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Yes, it is as fantastic as it looks!

MC Yogi

WOW! Hip-hop and yoga? The Ramayana with a backbeat? Stories of Shiva and Shakti, Ganesh and Hanuman and the rest of the ancient Hindu gods, all funked up and slamming up against potent, propulsive graffiti beats custom built to drive eager listeners into a divine frenzy?

Acro Yoga

Playful Warrior Yoga presents Acro Yoga at the Floyd Yoga Jam

MC Yogi

“I’m just a working class mystic,” shrugs the enviably laid back Yogi, grinning a little as he adjusts his trademark fedora,

Mary Furlo and Michelle Keenan

Don’t miss the Lucy and Ethel of KidsVille these two will have the kids roaring like lions, buzzin’ like bees, flutterin’ and a flyin’ like butterflies! dare to be a volcano, an elephant, a dragon!, or your own super hero…

Why a Yoga Jam?

The sight of a hundred people moving their strong, beautiful selves through the ‘sky dance’ of yoga together, in unison, in the green summer meadow looks like prayer flags fluttering in the wind sending their prayers heavenward.

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