earthmandalaWelcome to the the YOJam Art Village!

Come express your authentic self in the Art Village, nestled in the shade of the creek in JamLand.

Join us for fun community art projects, creative workshops, DIY art making and prayer flag creation. Take a contemplative stroll through the art gallery, chat with our live painters and gallery artists, catch an art demonstration or stop by for a psychic reading with Lindsay Jamison, YoJam’s Art Director!  

Visit the Art Gallery and art vendors, stop by to create art whenever you wish, create your own prayer flag and more. The Art Village is also a creativity lounge so please come join us to relax, be creative and play together! 

Feel free to create natural sculptures or mandalas on the land made of twigs, flowers, wood and stone while being aware of our collective footprint. 

Free Events All Day in the Art Village!

DIY Art Stations

Prayer Flags 

Make sure to stop by and create a Prayer Flag Square! Cloth squares and markers will be available for all to help create a very special YOJam Prayer Flag. Make a wish for the future or a prayer to spirit, then add your flag to the many which will hang throughout the trees during the event.

Creative Transformation Station

What are you ready to release? What do you desire to transform in your life? Contemplate these questions while creating an intuitive piece of art with whatever materials you feel called to use. incorporate shapes, colors, words; drop judgment and let your emotions and energy flow. Drop your creation into the transformation box for Sunday’s closing fire ceremony.

Community Painting

Join us from 11am- 7pm to collaborate with our community on a Mural! No experience necessary, come add your special touch into the mix!

Please note that some classes have a small fee. You can sign up online here:(coming soon) __please fill in the blank_(link coming soon) or pay for the session at the festival in the art gallery. This small fee allows us to provide art materials, pay our talented teachers and allows the art village to expand each year so we thank you for this contribution to the arts!!!