Art Teachers-Live Painters & Workshops 

Art Village Schedule

Tickets to Reserve & Cover Material Fees

Thursday 7:30-9pm Shamanic Art Journey with Lindsay Jamison $15

Friday 11-12:30 Sacred Geometry ” Bridging Spirit & Matter” with Summer Blake $15

Friday 1-3pm Natural Dye Workshop with Lauren Lipson $15

Friday 9-10pm Paint Pour Demo in Black Light with Psychedelic Pour house with Brian Fogerty

Saturday 11-12:30 Shamanic Art Journey with Lindsay Jamison. $15

Saturday 2:30-3:30pm Fairy House Builging around the Village with Alana Leia Jones

Saturday 9-10pm Paint Pour Demo in Black Light with Psychedelic Pour house with Brian Fogerty

Sunday 9-11am Natural Dye Workshop Lauen Lipson $15

Sunday 12-1:30pm Sacred Geometry “Bridging Spirit & Matter” with Summer Blake

Sunday 2-3pm Chakra Mandala Sound Journey with Lindsay Jamison


Summer Blake: Workshop facilitator, Live Artist & Gallery Artist

Summer Blake is a Baltimore-based visionary artist known for her intricate mandalas. Her work touches on themes of transformation, healing, and growth. The message behind each work of art is that of encouragement and hope: to trust the journey, to trust yourself. Summer teaches creativity workshops that help others connect to their most authentic selves and find joy in simple acts of being. Learn more by visiting or find her on Instagram as @artofsummerblake.


Workshop: Sacred Geometry

Workshop Description: 

Sacred geometry refers to the universal patterns that form the structure of life, bridging spirit and matter, mind and heart, form and formless. The balance inherent in sacred geometry has long been associated with facilitating states of inner calm and can be utilized as a tool for personal evolution. In this workshop, we will explore a variety of sacred shapes and structures ranging from the Seed of Life to Metatron’s Cube and the Platonic Solids. I will then demonstrate how to draw the Flower of Life using only a few simple tools. Each participant will leave with their own unique sacred geometry illustration.

Court Zeitler: Live Painter

Court Zeitler

Court Zeitler is a 24 year old artist from Manchester, MD. They graduated Carroll Community College in December of 2020 with an associate’s degree in art. They specialize in printmaking and digital art, but have recently rekindled a love for painting and traditional drawing. Court has been drawing since before they could walk, and that love and passion only grew and transformed as they aged. Court has taken their art career to a new level recently by vending their art at different shows and fairs, and by doing custom commissions in all sorts of artforms. Court currently specializes in custom digital pet commissions. Court hopes to spend all summer painting and learning more about different types of artforms and styles. They can’t wait to see how they transform and grow through their art this year! 

Leon Sam: Live Painter

Leon Sam: 

My name is Leon Sam. I’m a self-taught mixed-media visual artist born in Georgetown, Guyana living in Bristol, TN and working under the name LostLionArt. As a kid, my love for cartoons, comic books and anime got me to start drawing. As an adult, my art has become a form of meditation and therapy. My current goals are to grow my skills and technique and fine-tune my own style.



Lindsay Jamison: Art Village Director, Workshop Facilitator, Live Painter & Gallery Artist

Lindsay Jamison is a visionary artist, holistic wellness educator and psychic medium. She bridges art with ancient healing practices to support people on their path to positive lifestyle transformation. Lindsay’s unique method incorporates mindfulness meditation, yoga, shamanic journeying, spiritual philosophy and art as therapeutic tools for self-healing and meaningful growth. Lindsays artwork is an energetic transmission, often including mandalas, sacred geometry and elements from nature to inspire the viewer to have an introspective experience. You can find her live painting and vending art at events, teaching transformative workshops, hosting creative ceremonies and offering private sessions or psychic readings. To learn more visit


Lindsay's Workshps: Shamanic Art Journey & Chakra Mandala Sound Journey

Shamanic Art Journey

Learn how to embrace your intuition, imagination and creative expression. Join us in a creative ritual container where we weave together breathing techniques, meditation, shamanic journeying and intuitive art-making. We use the beat of a drum and the sound of your voice to shift brain waves into a shamanic state of consciousness. In this trance state, traverse into realms beyond time and space to connect to spirit. Meet a compassionate helping spirit, a power animal or connect to an ancestor for guidance, wisdom and healing. During this journey, we also create an intuitive drawing that becomes a talisman or portal for you to connect back to the wisdom of this journey and use for meditation. No experience in journeying or art is necessary. This gathering is all about the experience, it is not about the finished art product.


