noon Acro Dance Lifts with Rob Li

Acro Dance Flow:  Come learn a fun flow that incorporates acrobatics and dance in this beginnermediate workshop.

Om Space Sunday 3:30-5:30p Yoga Hike/Wild Edible and Medicinal Plant Identification with Ryley C. Harris

Hike around the farm, and along the way discover the biodiversity of the Burnette’s property. We’ll identify many edible, medicinal, and culturally significant plants along the way, and more. Ryley Harris is a botanist and avid outdoorsman. He has interests in plant/animal interactions, as well as in ethnobotany. He studies Biology and Geospatial science at Radford University, and is in charge of planning and maintenance for the gardens at the Selu Conservancy.



Brahma Nirvana Thursday 9-10:30p GLOWGA! with Druminyasa and Shelly Bullock

Movement, Mantra, Music and Meditation: Druminyasa and Shelly Bullock present GLOWGA! Glowga will be a upbeat, energetic flow to create the space for your yoga experience. Arrive in the valley at Floyd Yoga Jam and transport yourself into Bliss Land where we will move, sweat and yoke in community, philosophy and practice.  An all levels energetic experience with glow-tastic adornments. This class is dedicated to creating a platform for your practice to unfold over the next four days in the valley. Prepare to arrive on the mat and embody the rhythm of your practice.

Tea Shanti Sunday 1-2:30p Finding the Gift in Pain Sandy Jahmi Burg, Certified Focusing Trainer

Do you have physical pain that you do not understand? Is there something in you that gets frustrated or angry when you are in pain? Have you ever considered that pain might be something in your body trying to get your attention and beneath that it really wants your well-being?  Our natural Focusing skills are quite useful in getting to the core of physical pain issues. Those of us who are more skilled have access to what might be described as miraculous self-healing experiences.  During our time together here we will explore how to deeply listen to what our body is trying to communicate to us through the experience of pain. Being fully understood is what allows something painful within us to change and our experience is that – always – our body moves us toward a greater sense of thriving, open, flowing aliveness.

Buddha Moon Friday 10:30-12noon “Interplay of Light and Shadow” with Shaaron Honeycutt

“Interplay of Light and Shadow”
Opposing forces are a integral part of living, physics and yoga asana practice. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Engaging in such creates a balanced state of equanimity in the body and in the mind. Flexibility and strength, grounding and lifting, awakening our awareness to various sets of opposites in order gradually captivate the mind’s attention and be totally absorbed in the present moment. “Yoga Citta Vritti Nirodaha” calming the fluctuations of the mind. (Iyengar yoga with and Emphasis on opposing action asana primarily standing poses vs inversions, and backbends vs forward bends)

Ganesha Sunday 1-2:30p “Sanctuary and Safe Space Through and In Your Practice” with Shaaron Honeycutt

“Sanctuary means a place of refuge and safety. The workshop will explore a conscious development of a sense of safety, both emotional and physical, through alignment and mindfulness during asana practice. An inward lookingness, with compassionate introspection on how and why we practice yoga asana from an Iyengar Yoga perspective. (emphasis will be on forward extensions and hip opening

Brahma Nirvana Friday 10:30-12noona YOGA & SELF-HEALING with Wah!

Get ready to move, breathe, and deeply relax! Wah! teaches yoga and plays live music at the end of class. As described in her book Dedicating Your Life to Spirit, Wah! has taught to athletic, handicapped, the young and the old, the well and the ill, offering tools for wellness and self-healing. Her teachings come from Anusara, Bihar, Kundalini Yoga and various healing traditions. Breathwork, moving postures, self-healing practices, deep relaxation. All levels welcome. You can expect:- different kinds of breathing and breathwork- clearing through tapping, cupping, and meridian stimulation – moving yoga postures- deep relaxation with guided imagery and live music by Wah! – a short meditation or chant

