Holy Super Moon, Eclipse & Spring Equinox!

Every once in a while, all the stars align in the heavens to produce a very auspicious day!   Just like the day that brought the Dancin’ Dakinis together to create the idea of the Floyd Yoga Jam, Friday, March 20th promises to be a day filled with excitement, stars and magic because it is also the Spring Equinox, a Super Moon AND a total eclipse of the Sun in the eastern hemisphere!   Truly a Spectacular Day to Celebrate the Celestial Karma of our lives and to purchase your Floyd Yoga Jam ticket!   Last day for the $100 Ticket which gets you 3 Full Days of Yoga and 3 Nights of Dancing for the Tribe!   Get your 2015 Weekend Passes NOW before the price increases to $150 on Saturday, March 21st at midnight!