Chakra Mandala Sound Journey 

Journey into your energy centers with sound and the creation of free-form mandalas to connect more deeply to your inner landscape. In this session, learn about the activating and deactivating sounds of the 7 chakras. We will use colored pencils and crayons to intuitively draw while in a vocalizing sound in a meditative trance state to intuitively explore what we are feeling in each chakra. Discover how vocal toning, the bija mantras and creative expression are incredible tools for your self-inquiry practice & spiritual journey to wholeness. No experience necessary, we will be loosely scribbling and exploring sound and art with curiosity and kindness in this session!! 

Charlotte Dickey: Live Painter

Charlotte Dickey

I am an intuitive artist and creativity guide.I love to build relationships with people and nurture their creative growth. My artistic visions and practices are uniquely mine: a fusion of my own innate gifts and the loving instruction, direction, and guidance of countless other beings, only a few of which have formally been my teachers.


Jahn Beach aka Suuneater

Jahn Beach aka Suuneater 

Our installations & {he}artworks hope to inspire a message of peace, gratitude, reverence, compassion, unity, & unconditional love for all beings of mother earth.


Lauren Lipson- Subnormal Child Workshop Facilitator, Live Painter & Gallery Artist

Lauren Lipson: I help overwhelmed artists and designers who feel stuck to reframe their artistic practice as ritual so they can reclaim their creative magic, find their flow, and follow its momentum.

Lauren's Workshops: Natural Dye Workshop & Loving Little Me - Art Ritual For Nurturing Our Inner Child

Natural Dye Workshop

In this immersive workshop we will be combining the art of natural dying and ritual to create a space that is both healing and educational. We will then dive into the dying process learning about natural dyes and arranging organic materials onto our fibers. Once we have put our intentions on paper and prepared our fibers, we will place them in the pot one-by-one. Each participant will leave with an original hand-dyed square piece of plant-based magic!


Loving Little Me – Art Ritual For Nurturing Our Inner Child

In this ritual we will explore the differences between inner-parent and inner-child, the power of compassion in re-parenting ourselves, and how to channel our connection with our inner-child with art. This sacred circle will be open to sharing and being vulnerable but it is not required. Come as you are.


In this 2hr art ritual we will explore how art can support us in connecting with our inner-child and connect deeper to our intuitive gifts. By the end you will have made art from this connection that is unique and special to you and will be able to use this connection again and again as a form of self-care.

Brian Forgerty

Brian Fogerty of Psychedelic Pourhouse

Brian’s artistic journey began in the neon drenched blacklit museum Electric Ladyland, in the city of Amsterdam. Once he returned home to the States he began experimenting with fluorescent materials and the magic of mirrors and kaleidoscopes. From the farthest reaches of the cosmos to the inner workings of consciousness, Brian creates designs to be enjoyed in the here and now. 

I’ve found pour painting to be a great method for reaching the flow state that one can reach while meditating or practicing yoga. Time disappears as you get lost in the patterns and colors. The abstract medium allows the painter to play and experiment without worrying about mistakes, which often turn into the greatest discoveries.

More Live Painters: Lauren Lipson- Subnormal Child-Summer Blake- Lindsay Jamison

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Hayley Furman

Hayley Furman: 

Hayley Furman was born and raised in Gaithersburg Maryland just outside of DC. Her work consists of acrylic and oil paintings plus custom made jackets and jewelry. Her work strives to celebrate fluid organic forms found in nature all around us. The imagery has both recognizable and unrecognizable forms showing the familiar and unfamiliar in pursuit to showcase the harmony between both.


Alana Leia Jones

Alana will be teaching one of the festivals favorite workshops “Fairy House Building”. Happens for children and adults of all ages. Check-in at KidsVill or the Art Village to save your space.