Om Space Saturday 8::30-10a Anahata Yoga Flow with Soraya Sánchez

Anahata Yoga Flow, it is a heart opening, “Vinyasa Style” focusing in the heart center energy, Breathe Healing Balance, you will flow through sequences that will energize your spine, nervous system, strengthening your core, opening the heart with backbends, building grounding foundations with the act of community balance, while “Inquiring Within”

Shiva Love Saturday 9-10:15a Recovering Inner Light after Trauma with Wendi Wagner

Recovering Inner Light after Trauma:  How to Cultivate Sorrowless Joy and Inner Luminosity in Difficult Times-Working with Yoga Sutra 1.36 Visoka Va Jyotishmati,  Sorrowless Joy and Inner Luminosity, we will look to the ancients’ sage advice on cultivating inner strength through the practice of yoga.
During this session we will practice asana, pranayama, and meditation.  The Yoga Sutra will be our point of departure.


OM Space Sunday 9-10:30a Five Tibetan Rites with Tamara Billand

Five Tibetan Rites. It is thousands of years old and promotes vitality, youthfulness and longevity by activating the seven vortexes in the body. It consists of a series of five exercises that are ultimately repeated 21 times or more. I couple the body movement with pranayama and a chakra activation meditation at the end.

Brahma Nirvana 7-8am Saturday & Sunday "Seeking the Light Within" with Thais Abernathy

Vipasana Meditation

OM Space 10:30-12noon “Ancient Myths, Modern Mats” with Sue Agee

Discover the stories behind the poses, letting the timeless lessons of myths infuse joy into your practice and life. Weaving ancient mythology with today’s postures, a dose of mindfulness and ample time for meditation and relaxation, Sue makes sure each student
finds a sense of ease and confidence in their practice. Storytelling, movement, mantra, mudras, music and fun. All welcome.

Ganesha Friday 8:30-9:50 Taming the Mind/Body with Integral with Yoga Krishna Jo

A great way to wake up the mind/body peacefully and easefully. This Integral Yoga mixed level class is a practice of working in harmony with the mind/body and the inner light which is in us all.  This class will incorporate asanas as a moving mediation, deep relaxation and pranayama (breathing techniques) which are all methods to reaching inner peace.

Ganesha Friday 7-8am Meditation for Everyone with Rev. Sumati Govinda

Interested in meditation but don’t know where to start? Join us for a bit of lighthearted and joyful practice aimed at developing and expanding your experience. Explore different types of meditation and choose the one which best suits your personality, taste, temperament and lifestyle. Discover the spiritual, psychological and medical benefits of meditation. Learn what to expect from

Ganesha Saturday 4-5p "Jnana Yoga: A Doorway to Freedom!" with Rev. Sumati Govinda

Do you ever wonder who you really are? Do you believe that transcending the limitations of your mind is possible?  Then this is the workshop for you.  Learn how to uncover your true nature through the practice of Jnana Yoga. Explore methods that Jnana Yogi’s apply that lead to total freedom. Jnana Yoga is not designed for the faint of heart. It is considered the most difficult path, while also being acknowledged as the quickest to liberation. Curious? Come open your doorway to freedom.


Ganesha Sunday 4:30-5:30p Raja Yoga: Hacking Happiness with the Yoga Sutras! with Rev. Sumati Govinda

Tired of being dragged through life by your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations? There’s an easier way to live. This workshop will illuminate how the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali can be used as a guidebook for happiness. Discover simple methods for turning negative thoughts, feelings, or experiences into positive ones! Be happy despite your challenging life circumstances, and realize that no one has the power to take away your happiness.

Buddha Moon Saturday 9-10a Yoga for the Core with Swami Asokananda

We will explore important core muscles, working with core awareness through the full-spectrum asana sequence of Integral Yoga Hatha. By working with our center, we develop the ability to consciously respond to life situations rather than react to them. Come and explore core stability through core awareness!

