Slack Line Park – Open for practice when assistants are onsite to assist!!

Slackasana 101

This class is a fun and empowering introductory course to the art of Yoga slacking.  Learn how to balance and sync breath with movement on the line in  basic planes of movement including kneeling, sitting, standing, and arm balancing. 2hoursopen to 18-30 people

 Slackasana Basics and Beyond

Move beyond the fundamentals of kneeling, sitting, standing and basic arm balancing on the slackline into skill building drills for one’s personal practice.  Become empowered to move into the more difficult postures including: sitting to standing, switching feet (a.k.a. walking the line), kneel to stand, inversions with balancing, and arm balancing postures. 2 hours open to 18-30 people

Daily Slacker Conditioning Classes

Yoga on a slackline requires strength and coordination that is sometimes better to build on the ground.  Join Rob and Assistants for a 30 minute blast of energetic, slackline and Acrobatic conditioning regimes that will leave your muscles sore and the mind proud.will take place in the main Slackpark area. Conditioning is open to all but will be capped off at 50 participants. 20-30 minutes