Floyd Yoga Jam 2020 Covid 19 Safety Updates


We are continuing to monitor the evolving situation with Coronavirus and are in continual conversation with our board members and local government. The health of our attendees, artists, staff members and all of those that work in and around the venue is what we are focused on.
As of now, given the professional advisement we have received, Floyd Yoga Jam plans to move forward and host the upcoming the 9th annual Floyd Yoga Jam. We so hope to see you in September, and are grateful to have over 6 months to evaluate, plan and respond to the situation as it changes. In recognition of our amazing yoga jam festival community, we honor your discretion and decisions as we approach the festival dates, and will accept exchanges of tickets as a credit which can be used at a future Floyd Yoga Jam event in the next 3 years. Floyd Yoga Jam staff will continue to actively meet throughout the pandemic,  and have created benchmarks to discern our courses of action. We will be sharing updates on Floyd Yoga Jam Website and other media channels as this situation evolves. Continue to breathe deeply, and please follow CDC’s steps to prevent the virus for self and others.

May all be healthy be at peace & ease,
Namaste’ Y’all
Dakini ShirleyAnn & Staff


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