Brahma Nirvana Saturday 11-12noon "Yoga Dance Party" with Swami Asokananda

We will connect with our own heart. We will connect with the hearts of those around us. We will let our hair down and, free from any limiting self-consciousness, let the music move our bodies. Our soul will blossom.

Shiva Love Sunday 5-6:15p Slow, Still, and Deep: A gentle yoga class with music with Swami Asokananda

Most Hatha Yoga reflects a bias toward the “ha,” or heating solar energies, rather than the “tha,” or cooling lunar energies. The focus in this class will be on practicing asanas in a way that will help you to “chill out.” We will move slowly, remain for a longer time in a pose, listen to what the body is saying, and allow it to release more fully.


Ganesha Sunday 7-8:30a Balance form Within with Debora Nitya Jackson

First hour—poses and kriyas: chant, eye movements, sun salutations, balance pose, kriyas, backbends, forward bends, inversions, twist 15 min: deep relaxation  10 min: breathing practice 5 min: meditation

Ganesha Sunday 9-10a Kundalini Yoga with Brian Bayliss

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga

OM Space Friday 10-11am Plant Walk with Lenna Frances

Brahma Nirvana Saturday 8-9:30p Kirtan Concert with Flavia Krishna & Gershone


Brahma Nirvana Friday 7-8am Passage Meditation with Joe Klein

Ganesha Friday 5-6:30p Ground to Fly (All Levels Vinyasa with Ekatrina & Live Music by Egemen

KidsVille Sunday 3:30-4:30 (and roaming during festival) Kids play with AUpaya & The Magick Solar Suitcases

KidsVille Sunday 3:30-4:30 (and roaming during festival) Kids play with AUpaya & The Magick Solar Suitcases

JamLand Main Stage Saturday 9-10am Harmonium Workshop with Amah Devi

Join Amah Devi from Asheville, North Carolina for a special session of Harmonium Lessons & Sacred Chant practice. If you have ever wanted to learn to playharmonium, lead Kirtan, or just sink more deeply into your Sacred Chant practice, drop in for unforgettable exploration of harmonium, mantra, and sacred song.This is your chance to demystify the harmonium and learn to play and lead some Kirtan chants. Bring yourown instrument or play one provided and come ready to deepen your Bhakti yoga practice. NO prior musical experience required!

Tea Shanti Friday 6:15-8:15 Community for the New Pardigm with Big Mama Joy

Tea Shanti Saturday 8:15-9:45pm Poetry Slam led by Big Mama Joy

Tea Shanti Saturday 5-6p: Releasing Fear with Yoga Journaling with Carrie Klees

The yogi seeks to open. Through yoga & journaling we open to our live, and all we are to be. Within each of us lies the perfect personalized wisdom needed to detach from fear, literally at our fingertips. This class will examine a path of self-study and exploration.

OM Space Friday 10:30-12noon "Frog Medicine: Indigenous Traditions bringing healing to Western Culture with Alanna Collins

 “Kambo Frog Medicine”
The Kambo Frog is one of the most powerful indigenous medicines used for healing the body, mind, and spirit. Learn about the various benefits, how it is given, the effects of the Kambo process, and how it can decrease and even eliminate dependency o pharmaceuticals.

KidsVille Saturday 5-5:45 Yoga Story Hour with Satya Yoga

Yoga Story Hour:

This is not your regular story hour. Using a variety of children’s stories we will do 30 minute brief yoga classes based upon the children’s book. Children will learn and explore yoga poses in a fun interactive way. Recommended for children ages 2-8 years old.

KidsVille Sunday 10:15-11a & 1-3p Yoga Games with Satya Yoga (Mary Furlo Michelle Keenan)

Some kids may not like the typical structure in a yoga class and just need to have fun. During this class will use a variety of games to teach children to explore their breath, explore physical postures and simply have fun laughing, being silly, and using their imagination!

Recommended for children ages 6-12 years old.

The Magic Peanut Puppet Show (All Weekend)

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