What to Bring?/What Not to Bring?

The Rules & Regulations at the Floyd Yoga Jam are simple and few…

  1. We are One Human Family, let’s act that way.
  2. Clean Up after Yourselves!
  3. Save the Crawdaddy! Please NO soaps/additives in the Creek! Period!
  4. Please no open fires or alcohol.
  5. No pets!  But we do have a festival mascot, Kodi, a black lab, whose heart would stop if he couldn’t see his dakini at all times.  He is old, family friendly and you will see him constantly by my side.
  6. Give Love. Receive Love. Repeat.

What to Bring?

  • Your Camping Stuff!  Feel free to move in for the weekend with tents, tables, chairs, etc. in your space.  Purchase a Car Pass ($25) to drive onsite and camp in a 20×20 space with your car, some friends and all your stuff.  Or carry gear to the Valley or Enchanted Forest for free primitive camping
  • Feel Free to Let Your Freak Flag Fly!  Decorate your space!
  • A poncho would be good for rain, something warm for cool nights along the creeks.
  • Flashlight, Towel, Yoga Mat.  We will have showers, ice and fresh water available.
  • Drum, flutes or other personal instruments for the drum circle.
  • A Big Smile!

What NOT to Bring?

  • Loud Music, Generators or Fireworks.
  • Pets
  • Closed minds or Bad attitude.
  • The Rain.


over the bridge

Neighborhood Camping on Bliss lane