Acro Yoga with Josh Young & Lizzy Tomber, founders of &

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Pre-Jam Acro Yoga Workshop

 The Floyd Yoga Jam Presents


Pre-Jam with Josh Young & Lizzy Tomber

 This intensive will be about learning the basics of AcroYoga… where to start, what to do, how do go from beginner to badass. Partner acrobatics is the basis of this practice, in which you learn to literally lift your friends up into the air.  Even basic moves can be super fun and can look and feel amazing! The best part about AcroYoga is that you can do it anywhere and it’s a great way to have fun while getting a work out. All Levels Welcome. Everyone will find success and everyone will be challenged.Learn the art of acrobatics from Josh Young (@acropediaorg) & Lizzy Tomber, (@lizzytomber) founders of & Josh & Lizzy run teacher trainings, tours, and festivals all over the world.


Pre-Jam: An introduction to practical Ayurveda with Kaelyn Rogers Thursday-All Day $65 includes Dinner


An introduction to practical Ayurveda: Indian health secrets newly discovered by western scientists

Ayurveda: Ancient Indian secrets the western world is in the process of discovering What if someone told you that all of you ailments – from physical pain and illness to emotional distress – were all simply resultant of your body being out of balance of its natural state. It seems logical. If you’re not in balance, you can’t being healthy and happy, but what exactly is “in balance?” And how do you find and maintain this balance. Ayurveda, an ancient Indian study of human life, has provided answers for thousands of years on how to find an maintain balance, and many of these suggestions are only recently appearing in research studies in the western world. In this course we will discuss the history and foundation of Ayurveda, common imbalances, and recommended daily and season routines to keep you healthy and happy. We will look at food choices (without ever mentioning the word calories), we will prepare a meal, and complete an asana class specifically designed to bring balance. Attending this course is an investment in your overall health and wellness. Ayurveda is first and foremost preventative medicine, and the material in this course will be immediately applicable to your own life.

1. Intro and history
2. Prakriti quiz
3. Discussion of the doshas
4. Discussion of how yoga can be utilized to balance each dosha.
5. Yoga class, vata reducing


6. Discussion on daily routine, daily and seasonal recommendations
7.activity to practice thought filtering, observation, and positivity
8.discussion on food and herb
9. dinner preparation


Kaelyn Rogers is an Occupational Therapist, yoga therapist, and body worker, on a quest to link Eastern and Western medicine. Kaelyn has spent the last year traveling through Asia, studying various forms of healing arts, in an attempt to better understand how the holes of western medicine can be filled. Having completed more than 4 years of self study, and various courses on Ayurveda in the U.S., Kaelyn most recently sought out a well respected Ayurvedic Doctor in Dharamsala, India, to study under. Her initial draw to Ayurveda was the sensibility of the recommendations and the ease of use in everyday life. More and more, as she studies this field, she sees how Ayurveda holds the secrets to overall wellness that have been lost in the west. Kaelyn is excited to share with you the foundational knowledge of Ayurveda and practical applications to your daily life.