The Red-Tent Experience with Katie Silcox & Shakti School

The Red-Tent Experience with Katie Silcox and Shakti School

Join NYT Best-Selling Author and Women’s Health expert, Katie Silcox and The Shakti School in The Red Tent – a gathering space for women where we will discuss all things conscious sexuality, spirit and self-care through the lens of Ayurveda, Tantra, Yoga and modern science. In the Red Tent we will hold space for Feminine Form Holistic Medicine – the practice of making your own inner body and mind a suitable terrain for health and vitality (and even bliss!).

In the tent you will find:

  • Luscious teas, tinctures, lickables and other witchy treats you can taste and buy!
  • Katie’s Favorite Ayurveda Daily Routine products
  • A group of loving women to connect with
  • Katie’s hand-picked tribe members offering you Goddess-inspired classes, lectures and experiences

Thursday 30th

9 AM- Goddess Store Opens!

4:30-6 – Activating the Feminine – How to Awaken Your Healing, Restful Nervous System with Katie Silcox

Friday 31

9 AM – Goddess Store Opens!

10-11 – Sexuality, Ojas, Ama and Agni with Katie Silcox 

3:30-4:30 – Goddess Song – A chant experience with Eden Garcia Thaler 

1:30-3pm The BONES with Katie Silcox in Brahma Nirvana Big Tent 

5-6 – Ayurveda, Self-Love and Disordered Eating – a powerful talk with Erin Browning on the Magic of Daily Routine and Rituals

6:30-7:30 – The Goddess Comedy Hour – A Love-Chat with Gina Heart on humor, business, yoga and raising kids

Saturday 1

9 AM-  Goddess Store Opens!

10-11 AM – Mama Care with Sarah Hudson –  Post partum health, birth trauma, finding self care to support optimal bonding with your baby that doesn’t just involve a chocolate bar with Sarah Hudson

11:30-12:30  – Working with the Pelvic Bowl with Katie Silcox 

1-2 – Yoga As Social Justice with Grace Millsap 

3-5 PM Woman Alive with Katie Silcox in Brahma Nirvana Tent 

6-7- Womb Deep Rest and Heal – A Yoga Nidra with Sarah Hudson

Sunday 2

9 AM – Goddess Store Opens!

9:30-10:30 Goddess Love Meditation and Talk with Cathy Cannon 

11-12 PM – What is Shakti School? Become a Certified Ayurveda Health Coach! Q+A with Founder, Katie Silcox 

1-3 PM Bhakti Electric Fire and Sap with Katie Silcox in Buddha Moon Tent 

3:15-4 PM Mantra Meditation with Charlee Ulmer – Vibration and sound are the foundation of the universe and our world as we know it.  Join us for a guided meditation as we use the vibrations of our breath and voice to bring us through the the five elements and into a state of bliss.