earthmandalaWelcome to the the YOJam Art Village!

Come wander through the Art Village, nestled in the shade of the creek, near KidsVille.   Come express yourself through community art, giant chalkboards, bubbles, paper and prayer flag making!   Feel free to create natural sculptures of twigs, flowers, wood and stone throughout the site while being aware of our collective footprint upon the land.   Visit the Art Venders, create some art, send a prayer to the heavens with your own prayer flag and more!

Free Events All Day in the Art Village!


Let your inner light shine with help from Katherine Devine!


Release Your Prayers to the Heavens!

Make sure to stop by and create a Prayer Flag Square! Cloth squares and markers will be available for all to help create a very special YOJam Prayer Flag! Come express yourself with a wish for the future or a prayer to the heavens and then add your flag to the many which will hang throughout the trees during the event…then gather at 9m sunday when we will collectively Release Our Prayers to the Heavens!





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