Ask a regular Yoga Practitioner ” Why Yoga?” and you will hear things like; ‘Yoga changed my life!’  ‘My sciatica is gone!’  ‘I’ve lost weight.’  ‘I am happy in my body’, ‘I sleep better.’ etc.   None of this is really measurable by modern scientific standards but never the less, People Love Yoga and more and more are giving it a try!

So it seemed a natural combination to us…a weekend festival where we can immerse ourselves in yoga, music, great food and libation.  A place to stretch ourselves inside and out in the company of newly found ‘old friends’.   A place where we can leave our differences at the gate, where all are welcome, just as they are.  A place that you leave after 3 days refreshed and ready to take on your wonderful life!  A place where kids of all ages are welcome!

Yoga is not a Religion.  It is a set of ancient principles and practices that give us a hands-on, blue-print for living a healthy, productive and loving human life.   The sight of a hundred people moving their strong, beautiful selves through the ‘sky dance’ of yoga together, in unison, in a green summer meadow looks like prayer flags fluttering in the wind sending their prayers heavenward. Life doesn’t get any better than that folks!