Thanks to all of the performers for the bliss created in 2014,

Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band


New Orleans mantra musicians Sean Johnson and The Wild Lotus Band (Alvin Young and Gwendolyn Colman) are celebrated as one of the leading voices in western kirtan music, known for their dynamic sound that merges mantras, rock, funk, and world grooves. The band is a favorite headliner at festivals and conferences worldwide and they are the first kirtan band to ever play The New Orleans Jazz Festival. The band tours the U.S. and abroad playing music festivals, yoga studios, retreat centers, concert halls, and celebrations year-round.

Bill Smith

Bill is a drummer/percussionist whose lifetime passion with sound and rhythm has taken him on an extraordinary musical journey. Early exposure to rock music and later jazz and 20th Century classical, greatly influenced his musical direction. Bill’s journey would soon take him down another path when he began listening to traditional music from various parts of the globe. In 2001 Bill began to experiment with improvisations and compositions on gongs singing bowls and other metal percussion. The sound of the gong is mysterious and otherworldly. The dynamic range of these glorious instruments can begin with a mere whisper and end with a thunderous roar. They are one of the oldest musical instruments and have been used for thousands of years by indigenous cultures in rituals and healing ceremonies as well as for entertainment in music and dance.



Lobo Marino

Lobo Marino is a mix of tribal, folk and world music featuring the harmonium, drum and various other unique instruments and voices. At its core it is the musical response to the continuous travels and ongoing spiritual journey of its members. During one of their journeys, a year long trip in South America, they encountered one of their many spirit guides, the enormous Pacific Sea Lion, also known as “el lobo marino”. From its monstrous mouth came a low growl, a welcome into the world of animal and nature worship, an inspiration that carries through their music today.


Yamni Arts

Yamni Arts is an integration of flow arts and spiritual practice with the focus on wellness, growth and self expression. We believe there is no separation between mind, body and spirit. Which is reflected in the name Yamni, which is the Lakota word for the number 3. And arts- which is defined as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. They bring in both entertainment and education as well as beautifully crafted products.

Yamni Arts love teaching as much as they love performing and have taught hooping, flow arts, sacred geometry, and color vibrations at festivals, community events, schools and day cares.

Bigmama Joy

bigmama joy has lived in Floyd for over 4 years. She is an independent singer/songwriter, sweeping locals and tourists off their feet with her rustic sultry vocals and gut wrenching lyrics. She calls her type of music “Outlaw Americana”.