The Green Light Cafe is a vending/catering kitchen dedicated to providing patrons with hearty, wholesome, and delicious homemade vegetarian and vegan meals. Based in Asheville, North Carolina, the cafe has evolved into a full scale festival/event catering operation.  We owned and operated a storefront cafe starting in 1998 in Black Mountain, NC, and began festival vending around 2002.

Having noticed a void in the regional festival circuit vegetarian and especially vegan food options, we decided to sell the storefront in 2008 and pursue a festival/event catering kitchen fulltime.  2008 was our first year fulltime vending and customer response to our menu has been exceptional.  We have worked with crowds of over 15,000, and are capable of running smoothly and efficiently under the pressure of hungry crowds.

As some folks from certain locales don’t have many vegetarian/vegan options where they live, it is an exciting and enjoyable experience when one can go to a festival and experience restaurant quality vegetarian/vegan meals.  As vegans ourselves, we know firsthand how difficult it can be to find a meal at a festival that you didn’t bring in yourself.  This is a service we take great pride in providing.  We use 100% organic produce and try to keep other ingredients organic when at all possible.  Our food cost and prep-time is on average more than most other vendors , but we believe overall in the quality that comes from homemade meals…..FOOD IS ART!  We believe happy tummies fundamentally help contribute to the overall vibe or feeling of any festival or gathering.  Our art is providing ethically conscious, wholesome meals made with love to help create that positive vibration.

We would love the opportunity to share our food with you either at the cafe or at an event.  Come see us!

Michael & Shanon Blair

The Green Light Cafe