About YoJam

We may be few, but you make us many.


The love for art, community, music, nature and yoga is the basis of the event. The idea of an event was a thought that arrived like many thoughts arrive. With the passing of the days this thought became enthusiasm and joy and in 2012 it was birthed. This is how the festival was born. Presently it has gone from a 3 Day festival  toward a 4 day event, and is scheduled every Labor Day Weekend. The festival site is in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Floyd County Virginia. The flowing water and gentle mountains create a harmonious climate which pervades throughout the Festival. The spontaneous and genuine smiles of the participants, the beginning of each new day awoken by the first sun rays filtering the canvas of the camping tents, the daily rhythms marked by Yoga classes, music, hikes, fun and meditation, the evenings spent singing and dancing in the vibrant pulse of the various positive artist of Kirtan, Jazz,Hip Hop, Reggae, World Electronic, Country, Blue Grass, Indie, Rock and more, is an experience more to be lived than to be described.  1day or all 4days, visit Floyd Yoga Jam and have yourselves an experience that will nurture your soul for many moons.

Our Team

The Floyd YOjam is brought to you by the creative efforts and passion of two women, Laura Polant & Shirleyann Burgess.But truthfully, all of this would not be possible without the indescribable amazing generosity of Mike Turman, his beautiful family and the wonderful Community of Floyd, VA.

Brought into each other’s lives by the small community in which we all call home, the stars aligned, and the idea for Floyd Yoga Jam was born in early 2011. The vision was not only to create a yoga and music festival, but also to use that as a platform for giving back and contributing to our community.

At first, the biggest question was where to host such an event? There are established festival sites in Floyd, but none were quite right for what was envisioned. Enter Mike Turman and Burnette Farm and the Floyd Yoga Jam found a home.

  • Mike is owner of Turman Log Homes. This quiet, well respected businessman supports, nurtures, and gives back to the community many meaningful and unexpected ways. Mike and his merry elves have  gone above and beyond their duty in creating a harmonious well balanced site for this festival. The Floyd YOga Jam is forever in his debt.
  • This amazing festival could not have become a reality with out the YOJam Team…a big shout out of Love and Gratitude is owed to all the Floydians who come to create and vibrate with the YOJam Love!   Look for their smiling faces in every corner this unique festival!   Many, Many Thanks to….Jody, Mike, Ellen, Joyti, Chris, Ian, Virginia, Kristin, Allan, JR, Carla, Grateful Steve, Don, Barb, Peeker, Jeff, Gustin, Jess, Shannon, Anthony, Sekai, Terri, Jacque and everyone else who felt the Love and was compelled to be part of history…Here’s to You and Here’s to Many More Years Together

Dancin Dakinis


  •  Laura, is a single mom, fliberty-gibbit, wildlife biologist and forest firefighter in her past lives.  She now runs a small forestry consulting business from her off-grid eco home which she designed and built in 2001.  In her spare time she teaches some yoga and she is always ready to plant a vineyard,  travel, kayak or create new yoga festivals!


  • Shirleyann is the owner of  Living Light River Studio, a yoga, Bnb and Wellness center in Floyd Va, the womb which shelters the Dancin Dakinis.  Entrepeneur extraordinaire, single mom, Rolfer™, yoga teacher, Massage Therapist kayker, hiker and nature lover, this pisces woman creates a bubble of beauty, attention to detail and connectivity to the human dimension that grounds us all.


Our mission is to create a yoga, music & arts  inspired diverse event that contributes to sustainable social change within each of our communities,region and beyond. The idea is to recreate a dimension in which different doors are open to take the way to an evolved self: From the healing power of community & meditation, to the respect of natural products, respect of the natural resources, to the beauty of arts and the bliss of Yoga & Music.